Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When Rapunzel met the hairdresser..

I've had my fair share of hairdresser disasters, haven't we all? My hairdressing experiences have all been ones that have got me in such a state afterwards that I vow to myself that I will never go to near a pair of scissors ever again. Probably fair to say I suffer from some trust issues when it comes to my hair...
 When I was about 11, I decided that I was going to chop my super long hair..off. I went along with this plan and whisked off to a hairdresser and felt my long hair drop to the ground...Possibly one of the worst decisions I have made (vanity wise) and I swore never to go back to another hairdresser ever again for the temptations for an almighty 'chop' were far too great. I'd had the odd trim here and there but quickly learnt that the terminology of 'trim' meant that the past months I had spent growing my hair were wasted because it was all cut off and 6 weeks later the same thing happened again. This meant that my hair never actually grew but was stunted by the continious 'trims' where about 3 inches were chopped off each time! 
 By this point I had a bob. It was the shortest I had ever had my hair and I hated it.  So I went a whopping year and a half with NO trims and NO visit to a hairdressing salon of any kind. Obviously my hair grew significantly longer but it also eventually came with the downside of severe dry ends. I was lucky enough not to get any split ends because I use a secret ingredient* on my hair which nourished my hair. Sadly I knew that it was finally time to 'suck it up' and get over my slight phobia of the hairdresser's..
 Today was the grand moment where I made an appointment and stepped inside a hairdressing salon. And I loved it. 


Here I was observing my dry and lifeless ends in severe disgust..


My newly cut ends! (Decided to opt for a fringe as well to mix things up a little!)

The experience of going to the hairdresser's was lovely. To start I had an amazing, relaxing head massage followed by a shampoo and rinse. Then came with the actual 'trim' itself. I was literally 'shaking in my boots', petrified that I would come away with no hair. Extreme? Well maybe a little but based on past experiences anything was possible. I was pleasantly surprised however, when the 'trim' I had asked for was exactly the 'dictionary' definition of what a trim should be. As little as possible off the ends, while getting rid of what is necessary. The hairdresser really knew his stuff and towards the end of the 'cutting' session I was completely relaxed and had full trust as I peeped in the mirror every so often. Careful and taking his time, my haircut lasted a little over an hour and the best thing was that there was no extensive 'hairdresser' talk. 
One of the reasons I dislike going to the hairdresser's is the obligation that I feel to tell them my whole life story as they ask questions and dig for answers. I often feel like I've been secretly signed up for counselling rather than a simple haircut. Don't get me wrong I love a good chit chat and gossip but not when I'm getting my hair cut. I loved the end result and I love my new style, the full fringe is a change from my middle parting and although 2 and 1/2 inches had to come off the ends of my hair, it was dry and in bad condition so I knew the job had to be done. 

Cheeky purchase:

I loved all the products that they used on my hair in the salon so I decided to make a cheeky shampoo and conditioner purchase as I find it so hard to find a good, nourishing shampoo and conditioner! 

The shampoo and conditioner is KMS California's very own. Although KMS California is on the pricier end of the spectrum for shampoo and conditioner it was worth every penny because it means that my hair will maintain a silky, healthy sheen and condition!  

So, today I made my own personal history, I went to the hairdresser's. A true revelation. I will definitly be going back.   

*For now my 'secret' hair ingredient will remain anonymous because I plan to do a blog post to share this wondrous product with you.

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

What made Goldilocks different from the 3 bears…

To explain my blog post's title, this blog is about my hair. Like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, my hair stood out from the crowd, as did Goldilock's seeing as her hair was golden and wasn't fur. From the moment I was born (literally) I have had people commenting on my hair. The reason for that is because it is red. Fortunately none of them were/are nasty comments. I suppose I have been really lucky in that sense - unlike some other red heads I never got taunted in the playground or bullied as I swam my way through high school.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some snide little remarks here and there but nothing that I couldn’t brush off and move on from. Obviously we are not the majority but rather the minority of the population, making us unique, whether the ‘haters’ like it or not.
   After reading a fact about red heads in NOW magazine, I decided to do some light research on my ‘red head’ origins, (dating back further than my Dad who also shares my fiery hair) and some general facts about us! Here’s what I found;


Recessive genes - The biological reasoning (most complicated) behind the cause of ginger pigment is that it is caused by a recessive gene. This is caused by a series of mutations in the melanocortin 1 receptor which is located in the 16th chromosome. (Basically red hair is caused by genetic mutations). 
Celtic descent - While researching I learnt a little about my ancient family tree. On my Dad's side there are Irish roots, which would explain the red hair! Commonly known as having Celtic origins (Scotland and Ireland). 


We’re fighters Due to our traditionally pale complexions we permit more sunlight into our skin. This results in more vitamin D intake than those with the average hair colour. Vitamin D prevents a disease known as rickets (bone deformity) and also protects against lung disease.
♥ Grey hairs? I don't think so! - Everyone dreads the day that their hair turns grey and although at 16 years of age I'm not thinking that far ahead, it's nice to know that that day will never come for me. A known fact is that red heads/ginger hair does NOT turn grey with old age! Instead the hair will turn a light blonde colour which may/may not turn into a white tone. 
 We're among the 1-2% of the population - Only 1-2% of the population in the entire world is actually a redhead! 

Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of information to be found on red heads but the stuff that I did find was either way too biological for my understanding or listed above! However I did come across some other information..
  I came across some terms that are used about gingers, such as 'gingerism'. 'Gingerism' is basically the term used for racism towards gingers. Another term that is used is 'Gingerphobia', the fear of gingers. I'm a bit loss for words as to what to think about these two terms. For one, I don't think either of them should exist. I'll start with gingerism. 
  Gingerism has always existed, dating back to when we were classed as 'witches' or 'unclean' offspring, we have always been associated with some sort of prejudice... What's different in the world today? Fortunately the horrific practices that went on a few hundred years ago towards gingers have been abolished, but racism still exists today and it still exists towards gingers. Like I mentioned above, I have been fortunate enough to avoid the school taunting. I've had some comments along the way, mostly from boys trying to impress their mates with their pathetic humour when I was younger, but honestly I can't say that it ever affected me that much. I've always been proud to be a 'ginger'. I was born this way, and in my opinion, ginger is a perfectly acceptable hair colour, as is brunette, blonde, black etc.
  When I read about 'gingerphobia' I though that it was a joke. I felt concerned for the people on this world who suffer from 'gingerphobia'.. What a terrible phobia that must be. Poor them. Sucks that they'll never be able to be my mate.  
  As I've grown older I've had even fewer negative comments and an increase in positive comments. I've had strangers in shops come up to me and compliment my hair colour. My most recent compliment was when I was buying a cake in a local bakery and a woman turned around and asked me what hair dye I used because she wanted my colour! 
  So to all you red heads reading this post (the 1-2% of you), be proud of being different. There will always be some jealous person who will try and knock down your confidence but my message to you is.. Be happy that you're unique because that's what made Goldilocks different from the 3 bears... 

Sources of information -  http://www.eupedia.com/genetics/origins_of_red_hair.shtml

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April / What's on my wish lists..

Here are my April wish lists! My wish lists are usually quite personal to me and I usually don't even create a list (it's usually just bookmarked in my magazines or web pages) but I thought that I would make a collage every month of what's on my beauty and fashion wish lists. The sorts of things that I will be putting on them will be all of the things that I would buy if I had some cash to splash

1. Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner - Yes, your eyes don't deceive you, horse shampoo and conditioner is on my April wish list. The reason isn't because I have a pet horse in need of a good mane 'n tail clean but rather I do. Let me explain. Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner was originally formulated for use on horses. It was after that some daring soul decided to give the horse shampoo a go on their own human hair and found it worked miracles. Already this shampoo was known for its conditioning effects on horse hair, conditioning it and improving its health and appearance but even better when the beauty world realised that the shampoo worked for humans too! An unproven fact is that this shampoo and conditioner makes your hair grow faster - a plus for any girl right? I have actually tested this shampoo and conditioner myself and found it amazing! It nourished my hair and it did appear to have some sort of growth effect on my hair (which I was trying to grow out after a drastic haircut). It has a well deserved spot on my wish list because i have run out - no shampoo or conditioner can beat this stuff! 
2. Coconut frosting - I love this brand! The products come in all different 'flavourings' and scents and smell like edible food..For me there is nothing better than having a soak in the bath or a wake up shower using these delicious washes! 
3. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip balm - I have tried other Burt's bees products and been more than satisfied! I particularly like their replenishing lip balms so when I saw this pomegranate flavour I immediately wanted it! 
4. Topshop Peel Off Nail Varnish - I've heard mixed reviews about this 'peel off' nail varnish. The idea of it is that you don't need to remove it by using nail varnish remover but rather 'peel it' off when you have had enough of the shade! Not sure what I think about this concept but I'm intrigued to give it a shot!
5. MAC Archie's Girls, Betty's lipstick and Veronica lipglass- As you may have already guessed by my recent(ish) blog post, 'Becoming Alice', I have adopted a bit of a lipstick obsession! So, naturally, when I saw that MAC had bought out a new collection, Archie's Girls, I was like a little puppy with a new toy! I can't wait to give this lipstick a try, especially in this shade! I also fancied giving Veronica's lipglass as try because again, I like the shade and I love the cute little Archie girl illustration! 
6. Yves Saint Laurent lipstick - I've seen this lipstick in countless blog posts and magazines and would love to try it! It is possibly the most amazing tube I have ever set eyes upon so it scores points already with the packaging!  
7. Ted Baker makeup bag - I'm in need of a makeup bag at the moment! I currently have a rectangular, flat Soap and Glory makeup bag which is a little inconvenient because it doesn't have enough depth to fit all of my make up contents! I love the 'boxiness' of this make up bag, its glossy appearance and cute little bow! Hopefully the contents wouldn't spill furiously out of this Ted Baker design! 

1. Asos Giraffe Onesie - I put this on my 'fashion' wish list but don't worry, I am fully aware that it won't be acceptable 'out and about' wear! I love onesies so when I saw this giraffe design I wanted it instantly! 
2. River Island Kimono - I'm feeling particularly oriental after reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha', which is lucky because oriental prints are all the rage this spring season! I think the kimono-style jacket would be an eye-catching statement piece to add to any wardrobe and would buy it in a flash!  
3. Topshop shirt - Almost glowing, this shirt would be another statement piece to add to a wardrobe! 
4. Topshop crop top - Cool for the summer and trending the pastels, I liked this simple crop because it is easier to pair with almost any outfit!     
5. New Look Turquoise Ring - I have a hefty collection of rings and I would love this little gemstone ring to join the collection! 
6. River Island Skirt - This cream skirt would go well with stripes, oriental print, florals or pastel colours, making it a Spring investment! 
7. Asos Pineapple Shorts - I love these shorts! They are fun and perfect for Summer in particular, although they aren't the height of fashion they are fun, daring and vibrant!
8. Topshop beanie - I like this pastel colour beanie because of the spring trend, pastels! A great accessory to have and a best friend on bad hair days! 
9. Topshop Block heel - I ADORE these heels! The colour and the enriched green contrasting with the bold block heel adds a message of power and status to any S/S outfit!
10. River Island Dip-Die tote - Initial reactions to this tote were mixed I must admit, but the more I inspected it on the 'zoom' feature of the webpage I grew to love it. It's quirky, unusual and has the ombre dip-die but in bag form! 
11. Boohoo.com Rainbow Chiffon - Think Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat but in shirt form because this is exactly what this shirt is! Singing the colours of Summer, this little shirt would looks youthful and happy - who wouldn't want to wear that? 

So that's it! My summarised wish lists of April! To view my wish lists go to I Blog the Fashion's Polyvore page! 

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Inside the treasure box

There are rare moments in your life when you come across something so special that you want to treasure it forever. Whether it's a moment, a message or an object, whatever it is you know that you want it to stay with you forever. It's not a selfish possession, it's something that you want passed down, carried on through the generations, shared with those closest to you. I had one of these rare moments in my life where I came across something so special that I knew that it would be treasured forever.
  Family heirlooms are special things to anyone, they carry a memory and an association with that person it once belonged to. I never had the honour of meeting my Great Grandmother Elizabeth but from what I've heard we were very similar in many ways. She had the red locks like mine and she obviously had sophistication and took pride with her fashion choices. How do I know? By looking inside her treasure box.
  I'm not talking about the traditional treasure box which overflows with a thousand gold coins, I'm talking about a jewellery box, Great Gran Liz's jewellery box. Full of statement necklaces, rings and quality pieces. The pieces weren't valuable, they came with a different value, a special value that money can't buy. From a young age I had explored Gran Liz's jewellery box, the chunky beaded necklaces snaking around one another, they looked like ancient egyptian jewels. It got me thinking about the word, 'necklace'. Broken down into two the word is neck lace. I understood it when I looked at these vintage necklaces belonging to my Great Gran. A necklace laces the neck with femininity, beauty and hangs from her neck with purpose and pride. Mesmerised by the beauty of the jewellery, I hoped that one day I would own something so enchanting....
  The day came, unexpectedly so it did, but it came. My Nan surprised me one day by gifting me one of Gran Liz's very own necklaces. I loved it. It was more special than anything that I had ever owned before, it came with responsibility and an element of my Gran Liz's elegance. Here the necklace is;

I love the necklace because its black and silver beads go with almost any outfit! It's versatile and one of a kind. Although I now possess the necklace it will always be Gran Liz's necklace, I only hope that I can wear it as beautifully as she did.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shady Business

Summer season is fast approaching and in the midst of ploughing through my torturous GCSE’s it kind of slipped my mind.  I know, it’s awful. I had reached the stage in my life where I was so busy I had forgotten the seasons…However, after taking a slight breather I am sitting down to blog away for all of you to read. Although there have been few indications in the British weather forecast of such a ‘hot season approaching, recently there has finally been a minor appearance from our little friend, the sun.
  Although the sun is finally peeping out from behind the over protective clouds, the air still has a chill! The chilly air and the fact that summer hasn’t yet commenced, brings about some fashion flaws.. How to dress according to the bright, summer sun minus the heat. Well, the solution is simple. Purchase some statement sunglasses! Sunglasses provide you with the best of both worlds. You can dress according to the temperature while accessorising according to the season. With this in mind I set out to find my perfect pair of sunglasses! I had a few things to consider...

It's all about the; 
1. Shape - Think retro, think stars, think hearts, think cat-eye, think everything because sunglasses are crazier than ever this summer! 

2. Pattern - From the florals, animal and pineapple prints, the S/S season explores the prints this year! 

3. Colour - not only on the frames but in the lenses! Colour is splashing over our summer sunglasses of 2013.

With all these different trends whizzing around I had a tricky decision to make! As I went on the hunt for my sunglasses I finally found a pair that combined both of my two favourite trends - shape and pattern. Here they are;


I loved these glasses because they combined the cat-eyed shape that is popular this season and the tortoise shell print which goes with most things! 

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Friday, 19 April 2013

COMPANY Blogger Awards - I've Been Shortlisted!

Thank you for everyone who has voted! I have been invited to COMPANY magazine's Style Blogger Awards event later this month. I am super excited because I will be amongst amazing, talented bloggers! Winner's will also be announced at the event! Fingers crossed! Thanks again! - Holly xx

As most of you already know I had been nominated in COMPANY's Blogger Awards for Best Teen Fashion Blog (Under 18s)! Today I received some mega exciting news.. as I slumped onto my sofa after a long day of school, I checked COMPANY magazine website to find out that my blog had received enough nominations and has been SHORTLISTED for the final voting stage! (and breathe!) This is the last stage of the competition and the blog with the most votes wins! It would be so amazing if you could take a minute of your time to vote for my blog so that I can hopefully be that blog with the most votes and win the category!

How to vote:

1. Click here then click the link on the site that says;

2.You HAVE TO choose your favourite blogs on the other categories in order to get to mine! Keep clicking next until you get to page 8, to vote for my category, Best Teen Fashion Blog (Under 18).

3. Select my blog by clicking on the button next to my URL ; iblogthefashion.blogspot.co.uk

4. Click NEXT to confirm your vote, keep selecting other blogs until you reach the page (11/11) that submits all your votes (including the one for my blog)!

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 Winning this competition would be amazing (beyond description!) I started blogging not so long ago on New Year's Eve 2012 and fulfilled blogging as one of my New Year's resolutions! It has been such a rewarding experience and the kind feedback and messages I have had have all been lovely! I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who nominated my blog and to thank the ones who are regular readers! Obviously without all your support and nominations I wouldn't have reached this last stage of the competition! So THANK  YOU!

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