Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April / What's on my wish lists..

Here are my April wish lists! My wish lists are usually quite personal to me and I usually don't even create a list (it's usually just bookmarked in my magazines or web pages) but I thought that I would make a collage every month of what's on my beauty and fashion wish lists. The sorts of things that I will be putting on them will be all of the things that I would buy if I had some cash to splash

1. Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner - Yes, your eyes don't deceive you, horse shampoo and conditioner is on my April wish list. The reason isn't because I have a pet horse in need of a good mane 'n tail clean but rather I do. Let me explain. Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner was originally formulated for use on horses. It was after that some daring soul decided to give the horse shampoo a go on their own human hair and found it worked miracles. Already this shampoo was known for its conditioning effects on horse hair, conditioning it and improving its health and appearance but even better when the beauty world realised that the shampoo worked for humans too! An unproven fact is that this shampoo and conditioner makes your hair grow faster - a plus for any girl right? I have actually tested this shampoo and conditioner myself and found it amazing! It nourished my hair and it did appear to have some sort of growth effect on my hair (which I was trying to grow out after a drastic haircut). It has a well deserved spot on my wish list because i have run out - no shampoo or conditioner can beat this stuff! 
2. Coconut frosting - I love this brand! The products come in all different 'flavourings' and scents and smell like edible food..For me there is nothing better than having a soak in the bath or a wake up shower using these delicious washes! 
3. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip balm - I have tried other Burt's bees products and been more than satisfied! I particularly like their replenishing lip balms so when I saw this pomegranate flavour I immediately wanted it! 
4. Topshop Peel Off Nail Varnish - I've heard mixed reviews about this 'peel off' nail varnish. The idea of it is that you don't need to remove it by using nail varnish remover but rather 'peel it' off when you have had enough of the shade! Not sure what I think about this concept but I'm intrigued to give it a shot!
5. MAC Archie's Girls, Betty's lipstick and Veronica lipglass- As you may have already guessed by my recent(ish) blog post, 'Becoming Alice', I have adopted a bit of a lipstick obsession! So, naturally, when I saw that MAC had bought out a new collection, Archie's Girls, I was like a little puppy with a new toy! I can't wait to give this lipstick a try, especially in this shade! I also fancied giving Veronica's lipglass as try because again, I like the shade and I love the cute little Archie girl illustration! 
6. Yves Saint Laurent lipstick - I've seen this lipstick in countless blog posts and magazines and would love to try it! It is possibly the most amazing tube I have ever set eyes upon so it scores points already with the packaging!  
7. Ted Baker makeup bag - I'm in need of a makeup bag at the moment! I currently have a rectangular, flat Soap and Glory makeup bag which is a little inconvenient because it doesn't have enough depth to fit all of my make up contents! I love the 'boxiness' of this make up bag, its glossy appearance and cute little bow! Hopefully the contents wouldn't spill furiously out of this Ted Baker design! 

1. Asos Giraffe Onesie - I put this on my 'fashion' wish list but don't worry, I am fully aware that it won't be acceptable 'out and about' wear! I love onesies so when I saw this giraffe design I wanted it instantly! 
2. River Island Kimono - I'm feeling particularly oriental after reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha', which is lucky because oriental prints are all the rage this spring season! I think the kimono-style jacket would be an eye-catching statement piece to add to any wardrobe and would buy it in a flash!  
3. Topshop shirt - Almost glowing, this shirt would be another statement piece to add to a wardrobe! 
4. Topshop crop top - Cool for the summer and trending the pastels, I liked this simple crop because it is easier to pair with almost any outfit!     
5. New Look Turquoise Ring - I have a hefty collection of rings and I would love this little gemstone ring to join the collection! 
6. River Island Skirt - This cream skirt would go well with stripes, oriental print, florals or pastel colours, making it a Spring investment! 
7. Asos Pineapple Shorts - I love these shorts! They are fun and perfect for Summer in particular, although they aren't the height of fashion they are fun, daring and vibrant!
8. Topshop beanie - I like this pastel colour beanie because of the spring trend, pastels! A great accessory to have and a best friend on bad hair days! 
9. Topshop Block heel - I ADORE these heels! The colour and the enriched green contrasting with the bold block heel adds a message of power and status to any S/S outfit!
10. River Island Dip-Die tote - Initial reactions to this tote were mixed I must admit, but the more I inspected it on the 'zoom' feature of the webpage I grew to love it. It's quirky, unusual and has the ombre dip-die but in bag form! 
11. Rainbow Chiffon - Think Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat but in shirt form because this is exactly what this shirt is! Singing the colours of Summer, this little shirt would looks youthful and happy - who wouldn't want to wear that? 

So that's it! My summarised wish lists of April! To view my wish lists go to I Blog the Fashion's Polyvore page! 

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