Thursday, 4 April 2013

Becoming Alice..

Alice in Wonderland is a famous tale of a girl with a rare fascination with a wildlife rabbit with time keeping problems. As a result of her fascination she fell down a hole experiencing strange gravitational abnormalities and began to take orders off food labels. In some ways I can relate to the na├»ve, fictional character of Alice in Wonderland. Although I don’t share her urge to follow wildlife into dark , unknown spaces, what I do share with Alice is her passion to try new things.  If you have any memory of the Disney film you may remember the assorted foods and drinks with labels such as; ‘Eat me’, ‘Try me’, ‘Drink Me’, ‘Take one’ etc, if not, trust me, it’s in the film. For anyone with a brief knowledge of the dangers of eating the ‘unknown’ they would quickly redirect their attention without taking suspicious instructions off food in a bizarre world.  However, for Alice it was a welcoming invitation, consuming the food and drink and experiencing their magical after effects. For me, magazines are my welcoming invitations, along with shop signs. They demand your attention with colours, carefully arranged displays, formats and layouts. In the beauty sections of the shops there are stalls tailored for exploring, encouraging a curiosity much like Alice’s.
  I am a Disney fan. I am also not ashamed to say that my last viewing of Alice in Wonderland was not when I was in my single-digit years but far beyond them. Perhaps the displays in stores aren’t exactly demanding me to ‘Try Me’ like Alice and her cookies, but with rows and shelves of testers, I feel almost obligated to try them. By ‘them’ I mean the lipsticks that have arrested my attention. Like I mentioned in my recent blog post, ‘9 Beauty Essentials’, I haven’t always had a desire to wear lipstick. Wearing lipstick has been something that I have grown to do and love over the past couple of months. I have been wearing my Dior Addict Lipstick for a generous couple of months now, not everyday, but that’s because not every outfit allows for such a vivid colour. Standing by the lipsticks I began to test almost every colour, graffiiting my hand with strokes of colours in the process. Not wanting to make a ‘wrong’, impulse decision on choosing my next lipstick, I walked out of the shop and admired my newly lipstick-stained hand…The multi-coloured, lipstick-loaded hand only had a few seconds of fame before I wiped all the traces off with a spare tissue, for as much as I loved the coral, pinky colours that my hand had adopted, I didn’t care for the attention my hand was getting from others – I saved myself the social suicide and swiftly removed the evidence of my new lipstick obsession.
  I can now happily say that I have found my new lipstick and the perfect colour. In fact, indecisiveness meant that not only did I find one but I found two perfect colours and not being able to walk away from a lipstick that I adore, I’ve got two new lipsticks!

The first lipstick is from Bourjois’ collection in their Rouge Edition.
I love this colour, it’s a perfect peachy/coral tone making it perfect for the Spring season and its lighter colour palette. This lipstick is also more of an everyday kind of lipstick, it's natural and has a really nice finish!

The second lipstick is Maybelline’s ‘Shocking Coral’ shade. Creeping into the redder spectrum of colours, this lipstick is bolder than the Bourjois shade but is equally a fantastic colour. Still very much a pink shade, I love the fact that I could wear this colour with my everyday outfits and my evening looks. With an everyday outfit it would be a statement look and with the evening dresses and party outfits it would inject the energy into your outfit. I also fell in love with the tube encasing this lipstick!

Although they are only small additions, I love my new lipsticks and can’t wait to find more shades to add to my, soon-to-become collection! And so, my story of becoming Alice begins...
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