Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review / A sprinkle of fairy dust..

I haven't really done many beauty reviews but that's purely because I tend to stick to what I know is good and products that I know work. I guess I'm afraid of going out of my comfort zone in that sense, especially with facial creams - a little petrified that I will come out with some horrific rash or extreme break out with the wrong product. My skin is quite sensitive, so scented products aren't the best for me because of my sensitive skin but there is one product I have literally fallen in love with..

LACURA Shimmering face cream. This is hands down the most moiturising face cream I have yet to come across. If you're wondering where to get it, you'll be surprised to know that this gem of a beauty product was found in ALDI's beauty section. I've tried quite a few creams in their range and found each of them to be great in their different ways. However, the reasons that I like this particular cream are the following:-

No sticky residue - Most face creams, or creams of any type for that matter, have the tendency to leave a sticky feeling on your skin. I hate this about creams. It makes me feel like a bug, most commonly a stick insect because quite appropriately I find small pieces of fluff or paper (you name it and it will stick!) simultaneously clinging on for dear life, attached to my skin because of the 'sticky' formulation in the cream. Fantastic if you're searching for a natural 'super power', but I wasn't on the hunt to be the next Spiderman, flinging myself from building to building, holding on by the sticky residue of a face cream..I wanted a face cream that gently 'creamed' my face and left it fresh and non-stick. That's when I found the LACURA cream. NO stickiness and NO mess. Leave it to dry naturally for a couple of seconds and you're ready to go.
Money doesn't matter - It's almost impossible to find an amazing face cream at a low cost. The higher end beauty brands seem to think they can charge as much as they like, which I suppose would be marginally acceptable if the products were any good but for the majority of the time they don't even do what it says on the box. LACURA face cream is cheap and under £5! Unfortunately I can't find the Shimmering cream online to link it in this post but if you visit a local ALDI store they'll be your best bet of finding the cream! 
Shimmering into the night - This may be a con rather than a pro for those of you who want to apply a day-to-day face cream without evidence of the application on your face. LACURA 'shimmering' day cream gives you a subtle but noticeable sparkle. It does slightly make you look like you have been attacked by a fairy but it doesn't have such a dramatic effect that people would think you had poured a pot of glitter on yourself. 
Taking you abroad - Sadly this little face cream isn't a secret air hostess that will whisk you away to the tropical island but it will take you to the tropics in a different way. Like I mentioned above, I can't really have scented products because they will usually react with my sensitive skin BUT LACURA is the one exception! The cream has a glorious 'mangoey'/fruity smell that takes you to the islands in an instant! 

So there it is! A review on the most wondrous face cream known to women. 
You can also use LACURA facial cream as a brilliant, revitalising hand cream. To view ALDI's other beauty products click here. 

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