Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wear your support and appear on my blog!

 I received an e-mail on Tuesday night from a Breakthrough Breast Cancer representative raising my awareness of the amazing work that they are doing for women suffering with breast cancer.  Breast cancer affects 50,000 women in the UK per year, so naturally supporting this cause is of great importance.
  I’d heard of the charity, most recently from a Made In Chelsea episode where Rosie hosted an event  dedicated to the charity, but I wasn’t really aware of what they did. I’m so glad that I received the e-mail because it made me realise that I can make a contribution just by being obsessed with fashion. Breakthrough Breast Cancer targets breast cancer through fashion and you can help raise the money needed for the cause! You can do this by either clicking on the banner that I have already uploaded or by visiting

You can pick out your item of clothing and give 30% of the sticker price directly to the charity! However, some of the items such as the River Island bracelets give 100% of the money to the charity! If you’re more interested in beauty than fashion then why not treat yourself to a Birchbox at

 where 30% of the money that they earn also goes towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

I decided to Wear My Support  by buying this cute bird design t-shirt from River Island for £15.00!  

With loads of different items to choose from I urge you to show your support by buying at least one product! Every contribution will help to raise money for a cause that affects many women in the UK.  You can also appear on my blog, showing your support wearing an item of their clothing on this post!

You Wear Your Support:

If you want to appear in this space here all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

For the chance to appear on my blog:

1. Take a clear picture of you wearing your purchased item from their shop.
2. Send it to me at  or tweet me at @iblogthefashion with the picture! Include your name and age which will appear underneath your picture showing your support!
Please note: Not all the requests I receive to appear in the post will be able to appear here but I will try my best to get you all in the post!

You can also join in on twitter by following @fashiontargets and #WearYourSupport.

Additional links that you should check out:

 I am looking forward to receiving your pictures where you wear your support! 
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