Wednesday, 12 June 2013

3 Hair Care Secrets

In the world of haircare there is so much choice, perhaps too much choice. Like most other things, some products are good whilst others are utterly rubbish. I've tried some appalling hair products in the past where I've wished that I hadn't spent all that money on something that didn't work. It's so easy to get drawn into the appearance of a product or be sold on what the label says the product does. BUT truth of the matter is some products are deceiving little devils that waste your money and don't improve your hair in any way. That's why I decided to do this blog post. I've finally found what works for my hair. Whether you're reading this with dry, damaged, coloured or perfectly healthy hair which you want to keep in tip-top condition, I guarantee that these products will be worth every penny!

I practically swear by these products when it comes to conditioning and nourishing my hair. So starting on the left I'm going to run through each of them and tell you what you've been missing up until now. 

Yuko Leave-In Conditioner Heat Activated - This stuff is AWESOME. I have to admit, I was cautious about trying this because in the past I have used 'leave-in conditioner' products and my hair has been drenched in greasy product, which is not only unattractive and gross, but to add to the disappointment they didn't work. So hesitant as I was, I tried this Yuko Leave-In conditioner and I was over the moon. Firstly it smells so fresh, uplifts your hair and leaves it smelling and feeling clean with a few sprays. Secondly my hair was TOTALLY un-greasy even after I had soaked my hair in it. Instead it was left feeling soft and nourished and after blowdrying, my hair was silky and smooth! I've been using this for a few weeks now so although it hasn't been in my daily haircare regime for long it has proved itself more than worthy over these past couple of weeks! 

Moroccan Oil - This product is my favourite of them all, it has not only been part of my haircare routine for 2 years now, it has also helped me to revive my hair at its most desperate times. A few years ago I cut my hair super short. In desperation while I was in the 'growing process' I hunted for products high and low to help aid the growth of my hair and replenish the condition of it. Growing your hair is not only such a time consuming task it is also really high maintainance. I vowed that I was never going back to the hairdresser after I was so devastated at my cut a few years ago, so refused to go even for trims. This meant that I had to try incredibly hard to avoid split ends. This product was my equivalent of my Prince Charming. I didn't have a SINGLE split end in sight after a year and a half of growing and using this product (which was how long it took to grow out my hair!). I've actually since made a visit to the hairdresser a couple of months ago but I remember him commenting that I didn't have any split ends. I have this Moroccan Oil to thank for that. This product is quite pricey but it goes a long way! I have the 100ml bottle which I have had since Christmas and over a 1/4 of the product is left. (My hair is quite long so you'll need less if you're hair is short!).

Phil Smith Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil - As I was already in love with my Moroccan oil and had experienced the truly wonderful effects of using the product, I was also keen to try Argan Oil. I'd read about Argan Oil and heard that it too was a fantastic, replenishing oil for your hair. This product is also a keeper. Again. only a tiny amount of oil goes a long way so don't be fooled by this mini 50ml bottle! I've been using this Argan Oil along side my Moroccan oil and Yuko Leave-In conditioner and my hair has been left feeling so nourished and looks healthy and happy (if hair can be happy)! 

These products work wonders for my hair and I hope that if you're reading this and struggling to find some hair products that actually work, you will find my review helpful. These products have literally been my saviours and I have no idea what I would do without them..Probably cry - endlessly. 

Please note: Yuko Leave-In Conditioner and Phil Smith Total Treat Transforming Argan Oil were both gifted products. However, this has had no influence on my review of the products. I always give my complete honest opinion of a product. 

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