Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's a WRAP!

Slightly cheesy title there but I couldn't resist. I've been wanting to try Nail Wraps since they first came out which was quite some time ago now. I tend to sway away from false nails because they're inconveniently long. I know you can file them down to the size you want but that way I end up filing them all the way down to my natural nails. False nails are also a bit annoying when it comes to carrying out everyday tasks - applying your makeup, brushing your teeth, cooking (toast..) etc, all become more complicated with stuck on nails..It's a shame really because I love the look of false nails but they're a bit too annoying for my liking. That's why I wanted to try nail I did.  Gifted kindly by New Look in the Company goodie bag from the Style Blogger Awards event were these lovely Nail Wraps!

One thing that surprised me about these Nail Wraps was how incredibly easy they were to put on! I put them on in 5 minutes which was so much quicker than painting your nails and waiting for them to dry! I will say that the only disadvantage is that you have to be really careful when removing the wrap from the backing paper so that you don't tear the wrap (which I unfortunately learnt the hard way)..I think this design is really cute and fun and so much easier than trying to do some DIY nail art!
   I've had a peek at some of New Look's other Nail Wraps and all the designs are edgy and fun. I will definitely be buying some more! The wraps have lasted two days now, there are a few chips here and there but nothing noticeable! I'll be sending out a tweet when the nail wraps finally reach termination point but so far they're much better than most nail polish in terms of a lasting finish!

To buy your New Look Nail Wraps like mine, go to:
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