Saturday, 8 June 2013

Review / Rocket Dog - Baker Shoes

Teddy was full of intrigue when these came through the post!  

Above: (left) Peppa (notice the feminine 'a' as she is in fact a girl) posing for the camera.    
(right) Teddy (formally know as Mr Brown) being chuffed that he is featured in this review!

When I got an e-mail from a PR representing the well known shoe make, Rocket Dog, I was really quite excited. Everyone has heard of the brand Rocket Dog and if you haven't already, your household must be like a rock which you are living under. Rocket Dog is, of course, a really well-known brand of shoes. I'd never owned a pair of Rocket Dogs but after receiving these trainer-style shoes I'm seriously considering a purchase!
 When writing and reviewing these Rocket Dog shoes, two good things came from it:-
Firstly I finally got to feature my little fluffy dogs in a blog post! With the brand of the shoes being Rocket 'Dog' I thought it would be an opportune moment to get some 3D 'dog' injected into the post!  My pups are the love of my life and they too were really excited about the arrival of Rocket Dog's Baker Shoes. You will have noticed them above posing for the camera with me, and Teddy taking a good ol' inspection of the trainers. (I think he was secretly jealous of them if I'm honest.) Secondly I now own a super comfortable pair of casual, fashion-led trainers!
 Trainers aren't just sports gear anymore, you can now style them with skirts and dresses to dress down a look. This is why these shoes are a perfect piece of craftsmanship, they conquer the traditional physique of a 'trainer' and make it into something stylish and edgy earning them fashion status. I will never review or rave about a product unless it comes from the heart. I can honestly say that these shoes have introduced me to something new that I otherwise wouldn't have chosen as they're not my traditional 'style'. I personally don't own anything like these Baker Shoes; but their chunky soles not only provide you with comfort, they also add on a few extra inches to your height.  I'm usually drawn towards shoes with a bit of a heel so my day-to-day shoes tend to be high heels, but I may just swap them for these shoes since they do the same job without my feet being in total agony at the end of the day!

My Review:
Comfort : 5/5 - The soft padded sole makes every step joyful and super comfy!
Appearance: 5/5 - You can get the Baker Shoe in different patterns and colours, all great and unique to suit nearly everyone's style! I chose this colour because it will match with almost anything. If the neon laces are a bit too crazy for you the shoes come with a spare, plain white lace in the box so all you have to do is replace the neon laces with the white for a different look!

A massive thanks to Rocket Dog for gifting me these fabulous shoes and I highly recommend that you go and buy yourself a pair! To buy your Baker Shoes click the Rocket Dog image below!


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