Monday, 10 June 2013

Sugarplum Fairy

When the kitchen remained un-abused, just before cooking commenced.  

Yes, that's right I did some cooking and I feel that my culinary skills have improved vastly through tackling this (not so easy) task of making meringues. The recipe itself is very easy and straight forward but I made it 100 times more complicated than it needed to be. I'm afraid that the pictures are deceiving, they display a civil attempt at cooking, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. Making these meringues took blood, sweat and tears. About two minutes into the cooking session my kitchen was splattered with meringue ingredients. The only thing that hadn't been attacked was the ceiling - the rest of the kitchen looked like a meringue war zone but with a very tasty reward at the end...
  I got this fantastic meringue recipe from the one and only, Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens Recipe Book. I don't know anyone who doesn't like MIC (Made in Chelsea - I really shouldn't need to un-abbreviate that but just in case..) so when I heard about MIC star, Jamie Laing bringing out this recipe book I wanted to try out some of the recipes! I have to admit I'll have to brush up on my cooking skills before I attempt to make some of the more complicated recipes such as the Chelsea Gingerbread Townhouse, but the recipes all look 'beaut' (in the words of Laing).  So it was that on Saturday evening I tried the 'Giant Meringue' recipe! Here's the finished result topped with ice cream & cream..

I have to say, despite the mess I made around the kitchen while making these meringues, they are the tastiest meringues that have ever been created. I don't mean that to sound big headed because believe me I'm not praising myself for being the next Nigella Lawson, I mean the praise goes to the recipe! Unlike most recipe books, this Candy Kittens Recipe book doesn't overwhelm you with a million steps. Instead it gives clear, un-stressful guidance through the process of meringue making (in this case anyway). I can't wait to try some more recipes in this book and I have no doubt that they will all be just as amazing as the meringues! 

More from Candy Kittens..

At Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards last month, Candy Kittens were giving out some lollipops. Above is me tackling this rather large but mouth-wateringly good CK lollipop! 

To buy your Candy Kittens Recipe Book/lollipop click the image below - you won't be disappointed! 


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