Thursday, 29 August 2013

Part I / Your Style Guide To Autumn/Winter

With new seasons come new trends. We say goodbye to our light summer fabrics and say hello to chunky, woollen garments to be equipped for the A/W chill. However, it's not as easy as just getting out our jumpers, woolly hats and thicker socks - oh no. If you want to be prepared, you're going to need to take a short-course in the new A/W trends of 2013 and don't be concerned - they're fabulous. I've done my research for this post; sourced magazines, scoured the internet and overall just been my usual fashion-stalking self. This post took me a good couple of hours, I wanted to make sure that I picked the best of the bunch when it came to getting the look on the high street. So, without further ado, welcome to your style guide to A/W - Part I (Yes, there are three parts, I divided them up because you'd be reading all day otherwise!).


'Pretty In Pink'

Pink is big this A/W! However, pink's not just for your jumpers/tops etc, pink is specifically injected into outerwear this season - think pink coats, pink jackets, pink blazers! On the catwalk, designers such as Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Missoni, Celine and many more, all have the pink outerwear nailed! What about the high street? Fear not, I've made a collection of my favourite and affordable pink outerwear from the top high street stores.

Make sure you nail the pink trend this A/W - injecting colour into the more gloomy seasons with some of these ideas. Here's why they're perfect;

1. Zara Masculine Studio Overcoat -  If you're fearful of looking too much like a piece of candy floss this season, this coat is a perfect investment. The masculine tailoring of this coat with toughen up the softer pink tones making your look not only edgy but powerful and strong. Make pink empowering with the simple purchase of this gorgeous Zara coat. 

2. Oasis Suede Biker Jacket - If pink's not really 'your colour', this jacket is perfect for sporting the 'Pretty In Pink' look with just a hint of pink. Swaying more towards the 'peachier' colour palette, you're not dressing yourself completely pink but you've certainly made the effort! This biker jacket also incorporates another A/W trend (more on that later!) - it's a win-win situ!

3. Topshop Tea Floral Print Blazer - Ease the pink colour block with this Tea Floral Print Blazer. This blazer is perfect for adding detailing to this A/W trend without distracting too much away from the fact that you're wearing one of the best trends this season - pink! The Tea Floral print breaks-down the intensity of the pink - adding yellow, white and blue into the mix! I love this blazer, it's an outfit in itself! 

4. New Look Pale Pink Longline Waterfall Blazer - If you want to go super girly while rocking pink then this is the look for you! The 'Waterfall' effect on this blazer gives you a super chic, super girly look, softening the traditional sharp blazer angles. The overall effect? A dainty, dancer blazer - who knew a blazer could say so much! 

5. Missguided Tiffany Tailored Blazer - For a full on pink injection into your outfit I'd recommend this bold Tiffany Tailored Blazer from Missguided! This blazer is a stronger statement in terms of colour intensity of the pink, making you bold and brave! 

6. Miss Selfridge Beaded Cropped Jacket - This stunning Beaded Cropped Jacket reminds me of the fantastic costumes found in The Great Gatsby. A stunning explosion of sequins and beads - this screams 1920's. This Cropped Jacket will add instant glamour and glitz to any outfit this A/W. Dress it up or dress it down, either way this jacket will look fantastic. The best part? You'll be sporting the colour of A/W all the while - pink! 

7. Boohoo Liza Studded PU Biker Jacket - Perfect for toughening up pink with the addition of the studs and harsh angles of this Biker Jacket. A softer 'peachy' pink if you're not sure you're ready to dress in full-on pink this year! 

8. Topshop Soft Drape Trench - A/W also has weather draw backs so make sure you're prepared for the cold and rain with this stylish Topshop trench. I love the traditional 'trench' coat - it's versatile and practical while being stylish with this pretty pink shade!


The three main trends of your coats this season are; Sleeveless, Tomboy and Oversize. 
Designers who loved the sleeveless idea this season by splashing their A/W catwalks with them include; Victoria Beckham, Rochas and Etro. 
Designers who gave Tomboys some happiness this season by creating awesome A/W tomboy-esque coats include: DKNY, Rag & Bone and many more. 
Designers who went oversized include; Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and many, many more!
What about the high streets? Well, they're loving the trends too!

Firstly it was sooo hard to choose my favourite coats this season - there were so many to choose from and so many that I loved. Here are the coats that I narrowed down as my favourites!


1. ASOS Ganni Sleeveless Jaqueline Jacket - This tailored sleeveless number is a perfect addition to your A/W wardrobe. Sleeveless coats may sound stupid in missing their sleeves, defeating the purpose of a coat - to keep you warm, but this ASOS Jacket doesn't need to be justified. Layer up with this sleeveless jacket and you'll barely feel the chill. Think jumpers and long-sleeved tops to keep those arms warm! Stylish and instantly adding fashion to any outfit, just make sure you don't wear this on a super cold/rainy day.

2. New Look Jumpo Black Sleeveless Stud Jacket - Adding an even bigger edge to an already edgy sleeveless jacket, those studs totally work with the jacket. Adding subtle glamour to a coat - can't go wrong, right?


3. River Island Orange Jersey Oversized Unfastened Jacket - This oversized jacket has a neatly-tailored look despite its oversized dimensions. This jacket would be perfect for petite figures not wanting to get swamped and lost in an oversized jacket! Inject warmth into A/W with the rich orange tone of this jacket. I simply love this. 

4. ASOS Maison Scotch Oversized Coat - Be snug-in-a-bug with this oversized coat! Warmth is on everyone's agenda in the colder Autumn winds and Winter snow. Achieve that warm and cosy feeling with this snug oversized coat. Practicality wrapped up with fashion. 

5. Next Oversized Check Coat - If you want to be completely practical and actually buy a 'coat' with sleeves while keeping one of the major A/W trends - oversized - then this is the coat for you! This Oversized Check Coat from Next is perfect for wintery days! 

6. French Connection Wool Oversized Coat - You'll be right on trend with this French Connection number. You're incorporating the 'Pretty In Pink' trend with the 'oversized' look - thumbs up to you fashionista. 

7. ASOS Fur Collar Oversized Coat - Petite while being oversized - how can it be possible? Well, with this ASOS Fur Collar Coat it is! If you want an oversized coat that won't bog you down with material then you'll simply love this coat. Also adding that warmth with the rich orange like River Island's Oversized Jersey (above), it's a perfect buy ready for the fast-approaching Autumn! 


8. ASOS Esprit Parka - Parkas are everywhere this forth-coming season and I love this ASOS parka. Comfy, casual yet stylish? What more could you ask for! 

9. Puffa Jacket - Keep warm and cosy with this Puffa Jacket! The jacket has a wide hood which gives it extra fashion brownie-points because not only were wide hoods plastered over the A/W catwalks but this Puffa Jacket has also nailed the deep pockets trend for coats! Plus, you'll be really warm with all that thick lining - a perfect coat for the practical and fashion forward! 

10. Diesel Relaxed Parka at ASOS - A lighter layer for the transition from Summer to Autumn. It's casual yet ticking the fashion boxes if you want to achieve the Tomboy look. 


1. 'A Marilyn Moment' 

It's finally time for you to have your very own Marilyn Monroe moment with these flared skirts! Knee-length flared skirts are all the rage and whether you'll be wearing them or not you can't deny that they're awesome. Designers such as Dior, Prada, Michael Kors, Prada and Nina Ricci are just a handful of designers whose collections included the flared skirt for A/W. 

Have your own Marilyn moment with some of my favourite flared skirts out there. Here's why I love them:-

1. Topshop Checked Organza Insert Midi Skirt - One of the reasons that I love this Organza Insert Midi Skirt is its patterned panelling. The panelling emphasises the flare of the skirt, drawing eye-attention to not only the patterning but also the edgy flare. This skirt is a bold statement and you will get looks of admiration in this - guaranteed. 

2. French Connection Flared Midi Skirt at ASOS - If you want to be bold wearing a flared skirt this A/W without drawing too much attention to yourself - this is the skirt for you. Plain and simple but with the flare tailoring you'll be chic and fashionable all the while. This skirt is versatile and perfect for if you want to be casual while wearing one of the bolder trends of A/W.

3. Topshop Marigold Printed Calf Skater Skirt - This skirt is fun, bright and most importantly flared! The skirt itself is quite a statement - the patterning is bold and bright and the flared construction adds even further detailing. 

4. Zara Studio Skirt With Slit - Plain and simple. This skirt is perfect for either dressing up by adding statement jewellery to create a bolder look or for dressing down with its minimalistic feel. 

5. Topshop Vinyl Calf Skater Skirt - This is my favourite skirt. It's rebellious and bold. The black colour block is powerful, toughened up further with the Vinyl sheen - you'll be sporting another A/W trend with this skirt (keep reading to find out which one!). 

6. La Redoute Anne Wayburn Softly Draped Flared Skirt - Simplistic but perfect. This skirt is fantastic as it will go with most things you pair it with!

2. 'Pristine Pleats'

Miss your school days or dreading to return to them? As summer's over you'll either be loving this trend for its nostalgic school skirt pleats or be hating it for reminding you that your days of summer are over and it's time to wear pleats outside the school hallways! Fashion makes pleats fun and flirty on the catwalk with designers such as Ralph Lauren, Daks and many more mixing them with their A/W collections! 

Here's what pleats the high street has to offer you:

1. Topshop Blue Jersey Pleated Maxi - Long skirts are another skirt trend this A/W so combine the longer lengths with pleats and you have one on-trend skirt! I love the blue colour block of this skirt, adding a bold, fun vibe into an already flirtatiously tailored skirt! I love! 

2. Boohoo Lois Ribbed Ponte Boxed Pleat Skater Skirt - This skirt is currently on sale so go and scavenge while you can!! This skirt is a great buy - you have the pleats and you have an injection of colour to brighten up your day (literally). 

3. Boohoo Zoey Pleated Chiffon Skirt - Again, this is a sale item so go grab it while stock lasts! The bold pleats in this Chiffon Skirt take traditional 'pleats' to a whole new level. Ambiguous and fun, this skirt is a statement with its sharp angles!

4. Warehouse Pleat Front A Line Skirt - The studded detailing down the sides of this gives it something edgy and rebellious. So, if you want to add a pleated garment to your A/W wardrobe without it just being plain pleats, mix it up with this studded piece! 

5. Topshop Metallic Pleated Mini Skirt by Lashes Edit - Are you a self-confessed attention seeker? If yes then you'll love this skirt. This skirt has a 'disco-fever' injection that will literally draw the attention of anyone you encounter. There's one word for this skirt - F.U.N, so express yourself and buy the boldest skirt in the world. 

6. Zara Coated Pleated Skirt - This skirt is simplistic but is perfect for day-to-day wear. Pair it with a jumper and ankle boots and you have a perfect A/W outfit. This skirt is chic and screams 'pristine pleats!'

'Punk It Up'

Full of rebellion, spikes, lace, studs, leather, chains and more - this A/W will convert you into one stylish punk! Whether you'll be sporting the look subtly or go all-out, designers such as Versace, Chanel and Saint Laurent toughened up their catwalk collections with this major trend. Here's what the high street has to offer you:

Above are my top fave's for the 'Punk' look. Here's where you can get them:

1. Rosie PU Coated Seam Detail Skater Dress - You can be girly yet rock'n'roll with this punk-esque Skater dress. You can dress this up with heels or dress it down with fashion trainers (not your P.E. trainers  - obvs).

2. Topshop Lace Racerback Push Up Bra - If you're going to go all out punk then you'll need to be dressed head-to-toe and that means underwear! I love this Lace bra, it's perfect for keeping in with your punk themed outfit.

3. Topshop Lace Detail Crop Top - This crop will add a nice touch of punk to any outfit. It's versatile and will go with almost anything. 

4. River Island Red Check Contrast Sleeve Jacket - I love this jacket. The jacket could also double up as a shirt or tie it around your waist to achieve a casual look. The contrasting textures make this jacket fun and lively. A must-buy if you're totally into this 'punk' look! 

5. New Look Leather-Look Leggings - These leather-look leggings are perfect for if you want a casual, everyday punk look. These leggings are versatile and you can pair them with a t-shirt, shirt and jumper - the list is endless! 

6. Topshop Moto Leather Denim Mix Kilt - I love this Denim Mix Kilt. It's such an edgy piece so I know that it also won't be everyone's cup of tea but I literally love it. I love the mixture of Denim and Leather fabric and the buckles at the side. It screams punk and is perfect for the fashion courageous! 

7. Topshop Paisley Jaquard Tee - I know this is another Topshop piece that I've put in this collection but they had such amazing 'punk' stuff that I got carried away and put my favourites in!  This tee is one of my favourites, I actually tried on the yellow version of this top in store a few days ago and didn't like it once it was on purely because the yellow looked a bit odd on me. However, if I'd have known that they did the top in this colour, I would've gone gaga and got it on the spot! I love the detailing of the top and the colour adds warmth to an essentially 'tougher' look that is the 'punk' look. 

'90s Flashback 

If you're a 90's kid like me then you'll be excited to know that they've returned! '90's fashion is awesome and here are some fabulous 90's pieces you can find in stores near you!

The 90's trend is one of my favourites and I've started wearing it already! Here are my top high street picks for the 90's. 

1. Urban Outfitter's Vintage O&O '90's Button Dress - I'm loving the button dress comeback! I'm also loving this Urban Outfitter's button dress - fun, girly and very 90's. 

2. H&M Cotton Shirt - A plaid cotton/flannel shirt is absolutely essential this A/W. Whether you're actually wearing it or just tying it around you waist as an accessory, you'll need this cotton shirt. Alternatively if you don't want to splash the cash on a shirt, steal a plaid shirt from your Dad/Boyfriend!  Either way you'll need a plaid shirt! 

3. River Island Mickey Mouse Sweater - I know I featured this in one of my recent wish lists but I can't help it - I love this sweater! I loved it originally because of the '90's vibe that it radiated and that reasoning hasn't changed! I really want this sweater! 

4. ASOS Denim Overalls - I think NSYNC when it comes to '90's Denim Overalls. Well, whatever you think when you think of Denim Overalls, whether it's garages or NSYNC, you'll need your own pair for this season! Denim Overalls are back and they're way cooler than when ex NSYNC member Justin Timberlake wore them (thankfully)!

NSYNC and their denim overalls..
Photo taken from Google Images.
5. New Look High Waisted Jeans - High waisted jeans were a staple and a must-have for the '90's, which means one thing - they're a staple and a must-have once again. Go get a pair! 

6. River Island Blue Jersey Sleeve Hooded Denim Jacket - Yes, that's right, another denim piece for the '90's section of your wardrobe! This Blue Jersey Sleeve Hooded Denim Jacket is perfect for being the essence of casual! 

'Glitz and Glamour'

Sequins, brocade fabric, sparkles, gem work - these are all just some of the sparkly detailing added to the 'Glitz and Glamour look'. Designers that sparkled on the catwalks include Dolce & Gabanna, Prada, Givenchy and many more! High street stores are also loving sequins and jewels - check it out:

This is another one of my favourite A/W trends. It's very fairy tale which brings out the inner girly side of me! Everyone girl deserves some glamour in her life - treat yourself to these amazing clothes!

1. River Island Black Ombre Fringed Flapper Dress - I immediately thought of The Great Gatsby film when I saw this gorgeous Flapper Dress from River Island. This 1920's inspired dress will give you an instantly vintage look while giving you the A/W trend of sequins and embellishment.

2. ASOS One Teaspoon Ride The Wind Trousers With Embellishment - These trousers are perfect if you want to look casual while wearing sequins and jewels! These trousers can be dressed down with trainers and a simple t-shirt/crop top or alternatively they can be dressed up with the simple addition of heels and a few accessories.

3. Topshop Tall Embellished Knit Sweater - This Knit Sweater is also a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you want to go down the casual route while dotted with sparkles! This knit will not only keep you sparkly but it will undoubtedly keep you warm.

4. Topshop Embellished Cobweb Cami Top - This top is really versatile - pair it with some high-waisted jeans or a skater skirt and you'll be looking casual yet smart. However, to dress this top up, team it with a long skirt or leather leggings and add heels. The heavy embellished detailing will give your look instant glamour. Accessories should be very minimal to avoid sparkle overdrive!

5. ASOS Frock And Frill - This is encrusted with sequins and jewels and I just love it.

6. Urban Outfitters April May Oria Embellished Shirt - The reason I love this shirt is because it's not obvious, 'in-your-face' glitz and glamour. The subtle addition to the detailing at the shirt's sleeves gives it a glamorous edge without it being full-on.

7. River Island Black Bead Embellished Cami - Again, very 1920's. You may as well be living in the 1920's with this dress. It's got a super vintage feel like the other River Island Flapper Dress and injects sparkles right, left and centre!

So there you have it - Part I! Phew! That took a very long time! So, I hope you've learnt a few things - I certainly have! Make sure at least some of these items are on your wish lists this month and in your wardrobes in no time, to ensure that you'll have a fantastic Autumn/Winter! Look out for Part II and Part III / Your Style Guide To Autumn/Winter!

Part II / Your Style Guide To Autumn/Winter includes the textures and patterns of Autumn/Winter that you'll need to be wearing! 

For further details on all the items listed in this blog post go to . 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review / MAC Duo Eyeshadow Palette

Casting my mind back to Christmas 2012, there are only a few things I can be 100% sure of.
1. My hair was shorter. I know this because of photographic evidence.
2. I was stressing unnaturally about my GCSE Science modules in January.
3. My feelings were hurt by a raw-hide bone. My dogs were ecstatic with the bone I bought for their stocking (yes, my dogs have their own stocking - they're my babies.). They were so ecstatic in fact, that they begun to hurt my feelings, because they were no longer interested in my company/affection. All they lived and breathed was 'must eat bone now.' It nearly ruined my Christmas. My dogs loved a raw-hide bone more than me - I was a cast off and I was gutted.
4. Christmas dinner was good, in fact it was fantastic - thumbs up Nan.
5. I was itching to start a blog, as you know this didn't happen until just before the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, but I'd had my temptations for a long time beforehand.
5. I received my favourite eyeshadow palette to date. 

When it comes to Christmas I become an excitable little 5 year old once again. It's safe to say that Christmas and the times leading up to it are my favourite parts of the year. They're filled with excitement, gift-buying and that very special Christmas air. If you're unaware of the 'Christmas air' that I speak of, do me a favour, in about 3 months time give the air a good inhale and a sniff - you'll know then that that's Christmas air (....and frostbite).
*Disclaimer: I speak to UK residents concerning Christmas air. I'm not confident that America/France/Germany/Ireland/Australia etc have specific 'Christmas air' because I've never had the pleasure of taking a good old sniff of your air around Christmas. I'm sure the Christmas air there is just as nice and smells just as Christmassy but I have no proof, so, please don't hunt me down if your Christmas air sucks. *
  Anyway, enough on Christmas air. Christmas is fantastic, jolly and filled with smiles, laughter and happiness (unless you're a character on Eastenders because so far, every Christmas they've had has been catastrophic). Fortunately I almost always get wonderful gifts. Sure, you'll always get one that makes you question why your Great Aunt thought that you'd ever want a *insert weirdest possible present here* e.g. turtle sharpener, but on the whole my gifts are top notch. For example, in my lovely stuffed stocking that 'Santa and his Reindeers' left for me in the year of 2012, was a very generous and much appreciated package tied up by his dear little 'Elves' - a Mac Duo Eyeshadow Palette. From that day on I have not stopped using my glorious Mac Duo and I'll tell you why....

"I'm not usually an eyeshadow type of girl. I love eyeshadow for a more evening look but not for daily use." Before Christmas 2012 you would have heard me say that exact statement. My Mac Duo, however, completely converted me into being a daily eyeshadow girl. Yep, as I blog I'm wearing eyeshadow and not just any eyeshadow but my MAC eyeshadow. The shades in my duo palette are (from left) Ricepaper and Green Smoke. As this duo was a Christmas gift it was only when I was in the MAC shop recently that I realised just how expensive the eyeshadows were. I was a little shocked! I knew that MAC makeup was pricey but I was naive because I didn't realise that they were so pricey. The individual eyeshadows are priced at £12.50 each, and then there is the additional cost to buy the actual palettes. Highly priced makeup always makes me a little resistant, but if there's one thing that I've learnt it is that you get what you pay for when it comes to makeup! Although I didn't purchase more eyeshadows on the spot, it was purely because I was spoilt for choice. I loved every single one of them. However, for a day-to-day look I couldn't fault the MAC eyeshadows that I had for Christmas.  
   Ricepaper and Green Smoke are perfect complimentary shades. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented but the best thing is that they are extremely blend-able to either ease the intensity or maximise the intensity of the shade depending on what look I fancy. Ricepaper is my go-to shade, it's subtle but has a lovely shimmer and gleam to it while leaving your eyes looking somewhat natural! When I want to create a more obvious 'I'm wearing eyeshadow' look, I'll incorporate Green Smoke by applying it to the outer edges of my eyes and blend it with Ricepaper for emphasis.  The other thing that I love about these eyeshadows is that they actually last all day. There are very few makeup products that I own that I can say have lasted all day but MAC eyeshadow is one that I can be confident will stay with me until I'm ready to be bare faced voluntarily at the end of a day. I've had some pretty horrific eyeshadows in the past that take on a whole new meaning to the term 'panda eyes'...Those days are thankfully over with kudos to MAC. Mac's eyeshadows are literally fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Don't let the higher than average price put you off, these eyeshadows are worth every penny - you need them for survival.

Click image to view MAC's eyeshadows.
£12.50 each


Sunday, 25 August 2013

What's Inside My Handbag?

Of all the posts that I have done so far I realised that I haven't done the 'What's Inside My Handbag?' post. Lots and lots of bloggers have done this post and I just love them. They're obviously a popular type of post because so many bloggers have done them and the reason for that must be that we're all a nation of nosey people that like snooping and finding out what's in one another's handbags! Either that or we're all a nation full of pick pockets trying to find out whose handbags are worth picking and whose aren't...So, I'll stop rambling and get on with it. Introducing my handbag...

My faithful summer handbag is from Zara. This has to be my favourite handbag of all time. I regard this handbag as my lucky handbag due to the fact that it was discovered just hours before Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards earlier this year. Just before finding it, I had no bag, I'd searched in several shops - nothing. I was frantically trying to find the perfect bag for my outfit and low and behold there was this jewel of a bag in Zara. Ever since that lovely night at the Style Blogger Awards I've had this bag at my side at all times. The only downside is that it's quite small so I can't just shove everything into it, I have to be selective - maybe that's a pro of the bag rather than the con? So here's what's inside my handbag;

My 'People Can See Right Through Me' doughnut notebook - I have to travel with this everywhere. This is my blogging bible. All my ideas are jotted down into this book, in addition my blogging 'TO-DO' lists, inspiration, notes, rough drafts for posts and in the back are PR cards and PR related notes.

My iPhone 4S - This used to be essential to me but ever since the internet has decided to not work, ever, my phone's next to useless. Still I need it to text, call and maybe take a snap here and there. Before the internet broke I didn't realise how much I actually used it, pathetic really. Apple shop here I come, one frustrated customer here.

Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick - I won't go into a rave about this now because I've just done that in a recent-ish post labelled 'The World's Best Lipstick'. If you want to know why I carry it everywhere with me give it a sneaky read here.

*Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS Dry Shampoo* - This dry shampoo is so great. It does what most dry shampoos are supposed to do - clean your hair and rid it of any signs of grease! I've recently had a bad experience with a very well known Dry Shampoo brand - nothing too drastic don't worry, just that it made my hair greasy rather than making it appear clean. I'll be doing a blog post on this dry shampoo which is why I'm not naming and shaming here, but Phil Smith's Dry Shampoo has rekindled my dry shampoo trust! What I love about Phil Smith's products is that they leave hair with a salon-finish minus the salon prices! I especially love the size of this dry shampoo because it's perfect for popping in your bag for when you're on the go and need a bit of a dry shampoo spritz!

Revlon Photoready Powder - Ever since I ran out of my Dior Loose Powder a few months back, I've been using this Revlon pressed powder. I love it. It comes with a cute compact brush which gives you a loose powder effect when you apply it. When you open up the compact it even has a slim-line mirror so you can see what you're doing (which is a lifesaver when you're on a bus/train/wherever) - Really loving this powder so I take it everywhere.

Ted Baker Purse - Great for carrying my money (what money?), my bank cards (containing £0.00 balance), gift cards, customer loyalty cards etc. My purse is sort of self-explanatory, I use it for the same reason you use your purse...not much else to say here....

Moo Business Cards - Yes, I have official blog business cards - whoop whoop. I've had these cards for a few months now and they're great. Moo Business Cards has a website and the service is fantastic. I designed my cards myself personalising every little detail. Once I'd designed my cards and paid I got an e-mail which kept me up to date with the progress of the delivery. I was really pleased with how the cards turned out and would for sure buy more when my current stash runs out. Anyway, I keep a handful of cards in my purse in case I meet anyone when I'm out and about who may, for whatever reason, need/want my card!

Natural Collection Lip Gloss - I keep this gloss for emergencies, not full-scale emergencies of course but for my own personal beauty emergencies. I love the vanilla scent on this gloss and the fact that it's clear makes it perfect for drowning your lips in it when you are without a mirror!

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch - Again, solely there for emergencies, I use Baby Lips when my lips need hydrating and fast! To read more about Maybelline Baby Lips, click here for my review.

So, that's what's in my handbag! Obviously the contents of my handbag vary daily, most of the time I have cereal bar packets, empty plastic bottles and various other junky items but on a great day I'll have remembered all essentials (above) and will have no rubbish swimming at the bottom...


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Shopping With A Sweet Tooth

A little earlier this week I went shopping - jealous yet? Well you shouldn't be. I went shopping, yes, but shopping for things that were anything but exciting - school things. I literally can't believe how quickly the summer holidays have flown by; each day I've been busy with either my blog, or out-and-about like a frantic little human being whose movements resemble those of a disorientated butterfly (that's how hectic my holidays have been.). While it's all been very nice, the realisation that school was soon upon me was less pleasing. I've very much enjoyed my summer days of lolling around the beach not having to worry about homework/exams/tests OR more importantly exam results. Last Thursday was the day that AS and A-Level students got their results back (nervous stuff) and while some may have thought 'Jeez, I'm sure glad that's not me getting results today', I was envious. GCSE students had to wait a whole extra week of torment to find out their results. We were left in limbo, in the pre-breakdown stage awaiting the post-traumatic stress. My stomach churned every time I thought of Thursday (today!) and I'm sure fellow GCSE students who awaited their results this morning felt the same (If not - are you human?). I'm so relieved that GCSE's are over for good and I was really really happy with my results. I hope you all got what you wanted and deserved! :)
 Back on topic, I was out shopping for school bits and bobs when I couldn't resist a visit to; Boots/Topshop/*insert other shops that have nothing to do with school here* - after all, it would be rude not to have a 'browse'. Naturally I saw numerous items of clothing that were all too expensive for me to afford BUT I could afford two little items that caught my eye. Partly because I think I was shopping on an empty stomach and because I simply love lip balms, I ended up buying two of the most delicious tasting/smelling/scented chap sticks that I think I've ever experienced - Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch and Wall's Ice Cream Twister Lip Balm. 

As a child I was strictly chocolate not sweets. By that I mean, if given the option, 'chocolate/sweets?', 'chocolate' would for sure be my answer. However, as I've grown older my sweet tooth has well and truly developed into a strictly sweets answer. Which is why when I feasted my eyes on these beauties I just had to have them.. I'll start with Wall's Ice Cream Twister Lip Balm..

When I saw this lip balm I think I actually squeaked with joy. I LOVE Wall's Ice Cream's Twister Lollies. They have been my favourite ice lollies since I can remember, which is why my freezer was well prepared for this blog post, already stashed to the brim with the real deal. While I sit, blog and eat the Twister lolly seen above (women can multitask), I can't help but feel that nothing can compare to the actual Twister lolly. While I was more than pleased with the Twister Lip Balm, it does by no means compare to the smell and taste of the real ice cream lolly. The Lip Balm itself has a sweet smelling, ice cream aura but it's not a strong as I would like it to be. I do really adore this lip balm but when you label it 'Twister' Lip Balm my expectations are high - I am the ultimate fan you see. I can't help but be a little critical with this lip balm purely because it's not an edible Twister Lip Balm, but I have realised that if I want that, I need to literally smother the real 3D lolly on my lips - having actually done this I can say that it's a little creamy and the ice cream pigmentation is quite strong.. All jokes aside this lip balm is a cute, wannabe Twister, but doesn't quite have that 'to-die-for' taste or smell of the actual Twister lollies. I do love this lip balm though, it's a great reviver for when my lips are in a dire state and in need of some hydration. For £2.50 it was a great score from Outfit.

I've heard and read very mixed reviews about Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balms - some positive and some negative. I really wanted to give my own opinion on them, so when out 'school shopping' I whipped this up. My verdict? I love it. Some of the critiques I've read about the Baby Lips say that they look cheap..well, at £2.99, what are you expecting from a lip balm? Gold dust? I actually think the packaging of the Baby Lips is fun, quirky and has a hint of 'pop-art'-esque about it. While the lip balm claims to hydrate your lips for 8 hours, from my experience this is a little fib. I thought the claim was a little ambiguous when I bought it but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and trial its claims. It doesn't last 8 hours but it is one of the longest hydrating lip balms I own.  The collection of Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms offers different kinds of lip balms. For example, their flavours are: Mint Fresh, Lemon and Basil, Cherry Me, Cherry Almond, Pink Punch, Grape Vine and Peach Kiss, all of which come with different hints of colour. I chose Pink Punch purely because it sounded the most appetising to me at the time, however I'd be keen to try more of their flavours. I'm very tempted by Peach Kiss which was out of stock at the time! Pink Punch is a delicious smelling lip balm smelling tropical and summery - perfect. Pink Punch also has a hint of colour, coating the lips with a touch of pink - it's very subtle but great for quick hydration and a splash of colour! I have nothing negative to say about this lip balm, it's great despite some of the negative reviews that I've read. What's not to love? Smells great, looks great - love it!

These purchases were a result of shopping with a sweet tooth and I thank this tooth from the bottom of my heart for inspiring such pleasing purchases. 

 (You can buy Wall's Twister Lip Balm from Outfit UK stores and Maybelline Baby Lips from Boots stores UK.) 


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Love Letter To The Breakfast Scrub

Part of the reason I love making wish lists is because I can pinpoint what I really want and need. This prevents me from making some spontaneous purchases that turn out to be rubbish (which has happened countless times). When I create my wish lists I read reviews on the products and look in-depth at what they offer me in comparison to similar products - then if I'm happy with what I've read and have taken a large fancy to the item, I'll stick it on my wish lists for you to read all about. Another reason that I love doing wish list posts is because after spending most of the month pining for the products, I eventually end up buying a few items off them. This month I have done just that and if you've read my Beauty wish list this month you may have guessed which product I've gone and bought. The product that I've bought is none other than the glorious Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub.

In my wish list post this month, I explained that I'd never owned a scrub before in my life. Now I can officially change that status and say that a scrub has been occupied by none other than moi. To tell you the truth I'm quite liking life now that I own a scrub. I have the option to exfoliate and pamper my skin in a way that wasn't there in my non-scrub days. I've fallen in love with this scrub - a condition that isn't normal for the masses of the population, but I want to declare my love for this scrub here, which is exactly what I am going to do. Firstly, this scrub is the most AMAZING smelling thing I have EVER smelt. In fact, as I type, the scrub is beside me (for we can't be parted for long periods of time) and I have smelt it over 5 times (ok maybe 10) within the last 5 minutes. The scrub has a drug-like effect upon all it encounters, once you smell it once there's no going back, you must smell it again. Before you think I sound like a creep that sits in the corner caressing and smelling this scrub, let me explain its fabulosity. For starters it's made with scrumptious, mouth-watering ingredients such as: oats, shear butter, honey extracts, almonds and bananas (I actually can't smell the bananas which I'm thrilled about seeing as they make me want to gag - I am definitely anti-banana.). It smells so good that Soap & Glory took it upon themselves to clarify to the nation that 'THIS IS NOT FOOD' on the label underneath the tub - thanks guys, saved myself a stomach fiasco there.

The helpful warning label to waive confusion. 

  Aside from the product smelling good the scrub is actually great and in the words of the Soap & Glory team, it's 'masterful at tackling chicken skin on your triceps and elbows. While I'm not sure I actually ever had chicken skin on my triceps and elbows in the first place, I can be comforted with the knowledge that if I ever did, my chicken qualities have been knocked out of the park with this scrub. The scrub has cupuacu bio scrubs and while I'm not too confident on what they are, the key word here should be 'bio' suggesting that it's natural and brag-worthy as Soap & Glory stuck it on the tub's sticker. A scrub isn't something that I would put my skin through every day, it's potentially harsh and with my sensitive skin (and from experience), over-scrubbing can lead to bright red rashes lasting for 30 minutes - oops. However, when scrubbing is done correctly the after-effect can be more than pleasing leaving skin flake-free and chicken skin-free. I'm thrilled with this scrub, as is my Mum, and if you're in need of a second opinion, I shall quote her words when evaluating the scrub - 'it's lush' - AMEN to that.
  To conclude, after smelling the scrub 20 more times, I have been sent into a Maple fragrance state of bliss and reiterate that this is the best smelling, most loveable scrub out there and deserves every fibre of praise this earth has to offer it.

Note: This is the end of my love letter to - 'the breakfast scrub'. All my love, Holly xoxoxo


Friday, 16 August 2013

The World's Best Lipstick

If you follow me on twitter then you'll know that I've been tweeting in excitement about a beauty product that I wanted to share with you all. Right here, right now, is that moment where I reveal the worlds best (EVER) lipstick....well, in my opinion anyway.
  2013 has been a good year for a lot of reasons, I won't list them because that's not what I want to focus on in this blog post, but it's been a pretty good one so far. One of the major reasons 2013 has been a really good year is that I realised the wonders of a well-known beauty staple - lipstick. Obvs I knew what a lipstick was, I'm not completely oblivious to life, but I'd never really smothered my lips in it before the year of 2013. Sure, on occasions I might steal one of my Mum's lipsticks for a night out but  it was definitely more of a 'night' look for me. Lipstick is bold and brave and until the year of 2013, I hadn't given it the acknowledgment it deserved.
  If you've read my blog for that past couple of months you may remember the first ever lipstick blog post that I did - 'Becoming Alice'. (If you don't remember or haven't read it I've linked it so give it a click after if you fancy!). This blog post pinpoints nearly to-the-day when my lipstick obsession began. I started with the neutral shades, collecting pale corals & pinks and nudes - exploring every lipstick counter and shelf out there. You think I'm joking? I'm really not..I swear I even started dreaming about lipsticks...There was an element of trial and error involved with this process, I learnt what makeup brands were good and the ones that were not-so-good. There are a lot of lipsticks to choose from and at first it's a little tricky to know which ones are good and which ones, well, really aren't. You've seen the testers in drugstores, they're a little 'over-used'. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't be making mouth-to-lipstick contact with them any time soon. With that said it's hard to tell by swabbing the lipstick onto the back of your hand, whether or not the colour will suit you and if the wear will be long lasting etc. Sadly the best way to find out whether the lipstick is any good is simply to spend a couple of pounds. Some will be successful purchases and others don't quite make the cut. Whatever the case, I have never come across a lipstick so magnificent as my latest lipstick encounter - Estée Lauder Signature.

Firstly the packaging is just gorgeous. You may have noticed that I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to good packaging. If it's nicely packaged you can probably get me to buy it. My 'pocket money' (I hate saying that because it makes me sound like a little child but it's true, I still rely on pocket money as a source of income..) doesn't really stretch for me to be able to buy such a high-end lipstick. Another little fact about me is that I am a major spender, the only time I ever saved in my life was when I was younger. I was desperate for a new phone, the current phone I had at the time was sooo 'uncool' and I wanted a more 'hip', 'in-with-the-crowd' phone to avoid social suicide. The 'phone of my dreams' was around £100 which was a lot of money for me back then (well, truthfully it still is) to save. Through some absolute miracle I ended up saving enough money to buy the phone but found it very difficult to save. Apart from another phone change, not much else has changed since my younger years. I still find it impossible to save. Why? I get tempted very easily and end up spending money before it's even in my pocket (something which I'm trying to stop for fear of my future 'student days'!). Therefore a lipstick as 'expensive' as this Estée Lauder Signature one would be completely out of the question. How'd I get it then? Well, it was an absolute miracle...sort of. 
Earlier this month was my Mum's birthday and aside from looking very much alike, Mum and I are also very similar people. In fact, the only thing we differ on is our music taste. Mum's idea of a good record is a Bowie/ Madonna tune. However, my musical taste includes indie bands that no-one's heard of (sadly), maybe a little rock & a hint of pop music - so understandably we differ on this topic! A plus of being so similar to my twin (a.k.a Mum) is that shopping for presents is a reasonably easy task - I just buy what I want and wrap it up for her to find that she's equally as delighted with it as I was when I first laid eyes upon it. Similarly she finds shopping for me extremely easy and I can depend on her for a good batch of birthday gifts! To cut a short story even shorter, Mum bought herself a few treats for her birthday, one of them being an Estée Lauder Signature lipstick - I was completely jealous. Here's the plot twist, when Mum unwrapped her gift that she bought for herself, she realised that the woman at the Estée Lauder counter had wrapped up the wrong colour - understandably she was gutted to say the least. After double-checking the new, unwanted colour she sparked an idea - 'Would Holly like it?'. My reply: 'YES PLEASE.'. Now, it's not everyday that an expensive, amazing lipstick lands in your hands for free, but that's exactly what happened and I couldn't have been happier. 

This picture does NOT do the lipstick colour any justice but gives you an idea!

I had been on the look-out for a lovely warm-toned, well-pigmented, brown lipstick. Having been on several of my lipstick hunts, I'd failed to find the perfect colour. The miracle? The Estée Lauder lipstick was the exact (yes that deserved bold, italics and underlining for emphasis on the spookiness) colour that I had wanted. I can honestly say that this is my all-time favourite lipstick. I love everything about it; the packaging, the quality (you do get what you paid for!), the colour, the silky smooth texture and the nicely scented smell that dances off it when you apply it to your lips. The only thing I'm not loving is its name, Vintage Mauve. With a title like that you'd expect the lip stick to be purple but this caramel brown is anything but 'Mauve'! However, I couldn't be more besotted with something without a heartbeat. This is the world's best lipstick. 

PS: If you're wondering what happened to Mum's own Estée Lauder lipstick, she bought another one - this time in the right shade! Happy birthday once again Mum - hopefully it's not the last time we share presents? 


Sunday, 11 August 2013

What's On My Wish Lists / August

Wow, I still don't know where July went but I think it was a pretty good month. Let's see...the Royal baby, formally known as George Alexander Louis was born, making the nation go nutty (and rightly so, have you ever seen anything so cute?). Just for fun here's a picture of the little cheeky bundle of joy to make you audibly go 'aww'. Look, it's even got the royal wave mastered...

Photo taken from Google Images.

While historical events were being marked on the calendars of July, I was busy developing my August wish lists. Everywhere I go I see something I want - sadly you can't always get what you want but you can wish. So that's exactly what I'm doing here, wishing for what's on these lists in the hope that one day they will magically fall into my possession. Anyone have a Fairy Godmother I can borrow? No, okay then..

The seasons of Autumn and Winter are creeping into both our weather and our style. Whether you're sad your days of DIY spray tanning are coming to a close or happy that you can pull out your sweaters/jumpers and boots and stop worrying about your 'bikini bod image', there's no denying the fact that A/W is well and truly under way. While the high street sales try and get rid of all the summer clothes by pricing their clothes at the price they should be to start with, they're also stuffed to the brim with A/W clothes that have been catching my eye and my interest. With a new season comes new trends and my favourites this A/W are the 90's and Punk styles (as you can see from the overload of black above!). If I could have my way I would like to be able to walk into a shop and take its whole contents. This, however, would be against the law so I stop myself from committing the crime and stick my top favourite items onto this wish list...

1. River Island Black Mickey Mouse Varsity Sweater - The 90's are back! No one has the powers to reverse time other than fashion. The 90s was a great era and being a 90's child myself, I am super excited that it's being relived through style. This Mickey Mouse jumper gives you an injection of the 90's while being cute and fun with everyone's favourite Disney character, Mickey Mouse. 

2. Boohoo Zina Studded Block Heel - Oh my. These shoes literally leave me speechless (in a good way of course). I love them and want them for many reasons. Firstly who doesn't love a chunky block heel? Yes they may not be the comfiest shoes when compared to flats/trainers but they're certainly not uncomfortable when compared to a skyscraper stiletto. Secondly the studs add glamour while combining the A/W Punk trend with their rebellious exterior. Thirdly, well, I should stop there because this list will go on for a while. Basically, I love these shoes, want these shoes and worship these shoes - Amen. 

3. Topshop Argo Heavy Strap Boots - I have a major crush on these shoes. Yes a crush. These shoes represent the A/W punk grunge of this season and I love them dearly. They'd be great for casual wear and everyday wear and other than the price they are completely and utterly fantastic. 

4. Boohoo Georgina Giraffe Print Crop Cut Out Shirt - The title of this shirt makes me question who names these products - strange. Anyway, I think this shirt is super, super cute. Who doesn't like giraffes? They're like the models of the wilderness, long legs, long eyelashes, long, well everything. There's no denying that this shirt is perfect and versatile for both everyday casual wear and potential for dressing up for a party with a bold, statement necklace and sky high shoes. 

5. Zara High Collar Studio Top - This top has the potential for the catwalk and that's partly its charm.  It's the essence of the gothic and punk A/W vibes with some 90's leather added into the mix - J'adore!

Beauty wish lists are a little harder, in my experience, to put together. There's almost too much choice. The world of beauty is huge, as is the one of fashion, but I know less about beauty than I do fashion. Beauty is one of those industries where people will always 'need' things. Take makeup specifically, I personally would not be able to live without my makeup products. Why? Purely because of vanity reasons, I don't want my skin to look blemished, flushed etc, so I use makeup as my 'mask' if you were, to hide these imperfections. I, like many others I assume, am always on the look out for new, exciting products to hide my imperfections and insecurities. This makes condensing and constructing a Beauty wish list harder - there is so much choice! I did manage to condense my wish list this month to some 'essentials', products that I don't have or need replacing. Here are my top four; 

1. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - I don't actually own a scrub, despicable I know... I have been hunting for a scrub for a while and this one sounds delicious. Scrubs aren't suppose to be eaten, of all their uses consuming is not supposed to be one of them, but I wish that this one was edible...It has the word 'breakfast' in immediately making it sound like some sort of nutrition. I actually think Soap & Glory made it their goal to torture girls (or boys) of the world by not making this an edible product. Before you think I'm some sort of nutter, which I am according to many, I have smelt this delightful scrub and I can honestly tell you I think I may have drooled. It smells gorgeous. I've read fantastic reviews about it also, so naturally it deserves a spot on my wish list. I can't wait to get my hands on this one! 

2. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer - Countless bloggers/vloggers have raved about Rimmel London's Apocalips collection and I want to join in with the raving! My lipgloss is running low and I fancy replacing it with an Apocalips! I love all the colours in the collection so choosing will be tricky...Can I have them all please? 

3. Barry M Nail Art Pen - If you've read my DIY Nail Art post you'll know that I'm trying to be more adventurous when it comes to my nails. Having successfully managed to do some sort of a design on my nails and calling it 'Ice Cream Sundae', I'm finally ready (I think) to take the plunge and use a Nail Art Pen like this Barry M one. I've stuck it on my wish list for now and when I have a spot of money I'll be trying some more nail art - wish me luck! 

4. Sleek Divine 12 Piece Eyeshadow - I do not own anything Sleek which makes me quite sad. I know so many bloggers, vloggers and friends who swear by Sleek makeup and I am ashamed to say I have never tried any of it. The eyeshadows look really well pigmented and some even compare the pigmentation to the high-end brand, Nars. Well worth a try and I'm looking forward to when I finally make my first Sleek purchase!

So, there you have it, my August Wish Lists! Hopefully some genie in a lamp will come and grant me some of this months' wishes...


Friday, 9 August 2013

The Products I Loved And Hated / Empties #1

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know that this blog post has been the most troublesome blog post possible. I had finished the whole post, ready to hit the publish button when I tried a keyboard shortcut that deleted the WHOLE post. Pictures, words, everything. I’ve never truly hated/loathed technology before but at that moment I couldn’t have been more angry at my mocking laptop..Seriously I swear it’s still smiling at me. I’ve learnt my lesson and please take my advice when I say, SAVE EVERYTHING and BACK IT UP as you go along, I wish I had!! After trying to get it back doing everything humanly possible I failed miserably. So here it goes for the second time…

It’s been too long since I sat down at this desk and blogged for all of you readers. I missed a whole week's worth of posts – this is a sad time for me. I decided that I’d fill you in on what happened to me last week during my absence, so here it goes;

Things that happened since the last time I blogged:
1.    I went on holiday, a short one at that but a holiday. I hadn’t been on a holiday in 3 years so it was great to leave my house and get away for a bit. Because I hadn’t been on holiday for a while I’d also forgotten how to pack, so I ended up taking my whole entire wardrobe, well what was inside it anyway. It was a squeeze admittedly and I did that whole ‘sitting on your suitcase to be able to zip it up’ scene that you see in countless movies – turns out it’s a technique that works and I plan on using it again. So, after the suitcase blip I had a wonderful time and only ended up wearing a few tracksuit bottoms that I packed for emergencies because the weather ended up being super rainy verging on torrential with thunder storms. This made the playsuits, shorts and crop tops I packed pretty useless, so hey that was fun!
2.   I became a vegetarian. I’ve tried this a few times before but failed miserably each time. This isn’t because I have little willpower it’s simply because I was literally just not eating meat (which you’d expect from a vegetarian of course) but I didn’t replace the protein nutrient that the meat would have given me, making me tired and in need of meat nutrients..This time I am determined to make it work, I’ve done my research on veggie protein replacements, stashed up on vegetables (you should see my fridge, it looks like a forest of fruits and never ending greenery!) and I’m loving every moment of it. If any of you have any fantastic, yummy veggie recipes you want to share please give me and e-mail/tweet and I’ll try it out! Even better if you could recommend some veggie cooking blogs/books!
3.   I added another lipstick to my collection..shameless I know. This lipstick however, is the BEST lipstick ever and is my favourite of them all! More on this later!
4.   I spent ALL my money (which wasn’t a lot to start with) on a Topshop sale.. I am a sucker for a bargain…oooopsss.
5.     July ended. I’m still trying to come to grips with this one, how could July have ended already? I feel like it was yesterday that I wrote my July wish lists and all my other posts for that matter. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose…Bye July, until next year yeah?
So that’s you filled in with what’s been happening in my life for a week..moving on to the post!

A little earlier this month (sorry last month) I said that I was going to be introducing new types of blog posts to my blog. I would like to say that I have kept my word but I think I am a little guilty. This month, despite it being the ‘holidays’ I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I would have wanted to. As a result I haven’t introduced many ‘new types’ of blog posts. BUT ALAS (Alas? No one says alas anymore I’m not quite sure where that came from..some sort of medieval force overcame me..ahem..moving on..) this blog post is a new type of blog post that I am introducing to my blog – Empties!
  A lot of you will probably be aware that an ‘Empties’ style post is a post where bloggers/vloggers talk about the products that they have used up and why they loved/hated them. I love reading/watching these types of blog posts and hopefully you do to because that is what I am going to be doing in this blog post! I’ve been keeping all my used up products and stashing them away safely so that I can ramble about them right here, on this very blog, on this very page..
Sorry it's so covered in make-up..
LOVED. The first product that I used up is my Dior Loose Powder in colour 601. I literally love this powder. I’d been using a No7 powder for a very long time, No7 is a cheaper, drugstore brand and while there is nothing wrong with that I noticed the quality difference between the powders. My No7 powder was a faithful little compact powder which I used up, it wasn’t a loose powder like this Dior one but it was a pressed powder. I really liked my No7 powder and it was so handy (literally) for popping into my handbag when I was out and about. In comparison the Dior packaging was so cumbersome and clumsy that I would never trust it inside my bag for the fear of the lid flinging off when I forgot to screw the lid on all the way and powder making a grand escape all over my bag (I speak from experience here..). While Dior’s packaging was slightly inconvenient for out-and-about use it was perfect for powder top-ups and for my morning makeup routine. When my No7 powder ran out I used the Dior powder for all occasions, even in-bag situations (sellotape for sticking down the Dior lid was a lifesaver here.) I’ll definitely miss this product. I have found a cheaper replacement that I’m currently loving though so I will be blogging about that shortly!

LOVED. TRESemme Salon Finish Hairspray has been well and truly loved also. I will mourn this little can of hairspray (until I buy another can of it I won’t be able to reach eternal happiness.) I bought this little gem of a can on an emergency beauty haul before Clothes Show TV Launch Party.. yes, that’s right, I forgot to pack hairspray on my way to an event like that – what was I thinking? Well, clearly I wasn’t. Anyway, I was in such a fluster I merely picked this up randomly off the hairspray shelf and darted back to the hotel room to get ready.  I will be forever grateful that the shop I walked into had such an amazing hairspray that turned out to be a total lifesaver that night. The can says ‘Extra Hold’ and let me just say it certainly does just that. My hair was moulded into shape the whole night but it still had a natural flow in it which many ‘firm hold’ hairsprays fail to provide. When I have a hairspray I want to do its job well and hold my hair in place but minus the Tracy Turnbald effect..motionless hair…

Photo taken from Google Images. Tracy from Hairspray and her motionless hair (perfect for the 60s era Trace!)

 Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo – I had a love hate relationship with this product. For starters I cant remember how long I’ve had it stuffed in my drawer for. All I know is that it’s been longer than three years because that’s how long I’ve lived in my house and I specifically remember packing it for the removal guys. I desperately wanted to get rid of this product, not because it’s the worst thing I have ever bought, because it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever’s ok – just ok. I’ve never found that many dry shampoos actually work very well, a lot leave a hefty amount of residue which isn’t ideal, attractive or part of the customer care you expect from a product which is supposed to make your hair look better not worse. This dry shampoo gave that sort of dandruff effect when you sprayed it on, maybe I was using it wrong, I certainly didn’t have dandruff that’s for sure. All I know is that it wasn’t the best dry shampoo that I’ve used, it made my head itch (again, not a symptom of dandruff that I didn’t have but rather sensitive skin) BUT a pro for this product is that it smelt gorgeous. Maybe I should have used it as a body spray instead? I won’t be buying this again. I didn’t hate this product but I certainly didn’t particularly like it either…  

Beyonce's Heat Perfume - Certainly a LOVED product. Originally bought this for my Mum last Christmas and while she loved her gift I also couldn't resist snatching a squirt here and there. Mum soon caught on though and gave me my own bottle in order not to use up all of hers! Although I really loved this perfume to the last drop the original and unique 'spicey' smell is more of a winter scent than a summer one so I won't be re-purchasing any time really soon. 

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Perfume, meaning 'life is beautiful' and so is this perfume! I LOVED this perfume for sure. I've had it since February when I received it on my birthday and I've loved it ever since. It lasted 5 months which is pretty good considering I bathed myself in this delightful scent! I am certainly looking forward to when I can afford re-purchasing this perfume, it is one of my favourites and I received many compliments and queries about what I was wearing whenever I had it on! 

Nina Ricci Fantasy Limited Edition 2012 Perfume - just take a moment to look at the adorable little illustrations on this bottle - so cute. Everything about this perfume was amazing, from the bottle to the actual scent. I am so sad that this was a Limited Edition, it was one of my favourite perfumes to wear and display in my room. The bottle is far too adorable to throw away so I'll be keeping this cutie for a while until I'm over my loss...*sniffle*...

That's all the empties I have for now! I hope you've liked the new styles of posts I've been introducing. I plan to introduce many more while still keeping my traditional posts! Phew... that took over 3 hours, darn technology (at times anyway!). Until next time! 

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