Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review / MAC Duo Eyeshadow Palette

Casting my mind back to Christmas 2012, there are only a few things I can be 100% sure of.
1. My hair was shorter. I know this because of photographic evidence.
2. I was stressing unnaturally about my GCSE Science modules in January.
3. My feelings were hurt by a raw-hide bone. My dogs were ecstatic with the bone I bought for their stocking (yes, my dogs have their own stocking - they're my babies.). They were so ecstatic in fact, that they begun to hurt my feelings, because they were no longer interested in my company/affection. All they lived and breathed was 'must eat bone now.' It nearly ruined my Christmas. My dogs loved a raw-hide bone more than me - I was a cast off and I was gutted.
4. Christmas dinner was good, in fact it was fantastic - thumbs up Nan.
5. I was itching to start a blog, as you know this didn't happen until just before the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, but I'd had my temptations for a long time beforehand.
5. I received my favourite eyeshadow palette to date. 

When it comes to Christmas I become an excitable little 5 year old once again. It's safe to say that Christmas and the times leading up to it are my favourite parts of the year. They're filled with excitement, gift-buying and that very special Christmas air. If you're unaware of the 'Christmas air' that I speak of, do me a favour, in about 3 months time give the air a good inhale and a sniff - you'll know then that that's Christmas air (....and frostbite).
*Disclaimer: I speak to UK residents concerning Christmas air. I'm not confident that America/France/Germany/Ireland/Australia etc have specific 'Christmas air' because I've never had the pleasure of taking a good old sniff of your air around Christmas. I'm sure the Christmas air there is just as nice and smells just as Christmassy but I have no proof, so, please don't hunt me down if your Christmas air sucks. *
  Anyway, enough on Christmas air. Christmas is fantastic, jolly and filled with smiles, laughter and happiness (unless you're a character on Eastenders because so far, every Christmas they've had has been catastrophic). Fortunately I almost always get wonderful gifts. Sure, you'll always get one that makes you question why your Great Aunt thought that you'd ever want a *insert weirdest possible present here* e.g. turtle sharpener, but on the whole my gifts are top notch. For example, in my lovely stuffed stocking that 'Santa and his Reindeers' left for me in the year of 2012, was a very generous and much appreciated package tied up by his dear little 'Elves' - a Mac Duo Eyeshadow Palette. From that day on I have not stopped using my glorious Mac Duo and I'll tell you why....

"I'm not usually an eyeshadow type of girl. I love eyeshadow for a more evening look but not for daily use." Before Christmas 2012 you would have heard me say that exact statement. My Mac Duo, however, completely converted me into being a daily eyeshadow girl. Yep, as I blog I'm wearing eyeshadow and not just any eyeshadow but my MAC eyeshadow. The shades in my duo palette are (from left) Ricepaper and Green Smoke. As this duo was a Christmas gift it was only when I was in the MAC shop recently that I realised just how expensive the eyeshadows were. I was a little shocked! I knew that MAC makeup was pricey but I was naive because I didn't realise that they were so pricey. The individual eyeshadows are priced at £12.50 each, and then there is the additional cost to buy the actual palettes. Highly priced makeup always makes me a little resistant, but if there's one thing that I've learnt it is that you get what you pay for when it comes to makeup! Although I didn't purchase more eyeshadows on the spot, it was purely because I was spoilt for choice. I loved every single one of them. However, for a day-to-day look I couldn't fault the MAC eyeshadows that I had for Christmas.  
   Ricepaper and Green Smoke are perfect complimentary shades. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented but the best thing is that they are extremely blend-able to either ease the intensity or maximise the intensity of the shade depending on what look I fancy. Ricepaper is my go-to shade, it's subtle but has a lovely shimmer and gleam to it while leaving your eyes looking somewhat natural! When I want to create a more obvious 'I'm wearing eyeshadow' look, I'll incorporate Green Smoke by applying it to the outer edges of my eyes and blend it with Ricepaper for emphasis.  The other thing that I love about these eyeshadows is that they actually last all day. There are very few makeup products that I own that I can say have lasted all day but MAC eyeshadow is one that I can be confident will stay with me until I'm ready to be bare faced voluntarily at the end of a day. I've had some pretty horrific eyeshadows in the past that take on a whole new meaning to the term 'panda eyes'...Those days are thankfully over with kudos to MAC. Mac's eyeshadows are literally fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Don't let the higher than average price put you off, these eyeshadows are worth every penny - you need them for survival.

Click image to view MAC's eyeshadows.
£12.50 each


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