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What's On My Wish Lists / August

Wow, I still don't know where July went but I think it was a pretty good month. Let's see...the Royal baby, formally known as George Alexander Louis was born, making the nation go nutty (and rightly so, have you ever seen anything so cute?). Just for fun here's a picture of the little cheeky bundle of joy to make you audibly go 'aww'. Look, it's even got the royal wave mastered...

Photo taken from Google Images.

While historical events were being marked on the calendars of July, I was busy developing my August wish lists. Everywhere I go I see something I want - sadly you can't always get what you want but you can wish. So that's exactly what I'm doing here, wishing for what's on these lists in the hope that one day they will magically fall into my possession. Anyone have a Fairy Godmother I can borrow? No, okay then..

The seasons of Autumn and Winter are creeping into both our weather and our style. Whether you're sad your days of DIY spray tanning are coming to a close or happy that you can pull out your sweaters/jumpers and boots and stop worrying about your 'bikini bod image', there's no denying the fact that A/W is well and truly under way. While the high street sales try and get rid of all the summer clothes by pricing their clothes at the price they should be to start with, they're also stuffed to the brim with A/W clothes that have been catching my eye and my interest. With a new season comes new trends and my favourites this A/W are the 90's and Punk styles (as you can see from the overload of black above!). If I could have my way I would like to be able to walk into a shop and take its whole contents. This, however, would be against the law so I stop myself from committing the crime and stick my top favourite items onto this wish list...

1. River Island Black Mickey Mouse Varsity Sweater - The 90's are back! No one has the powers to reverse time other than fashion. The 90s was a great era and being a 90's child myself, I am super excited that it's being relived through style. This Mickey Mouse jumper gives you an injection of the 90's while being cute and fun with everyone's favourite Disney character, Mickey Mouse. 

2. Boohoo Zina Studded Block Heel - Oh my. These shoes literally leave me speechless (in a good way of course). I love them and want them for many reasons. Firstly who doesn't love a chunky block heel? Yes they may not be the comfiest shoes when compared to flats/trainers but they're certainly not uncomfortable when compared to a skyscraper stiletto. Secondly the studs add glamour while combining the A/W Punk trend with their rebellious exterior. Thirdly, well, I should stop there because this list will go on for a while. Basically, I love these shoes, want these shoes and worship these shoes - Amen. 

3. Topshop Argo Heavy Strap Boots - I have a major crush on these shoes. Yes a crush. These shoes represent the A/W punk grunge of this season and I love them dearly. They'd be great for casual wear and everyday wear and other than the price they are completely and utterly fantastic. 

4. Boohoo Georgina Giraffe Print Crop Cut Out Shirt - The title of this shirt makes me question who names these products - strange. Anyway, I think this shirt is super, super cute. Who doesn't like giraffes? They're like the models of the wilderness, long legs, long eyelashes, long, well everything. There's no denying that this shirt is perfect and versatile for both everyday casual wear and potential for dressing up for a party with a bold, statement necklace and sky high shoes. 

5. Zara High Collar Studio Top - This top has the potential for the catwalk and that's partly its charm.  It's the essence of the gothic and punk A/W vibes with some 90's leather added into the mix - J'adore!

Beauty wish lists are a little harder, in my experience, to put together. There's almost too much choice. The world of beauty is huge, as is the one of fashion, but I know less about beauty than I do fashion. Beauty is one of those industries where people will always 'need' things. Take makeup specifically, I personally would not be able to live without my makeup products. Why? Purely because of vanity reasons, I don't want my skin to look blemished, flushed etc, so I use makeup as my 'mask' if you were, to hide these imperfections. I, like many others I assume, am always on the look out for new, exciting products to hide my imperfections and insecurities. This makes condensing and constructing a Beauty wish list harder - there is so much choice! I did manage to condense my wish list this month to some 'essentials', products that I don't have or need replacing. Here are my top four; 

1. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - I don't actually own a scrub, despicable I know... I have been hunting for a scrub for a while and this one sounds delicious. Scrubs aren't suppose to be eaten, of all their uses consuming is not supposed to be one of them, but I wish that this one was edible...It has the word 'breakfast' in immediately making it sound like some sort of nutrition. I actually think Soap & Glory made it their goal to torture girls (or boys) of the world by not making this an edible product. Before you think I'm some sort of nutter, which I am according to many, I have smelt this delightful scrub and I can honestly tell you I think I may have drooled. It smells gorgeous. I've read fantastic reviews about it also, so naturally it deserves a spot on my wish list. I can't wait to get my hands on this one! 

2. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer - Countless bloggers/vloggers have raved about Rimmel London's Apocalips collection and I want to join in with the raving! My lipgloss is running low and I fancy replacing it with an Apocalips! I love all the colours in the collection so choosing will be tricky...Can I have them all please? 

3. Barry M Nail Art Pen - If you've read my DIY Nail Art post you'll know that I'm trying to be more adventurous when it comes to my nails. Having successfully managed to do some sort of a design on my nails and calling it 'Ice Cream Sundae', I'm finally ready (I think) to take the plunge and use a Nail Art Pen like this Barry M one. I've stuck it on my wish list for now and when I have a spot of money I'll be trying some more nail art - wish me luck! 

4. Sleek Divine 12 Piece Eyeshadow - I do not own anything Sleek which makes me quite sad. I know so many bloggers, vloggers and friends who swear by Sleek makeup and I am ashamed to say I have never tried any of it. The eyeshadows look really well pigmented and some even compare the pigmentation to the high-end brand, Nars. Well worth a try and I'm looking forward to when I finally make my first Sleek purchase!

So, there you have it, my August Wish Lists! Hopefully some genie in a lamp will come and grant me some of this months' wishes...


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