Thursday, 17 October 2013

Throwback Thursday / Why Do Stars Fall At Night...

It's Thursday which means one thing on our Twitter/Instagram feeds - Throwback Thursday. It's not often that I blog about my life, so I thought I would do just that in a 'Throwback Thursday' blog post. I will specifically blog about last weekend (so it's a recent throwback). I wanted to write this post not only because it's something a little bit different but because I want to widen your music taste (hopefully) in the process. On Saturday I went to see the wonderfully talented band, San Cisco. Now, most of you reading this will probably not have the slightest clue who they are. This fact saddens me terribly but by the end of this post you'll at least have slight knowledge of their existence. If you do know who they are, I want you to be my friend. To confess, I wasn't sure who San Cisco were until one of my closest friends asked me if I wanted to go see them play. It was then that I discovered them on YouTube and loved them ever since.
  On Saturday evening we travelled down to Bristol to see San Cisco play at Thekla venue. I have never before in my life, been to a venue that cool. The venue itself was on a boat in the Bristol dock. I hadn't been to Bristol before, well actually I'd been to Bristol zoo but that was a little different and a whole other story, but not knowing Bristol very well, I wasn't sure what the venue was going to be like. I certainly wasn't expecting it to be on a boat! I was automatically excited as we pulled up next to the boat where San Cisco would be playing. The actual space where the bands were playing was down a flight of stairs, this meant that we were underwater on the boat - it probably couldn't have got more awesome.
  The stage area was small and because it was a standing arrangement it meant that we were ridiculously close to the bands that were playing. The first act to play was Kitten and the Bear. To be honest, I felt ashamed that I didn't know of Kitten and the Bear until Saturday night. They're now one of my favourite bands. They're a low-key brother and sister duo with a crazily good musical talent. I've linked a video to one of their songs below because you should definitely give their stuff a listen. They're also better live which you can't say about a lot of bands/artists today!

Kitten and Bear performing one of their amazing, lullaby-ish songs.
After Kitten and Bear had sent me into a relaxing trance, the next support act came on - F.U.R.S. I also hadn't heard of F.U.R.S but these guys were equally good.

F.U.R.S performing their song 'Striptease'
However, the main reason we were all there was to see San Cisco and after a half hour break & wait after F.U.R.S had performed, they finally arrived on the stage (which, did I mention, was ridiculously close). It's always surreal meeting people you've seen on TV/YouTube, they go from being a digital, pixalised human to 3D and real. It was a really good night and they performed so many great songs. A lot of the pictures I took were blurry because I was dancing/shaking/jiggling around too much but here are some non-pictures I took of the performance..

Obviously it's a bit gutting when a concert you've really enjoyed comes to an end, but as they say, all great things come to an end..Or do they? After the concert, San Cisco went to the merchandise table and starting selling their own albums, signing them and greeting the fans that had come to see them. So, I also got a cheeky snap or two with band members Jordi and Scarlett and got my album signed by them!

Jordi (middle), one of my closest buds Alicia (left) and Me (right).
Meeting the lovely drummer, Scarlett! 

Since Saturday I have played this album more than twenty times (according to my iTunes), so to say it's good is an understatement. My personal favourite tracks are No Friends, Lyall, Beach and Fred Astaire, but they're all really good.

So there you have it - my throwback! What's your Throwback Thursday? Tweet me your snaps/throwbacks at @iblogthefashion.

PS: If you're confused about the title, you should probably watch this video...


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