Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick Or Treat

 So, I will make a slight confession by saying that the reason that I haven't blogged in a while is because I've been resting. Yep, doing absolutely nothing, sort of like Jesus on his seventh day of creating the universe, well that was me - chilling. While this seemed like a perfectly acceptable excuse for my absence, while I type it and form it into a sentence, I'm realising that it's not such a good excuse and portrays me as somewhat lazy and unproductive. I am ashamed, but I have since moved beyond my lazy lounging days to type this special blog post just for you. While I've been lounging and just overall being a complete slob I've discovered some truly wonderful things and it would only be rude not to share them with you, so without further ado - here they are!

1. Never underestimate the power of a bath - This makes me sound like I don't wash - don't worry I do shower daily, sometimes twice - if anything I wash perhaps too frequently. What I mean by this is you can't deny the power a bath has. For me, it's been showers for quite some time - they were my method of washing - quick and no messing around with waiting for the tub to fill up, the water is just there. Baths are a different matter. They're a little bit time consuming but they're a million times better than the knock-off showers. With more time on my hands I've had the luxury of soaking in the bath every so often. I'd forgotten how nice it was to just lie there in the bath and relax. I'm never again underestimating the power of a bath.

2. Spending hours watching TV is sometimes the best way to spend a day - Yes, I've done it, I've hit rock bottom but I don't even care. You can't honestly sit there and say that you've never spent an entire day being the dictionary definition of a 'coach potato', sitting and watching programmes for an entire day looking like a complete mess. Well, I've been there, done that and should really get the t-shirt for it and here are the programmes/films that I've been loving.

Awkward - High school situations that really are 'awkward'. This programme is funny and really entertaining.
New Girl - Katy Perry look-a-like Zooey Deschanel stars as 'new girl', Jess in this funny and random programme. I've only recently started watching New Girl and I love it already.
Toy Story Of Terror - I love Toy Story and if you don't you should close this blog right now. Toy Story of Terror is a short little film of how the toys end up in a scary little situation. I don't want to give away any of the plot, research it or even better watch it if you want to find out what happens. If you never left your childhood days behind you then you won't be disappointed.

3. Music that makes me dance - The music that I can't get enough of recently is;

Miley Cyrus Bangerz album - Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes, make a comment, pull a face - whatever buddy - this album is so good. My all time favourite tracks are Get It Right and Bangerz. Miley Cyrus has been thrust into magazines, newspapers and talked about on possibly every radio station around the country for her gobsmacking transformation but this music transformation is a positive one. I have no personal negative comments or attitudes towards Miley but even if you do, give her music a chance - it's fun and will definitely get your foot tapping at least.

Awolnation Sail - This song is so good and after hearing it on an advert I was desperate to find out what it was.

So, I've filled you in on my life happenings but seeing as it's Halloween today I thought that I'd do a blog post themed appropriately!
  I find Halloween a tiny bit stressful - there's so much to think about. If you're lucky enough to be going out partying or just want to do a spot of trick or treating around your ol' neighbourhood - you want to look good, more importantly vaguely scary. Halloween is always stressful because you want to find that 'perfect outfit' (is there ever such a thing?). However, it's not just the outfit that you have to take into account, you have the make-up to consider, the accessories and the nails. Well, I'd been experimenting on one of my 'lazy days' and came up with some possible Halloween nail inspo, I call it...erm..well it doesn't have a name so *insert something creative here and move on* - here they are!

This bloody mess of a design is super easy to create and if you're going as a vampire/blood-sucking specimen, I think it is particularly perfect. If you're not very good with faffing around with nail art pens, glitter, stencils, stickers or jewels count yourself lucky because all you need to achieve this look is a pot of white and red nail varnish, some nail varnish remover and some cotton buds and you're ready to go!

How to create the look.

1. Apply your base coat and wait to dry. (This step is optional I guess but advisable if you don't want stained nails. A base coat will prevent awkward nail stains that turn your nails yellow and make you look like you have some sort of nail disease/condition. I advise the base coat.)
2. Apply a layer of red nail varnish. The shade or intensity of red really depends on your preferance. The shade that I'm wearing here is Rimmel London Long Lasting Finish in Double Decker Red.
3. Once you've applied a coat or two of red, use a thick layer of white nail varnish and paint on top of the red completely. The white polish that I used was 17 Fast Finish in white. Ensure that the layer of white you apply is thick, if it's too thin then you won't get the above effect.
4. Once you've left the white layer to dry a little, take a cotton pad (not one of those fluffy, snowball kinds but the flat pads - you don't want bits of cotton wool to stick to your nails!) and pour on some nail varnish remover. Lightly swiping across the nail with the cotton pad, remove some of the top layer of white. This should reveal the red underneath and depending on how much you swipe the cotton pad, you can reveal as much or as little red as you want.
5. Leave to dry and you have your 'blood' themed nails!

If you've tried out the look tweet me your pics @iblogthefashion or send me a snap of your Halloween costume/makeup/nails - I'd love to see what you're all going as!

This year I decided to steer clear of being a Witch. I've been a Witch every Halloween and although being a Witch is great, it's also a little bit limiting. As a child I used to make my costume out of bin liners. Yes, bin bags. My witche's dress was merely a black bin bag covered in my illustrations stuck on with Sellotape - while this is eco-friendly, money saving and inventive, it might not be my ticket to winning any prizes for best costume any time soon. You'll be glad to know that my costume this year doesn't include any bin bags - I've decided to go as a doll.

Make-up I used to create this look:
Avon lipstick
Revlon Liquid Liner
Mac Rice Paper eyeshadow

So, that's my Halloween makeup - what's yours? Have an awesome night and have heaps of fun - Happy Halloween! 

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