Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Ideas with ASOS / Guys and Girls Special!

Not all Christmas jumpers have to have the cringe factor or be remotely embarrassing or ugly in any way. I've hunted down some of my favourite Christmas jumpers so you can feel festive in a jumper without wanting to cry because it's so hideous. I endorsed this post to ASOS because all my favourite jumpers were quite honestly all on this site - you can't get better! This post is also the very first post that I'm blogging for the guys reading my blog - there are a few of you out there and I thought I'd show you some love and T.L.C in the form of Christmas jumpers - aren't you lucky!

As always, ladies first…

1. Holiday Sweater In Snowflake Pattern With Collar / 2. Christmas Jumper With Sequin Stars /3.  Christmas Jumper with Pug / 4. Statement Jumper 5. Christmas Jumper with Snowmen

1. Christmas Jumper with Skiiers / 2. Solid Roll Neck Jumper / 3. Vacant Christmas Jumper / 4. Christmas Jumper 

In the spirit of Christmas, I've also been loving Leona Lewis's brand new Christmas Album - Christmas, with Love. I recommend you give it a good ol' listen!


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  1. i am loving christmas jumpers so much right now!these are such a cute selection!:)and Leona's album is so good!:)x


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