Monday, 9 December 2013

Clothes Show Live

Phew - it's been a long day! With a total of just over 4 hours of travelling and a few magazines later, it was time that I came straight to my laptop and blogged about yesterday's very exciting antics - Clothes Show Live. Yep, the four hours of travelling was in fact to the Clothes Show in Birmingham.
  I was lucky enough to be sent tickets for the Clothes Show by the ever so lovely GoodResults PR team. It was my first time at the Clothes Show and I really didn't know what to expect. I'd heard amazing things about the show, the stalls and the atmosphere and I was beyond excited to attend this year. I wasn't disappointed - the stalls were packed with merchandise and different exciting products, the atmosphere was bustling and the show was uh-maz-ing. Naturally, being a blogger, I took more than the average amount of photos and I'm not sorry. However, I did have to reduce the 200+ amount of photos for this blog post and pick the 'best of the bunch'. When I arrived at the Clothes Show I followed the crowd to a bus stop..this confused me a little, never have I had to catch a bus once I've arrived at a destination..once I realised that the bus was the only option other than to walk a long way (god forbid), I hopped on thankfully. The N.E.C was quite literally huge and so was the area surrounding it. The bus dropped me off and I ventured into the press office to collect my press pass (something new and exciting!)...

And then, it was show time..

  Seeing as 'a picture can paint a thousand words' etc, I might as well get on with it and introduce to you my little photo diary of Clothes Show…hope you like it :))

To start the show off with a bang, the gorgeous Union J graced the stage with their flawless presence. Ps: Is it just me or is Josh looking straight at the camera? Singing their new single the boys were so good and I was a bit gutted they only sang one song - definitely wish I'd caught them on tour! As you can see the show was spectacular. The effects, lighting and choreography were flawless (similarly so were the models - I particularly enjoyed the male you can tell from my photographical evidence..). The show itself showcased gorgeous clothes - from swimwear to evening glamour, it had a bit of everything for anyone. One thing that I wasn't expecting was the dance breaking up the strutting every so often but I loved it. It broke up the show in an entertaining and exciting way. From the music to what was showcased on the catwalk - the show was undoubtedly my favourite part.  It was amazing seeing the gorgeous Jade (and Times Red, Staz, who I met earlier this year at Clothes Show TV launch party), up on the catwalk as the face of the Clothes show!
  To sum up the live show it was absolutely amazing. I felt so lucky to have been able to attend the Clothes Show and I would recommend you definitely grabbing tickets if you're not already planning on taking a trip down to N.E.C this week!

Tomorrow I will be publishing a post on my Clothes Show shopping featuring my favourite stalls and photos including when I met the lovely Peter Andre!


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