Friday, 13 December 2013

It's Hard Out Here For A B***h

Lily Allen is back, and boy is she back. A few weeks ago Lily Allen published the music video for her brand new single 'Hard Out Here'. Instantly, as soon as I heard the track, I basically fell in love with it -why? It addresses basically what's wrong with society today for women in a lighthearted and fun way. Hence, this is why I'm writing this blog post. Not so long ago I wrote a blog post called 'A Memoir For Those Chocolate Biscuit days', you can read the post here if you haven't already but I basically addressed lightly the topic of weight. Today, girls are expected to look a certain why, and that certain way is the way that supermodels in our magazines look - teenie tiny waists, a flat stomach and a thigh gap. For most of us this image wouldn't be healthy to obtain and would involve elements of starvation to gain the 'perfect figure'. In Lily Allen's new song, 'Hard Out Here' she sings about women today and the opinions and expectations of society. I think some people can take Allen's new song a little wrongly and see it as disrespectful to women calling us 'b**ches' etc, but you've got to recognise her attempt to address an issue in a lighthearted and fun way. With lyrics like;

'If you're not a size six, then you're not good looking'
'You should probably lose some weight, 'cos we can't see your bones'
'If you can't detect the sarcasm, you're misunderstood'

Lily obviously doesn't mean any offence! If anything it's empowering and should give you a boost of confidence when you look in the mirror and don't see what you see in all the magazines! As I've already basically gone into a ramble about this subject in that blog post, I don't want to go into it in too much detail again and if you are interested on my views and opinions on the topic go ahead and check out last months' blog post.
However, this blog post is just a quick reminder of a) how utterly awesome Lilly Allen is and b) that women can stick together and it's ok to be different, similarly it's ok to be that size 6 if that's the way you're built!

Watch and listen to her new song here because I can't stop hitting repeat! :)


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