Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Review / A LUSH Christmas…

Firstly, a belated Merry Christmas to one and all! I haven't blogged in a couple of days and that was purely because I was in the full festive Christmassyness and all i have been doing for the past couple of days is eating, watching Christmas films and eating a little more. That's why the nation loves Christmas - it gives us a well deserved excuse to snack/pig out on the great things in life - mince pies, cake, crackers, yule logs, pudding (need I say more?). Before I reach for my kitchen cupboards once more and get side tracked I'll stop with the food listing (*stomach grumbled here*).
  While I'm well aware that Christmas was yesterday and all festivities should, in truth of the matter, come to a screeching halt - I'm unprepared to say goodbye to my festive spirit just yet. Christmas was in fact particularly pleasant yesterday. I was very fortunate and got spoilt rotten. I spent some time with family and feasted on many, many pigs in blankets and stuffing balls. I asked for lots of beauty and fashion related things this year, in fact, my whole Christmas list consisted of make-up, cosmetics and items of clothing. Luckily, 'Santa' came and he left many special presents for me to un-wrap on Christmas morning. There are so many things that I want to blog about all at once but I thought I'd start with the things that I've actually used and tried rather than just publish a post on a product that I haven't even had a chance to use and therefore can't review properly. Some of my gifts that I have been able to enjoy and use already are my LUSH products!
  Santa came in his almighty glory and slipped a few LUSH things into my stocking. Immediately I could smell the packages before I knew what was inside..obviously I was not disappointed when I unwrapped them to find my long awaited LUSH products. If you've not read my blog before you most probably won't be aware that I've been pining for some LUSH products for a very long time now..I've stuck their products on a few of my monthly Beauty wish lists but unfortunately I'd never got round to actually buying any of them. So, Santa did the job for me and got me a few bits and bobs himself - cheers buddy!

My Melting Snowman Christmas Bath Melt seemed to have experienced a tragic accident and lost his nose somewhere along the way from the North Pole..anyway, a noseless snowman but to be expected from a melting fella. This little Snowman is so cute and smelt so, so divine. However, my little sister took one sniff and turned her nose up at it - so apparently it's a love/hate scent. The scent is quite empowered with cinnamon and what's even better, spot the brown dots at the bottom and his eyes - they're made out of chocolate! When this melted in my bath it smelt really amazing and the chocolate was literally tempting me to lick the snowman..I didn't don't worry…The snowman is a bath melt so once it had melted in my bath its butters were released and were soaked up nicely into my skin, including cocoa butter and shea butter - this snowman really was a lovely companion in the ol' tub.

This cute little Christmas Penguin  is a bubble bar and once plopped and crumbled into the water produces bubbles and releases his essential oils! The penguin smells more on the soapy/fresh side rather than smelling of anything particularly Christmas-themed/specific but smells lovely all the same!

This Magic Wand is literally the most amazing thing I've ever encountered in relation to preparing a bath. Firstly, appearance wise this wand scored five stars before I'd even tried the actual product. I mean, look at it - a bell and a wand - what girl wouldn't feel like a complete Princess? Maybe my inner-child was too encouraged but this product scores five stars in all areas. This Magic Wand is a bubble bar, basically you swirl the top of the bar into the water and bubbles are produced! It truly is magical. The wand is based on the shower gel, Snow Fairy's scent. I have to say the scent isn't as strong as the Snow Fairy gel but is still quite sweet smelling. My wand produced a good amount of bubbles and you can obviously increase the amount produced by further swirling in the water!  I thought that the wand was really nourishing on my skin and after a bath soaked in the bubbles produced from the bar, my skin was silky smooth and felt hydrated and luscious! The best thing about this wand is that it's also re-usable, so although priced at £4.95/each, you're getting a decent amount of product because with one use the bar doesn't dissolve drastically!

Snow Fairy scent is known for its absolute love/hate smell, some of us find it divine, heavenly and sweetly sensational while others want to be sick in a bucket because it's far too sickly and sweet. I'm a Snow Fairy lover and a proud one. This shower gel is quite frankly L.U.S.H. Amen. The only downside would be its price, for a small 100g, £3.50 isn't a big stretch but when you bump up to the big ol' 500g you're looking at near to £15. Which, considering there is no animal testing and all the ingredients are natural, it really isn't that bad, but when you think that you can snatch a bottle of normal shower gel off a drugstore's shelf for about a £1, it makes parting with your money that little bit harder. Worth it though? I'd say yes.

Lastly, this vanilla beauty was the last LUSH product that Santa and his elves left me. This snowman  smells like vanilla and once left to chill in the bath for a bit (no pun intended but roll with it please), its natural amazing-ness is released and again, your skin is left feeling as soft as a baby's butt (apparently they're soft, like a baby's arm/head/any other limb..babies are in general very smooth, soft and cute..just like this snowman)..

There you have it - my LUSH surprises! Unfortunately these particular LUSH products are seasonal and only come around in the festive season, as a result they'll be vanishing off the shelves until next year..but if you're lucky you might just catch them before they do! Re-ignite that Christmas spirit, even if Christmas is over for another 365 days.


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