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Golden Globes 2014 - What They Wore..

It's the time of year again when the awards ceremonies take centre stage. Magazines, online articles, tumblr and social networking all want to talk about one thing - the awards. Last year they were talking about Miley Cyrus twerking with bears and a foam finger, or Jen Lawrence tripping up the stairs on the way to receive her award - this year it's a whole new ball game. At any event there is always an element of drama, some wardrobe malfunctions and a stream of comments on what the A-listers wore. Last year I dedicated a few separate posts to the awards, commenting on their outfits and what my love/hate outfits were on the red carpets. This year I thought I'd do something similar but put in my own twist - 'how to get the look'. Next to my favourite outfits from the awards I've put in some style tips on how you can gain a similar look to the A-lister and be as fashion-forward as her this upcoming season.

Starting with the Golden Globes awards in this post, because they came first on the calendar, here are my most favourite looks…

photo source
Emma Watson's Dior Couture gown is possibly one of my all time favourite, red carpet looks that has ever graced the carpet. Why do I love it so much? The elegance and the simplicity that is achieved with what is essentially a kind of casual outfit from behind, but a show-stopping gown from the front. Daring and quirky, Emma was the only A-lister to wear a pair of tailored trousers underneath her dress. Emma has slicked her hair back in a slouched, neat low bun - a hair trend that is definitely going to be big this upcoming Spring. Certainly an unexpected, unpredictable look and so, so gorgeous. Em Watson simply looks uh-maze. If you're not jealous - you should be.

Take a tip out of Emma's style and master the low bun for this coming S/S14. 

photo source
Kate Bekinsale wearing an amazing metallic crusted Zuhair Murad Couture dress. Firstly, this gown is something to admire. With its intricate detailing and perfectly fitting structure, it's no wonder that this dress is couture and with a couple of zeros at the end of its price tag. This dress nails the new metallic Spring/Summer look while also incorporating another of Spring's hottest trends - embellishment. Kate really knocks this look out of the park and with her minimal accessorising she hasn't gone overboard with the glitz and glam. Paired with a cute Edie Parker clutch, her simplistic accessory creates a perfect contrast to her busy and fun dress.

If you're going all out with the embellishment and metallic finish this S/S14 make sure you keep your accessories tamed and simple. Leave it to the clothes to do most of the talking! A head-to-toe embellished look will make you dazzle in a less flattering way - remember, less is more - take it from Kate! 

Olivia Wilde may be heavily pregnant but since when did maternity clothes become so stunning? Oh yeah, that's right, when you've got Gucci Premiere on your label tag. The baby bump wasn't stopping Olivia Wilde as she stepped out in this shimmering green number. I think this dress is gorgeous and does most of the talking, it's the centre of attention and rightly so. Accessorised with a metallic Emm Kuo clutch, Wilde has kept her accessories minimal yet effective.

Ombre hair is a definite look and although it stepped onto the scene a year or so ago, there's no getting rid of the trend anytime soon. If you're looking for a new style, maybe shake things up with an ombre dip die like Olivia Wilde? 

photo source
What's that? Why it's Lady Gaga and she actually fits in with the crowd this time! Don't get me wrong, I adore Gaga. I love her crazy and edgy ways - she constantly breaks fashion boundaries (who knew there even were any) but seeing her tame it down a bit in this stunning, custom made Perry Meck dress really does make me wonder if there's a girl-next-door side of her just dying to be set free? Although Gaga wasn't on the main carpet awards, arriving at Universal Golden Globe's after party, Lady G strutted her way looking super chic in this dress. Sporting the embellishment trend of S/S14 and going for a metallic finish, Gaga looks really elegant and well, normal!

Chic locks like Gaga's look effortless and classy. Go for structural tailoring to add an extra edge to your outfits this S/S14 and if you usually go for crazy, in-your-face kind of outfits, maybe try a new kind of look this year just like Lady Gaga? 

photo source 
Mila Cunis looked amazing in this Gucci Premiere backless dress. As you can see, I have a sort of obsession with the metallic and embellishment trend that's hit the catwalks and is soon to hit the high street collections of S/S 14. Mila's dress is like a waterfall of sparkly goodness. Elegant and show-stoppingly awesome.

Mila's famous for her big eyes but she definitely embraces them with the smokey eye look. Unless she's on a dog walk with her boyf, Ashton C, you won't catch Mila Cunis without her smokey eye. Steal Mila's smokey eye look and pair it with a S/S embellished statement piece. Keep jewellery far away from any heavy embellishment, if you really want to accessorise you need to do it Mila's way and use makeup as a way of making a secondary statement to your outfit! 

photo source
Although nothing will ever beat what she wore at last year's Golden Globes, Vanessa Hudgens continues to have a wardrobe that I would die for - this dress included. With a slight 'Great Gatsby' vibe, V-Hudgens looks beautiful and her nude number is simple and elegant. Letting that daring v-neck dip do the talking, Vanessa has played it safe by not drawing too much attention, with a statement necklace on top of such a risqué but stunning plunge neck. Some cute dangly earrings and a compact clutch is all Vanessa needed to top the look off while she wears Giorgio Armani at the Warner Bros after-party..oh and with a fabulous boyfriend as her escort.

Embellishment and heavy detailed pieces don't have to be that much of a statement this S/S14. If you want the look without going to OTT, keep the colours nude and simple just like Vanessa. 

And then there were the outfits I wasn't loving so much…

Firstly I'll start by saying that although I may not like some of these outfits, you sitting there, scrolling through this little ol' blog of mine might love them - that's great. We're all entitled to our own opinions so please don't shoot the messenger, this is my opinion and if you don't want to hear it please scroll on or teleport to another post!

photo source
I hate to do this because I really do love Jennifer Lawrence but Jen, what are you wearing? Well, I know you're wearing Dior Couture but this isn't one of their best looks! The amount of tumblr pictures mocking her outfit on the day of Golden Globes was unreal - my feed was a collection of images taking the mickey out of her dress. Although it's really not my favourite look, it's not as bad as some people made it out to be. Certainly not doing a lot for her figure, this dress loosely falls from her chest to the floor, clenched in at the waist and just below her thighs making Jen look bigger around the waist than in reality. However, on a more positive note - loving the new hair and her makeup is flawless. Just not sure about the extra belts around her dress that's all...

photo source
 Julianna Margulies wears Andrew Gn's statement gown. The reason I wasn't loving this dress is not because it isn't an amazing dress - it is. It just reminds me a bit too much of Christmas. I mean, is it just me or does the hem detailing look like a collection of bronze snowflakes? I also wasn't loving the head-to-toe black canvas of the dress, a little to harsh for me personally. Margulies also kept her jewellery a little too similar to her dress, her earrings are practically identical. Maybe a different coloured clutch would have added a burst of colour contrast and mixed things up a little? A head-to-toe black and a hint of gold number wasn't really doing it for me but Julianna won't stop looking gorgeous because of it!

photo source 
Zoe Saldana has for sure nailed the floral prints of S/S14 in this Prabal Gurung gown but I'm not loving the dress - sorry! Perfect for a catwalk look but I'm not sure this dress is too flattering. Beautifully crafted, you can't deny that the dress is a work of art, but to showcase yourself it probably wasn't the best gown Zoe could've chosen. I think a casual sleek, side-swept hair-do would've drawn less attention to Zoe's shoulders and given the look more dimension and structure. Perhaps a simple necklace might've even added an extra something. Although I'd usually sway away from accessorising an outfit that's so heavily embellished, the bare areas need a little extra something - simple jewellery would most definitely have filled the spot!

Think simple jewellery if your statement outfit is missing that extra something - the key is to not go too overboard but don't go without! 

Photo source  
I'm a little bit on the fence with Kaley Cuoco's outfit - I neither love, nor do I loathe it, it just doesn't really spark much of a reaction. Wearing a Rani Zakhem Couture, the gown itself is stunning. It nails one of the newer seasonal trend - florals and is elegant and has an edge of romanticism. Why do I therefore not love it? Maybe it's the lack of jewellery, which in this case would really add an extra something to Kaly's oufit. The colour palette on the dress is quite faded and washed out but with the simple addition of a statement necklace, I feel that the dress would really come to life and fill in the bare space around Kaley's neck. As a dress, you really can't fault it but personally I think a little bit of further accessorising in this case wouldn't go amiss!

If your outfit looks a little plain or you want to add more of a statement injection into your outfit ensure you have a few statement accessories at hand. Whether it is a statement necklace, a bold embellished clutch or a collection of midi-rings at your fingertips - add that extra something to give your outfit a wow-factor. 

Finally, the photos that made me smile…

photo source 
This photo literally make me Laugh-Out-Loud (no, I'm not going to use the abbreviated LOL - sorry but it's too cringe..). We all see celebrities looking painstakingly perfect on the red carpet but none of us actually gets a real glimpse of them being human beings. It's easy to forget that these A-Listers are real people but tweeting a pic of her munching on an oh-so-greasy burger, Emma Roberts put a smile on every girl's face. We all love a minor pig-out here and there - Emma Roberts isn't shy of broadcasting it to the whole world, so stop feeling guilty and enjoy that burger.

photo source
Wouldn't we all love a husband as perfect as Mr Channing Tatum one day? While we get a good hour or so of him on our tv screens as we watch Magic Mike, The Vow and every other movie that makes a girl's dreams come true, his wife, Jenna gets to look at him all day. This photo is the textbook definition of 'picture perfect'. Looking as cute as a button and jaw droppingly beautiful, this couple makes me die a little inside and puts a smile on my face every time.

There you have it, the fashion I was loving, the pictures that made me smile and the outfits I wasn't too keen on. What was your favourite look from this years Golden Globe Awards? Look out for my next post on the Grammy's - What They Wore! Until then - toodlepip!


Monday, 27 January 2014

ASOS Sale Favourites

It dawned on me when I was flicking through the latest February issue of Vogue that Spring/Summer trends of 2014 are fast approaching. With this in mind I’m currently putting together a 2014 Spring/Summer High street fashion guide to publish in a new blog post and my favourite Catwalk picks and looks this fast-approaching season. However, for the time being, on one of my usual internet browses, I came across some Spring/Summer relevant sale pieces that would be perfect for the new season and at a cheaper than usual price – defo a win-win situation. So here are my Spring/Summer 2014 ASOS Sale Favourites.

 1. Motel Savvy Crop Top With Cut Out Shoulder WAS £30 NOW £15This is the perfect casual top for any season, whether you're lounging around in your house or off to a formal dinner - you can dress this top up or down depending on the occasion. I love the cut-out feature of the top, it gives it elegance and is a perfect buy in preparation for the Spring/Summer fashion trends which are fast approaching! Some of the major Spring/Summer trends this year include rainbow colours (think colour blocking and Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat) full of elegance and flowing fabrics – this top ticks both of those boxes.

2. Lavish Alice Pencil Skirt With Uneven Hem WAS £32 NOW £22 -This Lavish Alice Pencil Skirt is one of Spring/Summer's most daring trends –think dynamic cuts and angles. This Alice Pencil Skirt may have one of the major A/W trends of 2013 - monochrome, but takes an easy transition into the Spring/Summer of 2014 by ticking that dynamic box which will be all the rage really soon. This skirt would be perfect for formal wear, paired with statement heels and jewellery, however, throw on a casual jumper and you’ve got a dressy/casual outfit for day-to-day wear.

3. Bellfield Denim Jacket With Tapestry Details WAS £45 NOW £27 -This denim jacket with Tapestry Details is the perfect addition to any Spring/Summer outfit. Floral patterns and Tapestry detailing are making another comeback this season and denim is going bigger than ever before. The once faux-pas denim-on-denim is now right up in there with the most hottest trends this S/S. I think this denim jacket would be perfect for casual wear and making any outfit instantly on trend with the combination of the two trends in just one piece of clothing. For £27, this jacket is quite the bargain!

 4. Reason Homies Vest WAS £30 NOW £21 - The Homies trend was huge last year and I’m not ready to say goodbye to it just yet. Although I never actually sported the trends muyself, I always wanted a piece of Homies clothing – cool and branded, usually what all good fashion items include. This Homies vest would be perfect for casual wear and for possible casual beach wear and sun lounging.

5. Cooper & Strollbrand Utility Cape WAS £200 NOW £85 If you wanted an amazing sale bargain then you need look no further than this Utility Cape. Originally priced at £200, this now £85 bargainous delight is the perfect lightweight coat for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. Checkered patterns will remain in our auras this Spring/Summer so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it on the colder days of our supposed Spring/Summer climates (UK relevant – I envy those of you who are currently reading this is blazing sun..).


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Style Guide / PRE Buy Your S/S14 Wardrobe In The High Street Sales!

As Spring/Summer 2014 nears, new items of clothing and wardrobe refreshing will be a necessity. Clothes, however, don't exactly come cheap - if anything, for those of us who are fashion -obsessed, buying clothes becomes almost our worst enemy. Clothes tempt us in and trick us into spending our money. What's even worse is that usually they're only wearable for about two seasons until it's time to re-update your wardrobe with new fashion items to suit the new stream of trends that come with a new season. However, buying clothes doesn't have to come at a big expense. I've been doing some research and have pieced together the top trends of S/S 14 and put together a collection of items from the high street sales that would be perfect for the new and upcoming season. You can get your Spring/ Summer wardrobe ahead of time and even better, at a lower than average cost. 
So, here are the new Spring/Summer trends summarised and pieced together so you can get buying now in preparation for the seasonal change. 

Please Note: By the time that this post has been published, unfortunately some of the items will have sold out, so I apologise if this is the case! 

Trends - I've selected a few of the S/S14 trends that can be found in the A/W13 high street sales. Some newer trends can't be found in the sales so they aren't included in this post, but the trends that can be found are all included below! 

The sporty trend is a massive one this S/S14. I've only included the popular over-sized team-style t-shirts which are all over the A/W13 sales. The sport trend includes velcro fastenings, bomber jackets, tracksuits, high-tops, running shorts and all popular sports wear! Don't be afraid to be daring with the sporty trend and even include embellished sporty pieces - push the boundaries. 

1. Urban Outfitters Oversized Dress WAS £90 NOW £50 - At £50 this dress is more pricey than most sale items but you'll definitely get a lot of wear out of this Oversized Dress. Numbered oversized tees and dresses are particularly on trend this season so this would be worth the investment. Pair this outfit with a pair of high tops and you've got a casual and easy outfit! 

2. Boohoo Olivia On 1 Printed Jumper WAS £12 NOW £8 - This monochrome sporty jumper is a perfect addition for any casual outfit. You're combining the monochrome trend and the sporty trend all in one jumper. For £8 it's the perfect bargain buy - you can't go wrong with this jumper. 

3. ASOS Hilfiger Denim 3/4 Sleeve Top SOLD OUT - Typically by the time that I had edited this post and started writing up about the sale items this Hilfiger Denim Sleeve Top had sold out. A top similar to this would be ideal for a casual and easy S/S outfit - throw over a denim jacket/ bomber jacket with tracksuit bottoms and high-tops - you have the essence of the sporty trend. 

4. Zara Sporty T-Shirt With Number WAS £30 NOW £12 -  This sporty t-shirt is another perfect casual piece for your S/S wardrobe. Throw it on and pair it with a pair of tailored shorts and heels to dress it up! 

5. ASOS Damage T-Shirt With Team Loser Print SOLD OUT -  This monochrome T-Shirt has a sporty edge without a typical focus on the number - a simple addition to your wardrobe.

The metallic trend has made a return this S/S14 - think chrome, silver and gold. Here I have picked some of my favourite A/W13 sale items which are relevant and ideal for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

1. Miss Selfridge Gold Shimmer Maxi Dress WAS £65 NOW £20 - This daring dress is a statement metallic piece that will be perfect for the new seasonal trend. This dress is a love/hate piece, take it or leave it but there's no denying that this dress is a piece that will serve you well this upcoming season. 

2. Urban Outfitters Vintage O&O Foil Blouse in Gold WAS £45 NOW £22 - This is one of my all time favourite pieces found in the A/W13 sale that will be an amazing addition to your S/S14 wardrobe. The metallic trend definitely lends itself to really bold and statement pieces, this foil blouse is an example of that. I think this foil blouse is literally the most amazing thing - I may sound pathetic being so passionate about a piece of clothing but this blouse would go with most S/S trends and you could pair it with almost any outfit to give it an edge. 

3. Kelly Brook black and Gold Aztec Jacquard Midi Dress NOW £14 - This dress is a formal outfit because of its well-tailored form - pair this dress with a simple heel and you're ready for an evening of style and fun! 

4. New Look Fashion Silver Oriental Floral Crop Top WAS £18 NOW £7 - This top is so season relevant - the metallic finish, the monochrome and the oriental print, piece together three key S/S trends and for £7 you can hardly go wrong! 

5. New Look Vila Cream Metallic Donetta Sleeveless Blouse WAS £30 NOW £17 - Although this hasn't got the typical metallic finish that the other pieces have, this Sleeveless Blouse would be perfect for a subtler hint of the metallic trend. If you want a piece that will ensure that you've got the metallic trend nailed without having to go too bold and brave, this blouse is the sale piece for you! You can pair this with casual wear or dress it up and make it a bigger statement with a statement pair of leggings or with the simple addition of jewellery. 

 6. New Look Misumi Black and Gold Boroque Print Leggings WAS £13 NOW £5 - These leggings won't be everyone's cup of tea that's for sure, however, if you want a versatile statement piece that you can wear casually, this is what you've been looking for! These leggings can be played down with the addition of a simple logo tee or paired with sporty high-top trainers. Alternatively, if you're looking for a pair that you can wear into the party hours, you can team them with a crop top and some statement heels and jewellery. Versatile, fun and mastering the metallic trend - these leggings are worth splashing that fiver on for sure! 

Patterns - Although some of the A/W patterns are being carried into the new season, some new and fresh patterns will be arriving in your wardrobe; nothing too crazy though, I promise. Here are some of the major patterns that will be floating around this S/S seasons.

A little note: Click on image to buy. You will be re-directed to iblogthefashion Polyvore page where all outfits and pieces can be bought  directly by clicking on the piece you want. 
Florals have made a seasonal comeback this S/S, with slight variations in patterns and style. These pieces will sort you out for each floral trend. My favourite floral trend for the upcoming Spring, is the floral patterns pasted on a midnight black colour block background - so I'm sorry if the items are a little biased towards this trend; I couldn't help myself..Also, I'm going to have to apologise because the items I have chosen are from Urban Outfitters and Topshop sales, which is also biased as these two of my favourite high streets stores - but hey, they're bargains and good quality pieces so who's really complaining?  Here are my favourite pieces from the high street sales.

1.  Urban Outfitters Reformed Floral Playsuit WAS £75 NOW £35 - Florals are looking even better now on a black canvas. Their bright, uplifting patterns are contrasted with the darker shades of midnight. The trend for black and flowers is really big this S/S, so this playsuit is a perfect addition for your new seasonal wardrobe.

2. Urban Outfitters Pins Needles Peekaboo Playsuit in Black WAS £60 NOW £20 - Although this piece is another playsuit, playsuits are ideal for the warmer(ish) upcoming Spring/Summer climate. This one piece can be worn as a top (as seen on the model) or as a playsuit - making the outfit versatile.

3. Topshop Tiny Flower Dungarees WAS £60 NOW £20 - I think these dungarees are really, really cute. They remind me of an outfit that I used to wear as a child, which, now that I'm many years older, should be off putting, but it's bringing back a bit of happy nostalgia and who doesn't love that? These full length dungarees will be a perfect piece for your wardrobe when the colder Spring days hit us - pair them with a fluffy pastel jumper and you've combined two seasonal trends - pastels and florals.

4. Topshop Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket £65 - So, although I sort of broke the rules here and put in a piece that isn't a sale item, I couldn't help myself. This Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket from the Topshop sale mixes three key trends this S/S 14 - monochrome, bomber jackets and midnight florals. This jacket will serve a great deal of purpose and get an immense amount of wear if you plan on being fashionably tuned in this year. The sporty influence of S/S is portrayed with the bomber jacket, monochrome is passed into the new seasonal trends and it has one of the major patterns of S/S - florals. Basically this jacket is the answer to all of your problems if you are looking for a statement piece for the new season. For a jacket that does all this, a mere £65 isn't all that expensive.

5. Topshop Spot Floral Tunic Dress WAS £45 NOW £20 - This floral tunic dress takes on the theme of romanticism which is popular in the upcoming seasons. Combined with the floral patterns, the flowing fabric will be a cool addition for your wardrobe in preparation for the hotter days of Spring and Summer. 

6. Topshop Dark Floral Flock Treggings WAS £28 NOW £15 - These leggings  combine the two trends; monochrome and 3d effect florals. These 'Treggings' are a definite statement piece and love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny they're cool and edgy. I love the leggings for nailing the S/S 3D floral effect - it makes them an even more bargainous buy.

Make sure your wardrobe also includes some pastel floral patterns. Although I haven't included any pastel options, brighten up your S/S wardrobe with the lighter colours of Spring to bring a more vibrant colour palette into the new seasons.

A little note: Click on image to buy. You will be re-directed to iblogthefashion Polyvore page where all outfits and pieces can be bought  directly by clicking on the piece you want. 

Although the checkered prints existed in our A/W wardrobes last year, they're progressing into Spring/Summer a little differently..Think less complex checkered patterns, leaving the 'laundry bag' look behind and bringing it back to the basics to just, quite simply - squares. Make sure you have an element of geometry in your S/S outfits - here are some ideas.

1. Topshop Oversized Check Shirt WAS £30 NOW £15 - Simple, casual and covered in squares - you have a trend covered in just a simple casual shirt. You might not even have to spend your money, lots of us have a checkered shirt lounging around in our wardrobes - whip it out and wear it!

2. Dorothy Perkins Black And White Check Dress NOW £17 - This dress is also an easy outfit because when it comes to dresses all you need to think about is what jewellery you're going to pair it with and whether you're going to dress it up or down with heels/flats. This dress is a perfect 'go-to' dress and would be ideal for if you're just popping here and there throughout the day. A comfortable yet smart addition to your new seasonal wardrobe at a discounted price - happy days.

3.  ASOS Midi Kilt Skirt in Plaid Check Print WAS £45 NOW £32 - Although this skirt lends itself more to the typical A/W13 checkered print, you could get away with it for the updated S/S14 checkered look.

4. Zara Checkered Coat WAS £145 NOW £61 - This coat looks super warm and snuggly and will keep you snug as Spring nears. For £61, this Zara coat is of an amazing quality and is a fantastic bargain. Snap it up while you can!

5. Dorothy Perkins Navy/Ivory Check Fluff Jumper WAS £29 NOW £15 - I see squares - need I say more?

6. Topshop Check Velvet Tee WAS £28 NOW £15 - Although this S/S 2014 we're waving goodbye to velvet and leaving it behind in 2013, this Check tee would just about pass for the newer square trend. There's just one rule - squares - I see squares, you're safe.

A little note: Click on image to buy. You will be re-directed to iblogthefashion Polyvore page where all outfits and pieces can be bought  directly by clicking on the piece you want. 

Monochrome is taking off in Spring. You may think that monochrome is a little bleak and bland for the brighter seasons of Spring and Summer but that's where you're wrong. Brighten up your outfits with the patterns you wear while sporting the monochrome trend. Here, I have selected my favourite monochrome and pattern combo that can be found in the current high street sales - take a look!

1. Urban Outfitters Cooperative Mono Tartan Bomber Jacket WAS £75 NOW £35 - This patterned Bomber Jacket pieces together numerous trends of the new seasonal time. You've got the sporty trend nailed with the Bomber Jacket - simply pair it with a pair of tailored tracksuit bottoms and high-tops and you have your outfit. The other trends it's nailed are the squared patterns AND the monochrome. This jacket may be worth the minor splurge at £35 but some things are totally worth it.

2. Dorothy Perkins Black and Ivory Art Deco Dress WAS £25 NOW £15 -  This monochrome geometric dress also nails two major trends - geometric patterns and monochrome. A simplistic but tailored dress that could lend itself to a more formal outfit or a casual/dressy day-to-day look.

3. Miss Selfridge Mono Floral Sweat WAS £30 NOW £15 - This busy floral sweat also has the floral element of Spring and Summer nailed as well as monochrome - it's a 2-in-1 investment for your money.

4. ASOS Mono Sequin Jacket WAS £65 NOW £31 - The best thing about the month of January has got to be the January sales. For those of us with the luxury of a few extra pennies lying around, a splurge on some sale items can well and truly pay off - especially in light of finding items like this Sequin Jacket. With a hint of embellishment, this monochrome Sequin Jacket is a perfect buy for your Spring/Summer wardrobe because it's so versatile. Dress this jacket up with the addition of a tailored pair of shorts/midi-skirt or alternatively dress it down with tailored tracksuit bottoms and high-top trainers. This jacket will fit in with almost any S/S14 trend making it the perfect addition to pretty much any outfit.

A little note: Click on image to buy. You will be re-directed to iblogthefashion Polyvore page where all outfits and pieces can be bought  directly by clicking on the piece you want. 

Matching patterns are taking off in a big way this upcoming season. Popular midriffs/bra-lets/ bra tops - whatever you want to call them, are going to be a key component to your S/S outfits, along with a matching bottom half. You can wear this trend in whatever style you want: either go lace, simple, grunge or playful and fun - the main thing is - wear the trend! There aren't a lot of these matching exposed midriffs scattered around in the sales that are relevant to the S/S trends, but I picked out my favourites and the seasonal relevant ones and collaged them here!

1. Topshop Eye Bralet WAS £34 NOW £10 & Topshop Green Ghoul Skirt NOW £10 - Although this has a halloween vibe to it, this matching bralet and skirt is on trend with its matching prints. Quirky and a pushing the boundaries a little, this matching piece will add an interesting contrast to the rest of your S/S wardrobe. 

2. ASOS Bra Top with Stud Embellishment WAS £55 NOW £33 - The saying the bigger the better applies with the S/S of embellishment. Dazzle and sparkle into the new seasons, even casual sporty pieces need a bit of embellishment. This Bra Top and available matching midi-skirt is a perfect outfit for the S/S season - a perfect party outfit! This is one of my favourite A/W sale items that will serve you well for S/S14.

3. Miss Selfridge Floral Texture Bra Top £7 - Although this isn't a sale item, it's as good as, with that price tag! Unfortunately this is now a sold out item so I'm sorry but look out for floral textured crop tops because you're combining two major trends - florals and crop tops!

4. Miss Selfridge Floral Jacquard Bra Top WAS £32 NOW £15 & Miss Selfridge Floral Jacquard Short WAS £34 NOW £20 - This outfit is a perfect addition to your S/S14 wardrobe. With a slight embellishment effect, due to the sheer texture and the floral patterns, this is the most S/S14 relevant outfit out of all of these outfits, because you're combining lots of the hottest trends of the upcoming season.

Not all Spring/Summer 14 trends have been included in this post. I will also be doing a Catwalk edit and another Style Guide for when all the official S/S 14 clothes are in the high street stores.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Blogger's Worst Nightmare..

The festive spirit within me is well and truly dead, RIP and see you in twelve months (maybe). Until then, however, I'm a little 'bah-humbug' on the whole subject - why? Simply because Christmas has made me well and truly 'skint'. Basically, I'm money-less and the mere £5 and few coins you see above is a visual presentation of my bank balance. Unfortunately, this means that my life from here onwards is a little bland and unexciting. Although I have very little money now, I will be earning some more in a short space of time. This, however, means very little because as part of my New Year's resolution I have vowed to save. There are a few reasons I'm saving, the first, because I have never succeeded in doing so ever in my life   and the second reason - I'm off to the USA in 10 months and am planning on bringing it all back with me in my suitcase on departure! Basically, I need money to go on a huge spree in California. I'm super-duper excited about the trip because I have wanted to go to America since the day I was popped out into the world - I love everything about it, the clothes and cheaper prices in particular!
  As a result of my saving mindset, I will therefore have a limited amount of 'what I bought' posts being published because, well if you haven't got the memo already, I'm not going to be spending a penny for quite some time. Christmas sent me into a massive spending mind-set which is ridiculously difficult to escape from. To avoid all temptations I'm also not going to be doing a January wish list this month because I will undoubtedly cave in and spend everything - the internet is a dangerous place ol' chums. So, what does this mean for I Blog The Fashion? Quite simply it means that I can get back into my old swing and blog about fashion again the way I used to - posting trend updates without actually having to show off what I've bought or write reviews on beauty products. Although I loved doing these posts, my main area of interest is fashion - I have been dying to post some more fashion focused posts for quite some time now and this gives me the perfect excuse to do so without feeling like I need to review my latest purchase! So far, I've managed to save my £5 - so a congratulations is in order and a pat on the back for me; if this were last year and I had £5 floating around in my purse, it would most definitely have been spent by now.
  I will still be publishing reviews and showing you all any new things I have received, however, whether it be through PR gifting / actual Christmas/birthday pressies - so fear not, I won't completely abandon the posts! On the plus side, in 10 months' time I'll be taking you all on my USA trip with me, posting pictures of my sightseeing, shopping hauls and living the Californian life!


Monday, 6 January 2014

Topshop Sale Favourites

Unfortunately, I am stuck in a 'save-or-die' situation so no luxury splurges are on the cards for me..However, that doesn't stop me browsing a little (or a lot). I've collaged together a few of my sale favourites from some of my favourite high street stores! (aaah, this post was not a good idea, I am seriously tempted…)

1. Mesh Panel Ponte Leggings £25 NOW £15 - These leggings will go down well with some of you but not so well with others - they're definitely a love/hate item. I love them because they're edgy and daring. They show a little bit of flesh, so be daring girls and snap up these bargainous pair of leggings!
2. AEON Neoprene Chelsea Boots £78 NOW £40 - Strangely, while browsing the depths of the Topshop website, without intentions of being practical, I somehow managed to find the perfect pair of boots for myself…which is super-duper if it wasn't for the fact that I have no money. So, while I wallow and cry myself to sleep that I won't actually be buying these shoes which have been enormously reduced, I would like to think some of you will buy them and give them an awesome home. They're simple but versatile with pretty much any Winter outfit and would even be perfect well into the Spring season.
3. Shorter Turn Up Beanie £10 NOW £3 - There's not a lot a human being can buy much for just a mere £3 which makes this green beanie an even better bargain. Beanies are all the rage at the moment, in fact, if you don't have one - why? They're an absolute must. I love the simplicity of this beanie, no slogans or logos plastered on the front but it's simple and versatile while keeping the cold out!
4. Smart Croc Crossbody Bag £28 NOW £14 - Simple, cute and small, this croc bag would add a touch of elegance to any Winter outfit. Grab the croc skin before we wave goodbye to it - who knows what Spring trends hold? Hold this bag by its handle for a dainty accessory or use it as a practical, sturdy bag to hold your everyday essentials.
5. Boston Puppy Boypants £4 NOW £2 - Aww, I love a little puppy - there's something ridiculously cute about a puppy on a pair of knickers..or maybe that's just me. Who can deny this little pups face? Not me, well I can because I've got no money, so no puppy boypants for me..even if they only cost £2.

There you have it - my Topshop sale favourites collaged in one blog post!


Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 / My Top Ten Favourite Bloggers

There's nothing I love more than filling up my spare time scrolling through someone else's blog. Before I started up my own blog I did my fair share of blog reading, however, since creating my own blog I read even more blogs than before. Reading blogs is like an addiction; I love everything about them from the photos to the actual post content itself. Not only is it just a leisure thing for me to read blogs but I also find it incredibly inspiring to keep up my own blog and continue my efforts. Of course, I read so many blogs I couldn't possibly stuff them all into one blog post - that's why I've selected my favourite fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs and put them all together into this post - they're definitely worth a read. 
PS: They're not in any particular order, just randomly placed on a list! 

Lily Pebbles - - from life tips to fashion and beauty picks (not an intentional rhyme), Lily’s blog is a regular stream of cool posts!

Lily Melrose - - Lily’s blog is full of her OOTD’s and I love it. OOTD’s are amazing because not only do you get a daily source of fashion, you can get so inspired by other blogger’s looks and outfits and gain ideas! Lily’s blog also covers beauty and lifestyle – what more could you want from a blog?

Makeup Savvy – – its title speaks the truth, this is one savvy makeup blog. One of my newer additions on my Blogroll but awesome all the same.

Hello October – – Ranging from outfit posts to lifestyle and beauty, Hello October is a refreshing and inspiring blog with awesome pictures (I really am a sucker for good pictures – they complete a post!).

In The Frow – – I started reading Victoria’s blog back in May, which seems like so long ago, when I was at the Style Blogger Awards and she won a Style Blogger Award - in fact I read nearly all the bloggers' blogs who were at the awards! I love her blog for the constant stream of posts – she posts as often as I wish I could! Her blog is an inspiration, filled with fashion pics and beauty products that are ‘must-haves’.

A Model Recommends – One of my all time favourite blogs is this one right here! I love the mixture of lifestyle thrown in with the main beauty content. When it comes to the world of beauty, bloggers' recommendations mean a lot – very few are actually paid for what to say when it comes to a review and A Model Recommends is a trustworthy source recommending only the best of the products out there.

Sparkly Vodka – – I’m in love with the beauty pictures in Sparkly Vodka’s posts. Sparkly Vodka is the kind of blog that I turn to when I’m in need of a few more beauty products but don’t know where to start!

Viva Tramp – – This blog is a little different from the other blogs on my blogroll but it’s one of those comfort reads? By that I mean I find it relaxing to just scroll through Bee’s blog and see what books she has been adoring. I’d like to think I’m tuned into my literary side being an English student and this blog is ever so helpful when it comes to finding new reads! 

Who What Wear – – This blog is one of my favourite fashion blogs of all time, it literally covers all aspects of fashion. Ranging from Celeb looks to bloggers' style, it is my morning fashion fix!

Fit Sugar  - - as part of my New Year’s Resolution being to eat ‘healthy’ and all that, I thought it was only right to throw in a fitness blog. This blog has everything I need from healthy snacks to tips on getting a better night’s sleep – perfect!)

Voila, there are my top 10 bloggers of 2013. Who knows what blogs I’ll discover this year? What were your favourite blogs of 2013?


Friday, 3 January 2014

1st Birthday, 2013 Reminiscing & New Year's Resolutions

photo taken from google images
At exactly a few minutes before the clock struck midnight on 31st December 2013, this little blog of mine turned one years of age. In some ways this is a little unbelievable, I can't quite believe how much has changed in one year. When I first started my blog back in 2012, I never thought that it would bring me so many opportunities and I wasn't even sure if I'd enjoy it that much. It's funny to think, looking back on last year's New Year's Eve that this blog was my New Year's Resolution - to start a fashion blog. Gradually my blog found its feet, I found my own style and found what I really loved writing about. Initially, I Blog The Fashion was going to be solely about fashion - trends/wish lists etc. But I realised, as much as I enjoyed writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle were also interests of mine and I equally enjoyed writing about them.
  On Christmas day, sitting around the table, my Nana presented me with a scroll. Yes, a scroll, tied with ribbon and everything. After I'd gone past the initial confusion of why I'd just been handed a mysterious scroll and actually unravelled it, my face grew a smile. My Nan had listed all my 2013 achievements - my blog being one of them and the awards and opportunities that I've been blessed to have been given through writing on this very site. There have been so many highlights of 2013; winning Company Magazine's award for Best Teen Fashion Blogger was probably one of the biggest highlights of my year, but meeting Peter Andre and getting invited to exclusive events as 'Press' has also been surreal and amazing. If I were to wrap 2013 up in a nutshell? It was one of the best years of my life. 2013 taught me that if you work hard at something and put your heart and soul into it - you can make something happen. Now, before I turn all cringey I thought I'd share with you some of my 2014 New Year's they go..

1. Eat healthy (no chocolate) - Hmmm, so I may have had a McDonald's on the first day of the New Year but so far chocolate hasn't been eaten! As part of the New Year I want to give my body a bit of a detox and cut out the unhealthy stuff. Although I did break my resolution on New Year's Day technically, I will allow myself to have some 'off-days' where treats will be allowed. This year I'm listening to my body and replacing the sweets and chocolates with fruity goodies….at least I hope..
2. Get more sleep - Going to bed well after midnight has become a strange and un-rewarding habit of mine, whether I'm scrolling through twitter feeds, talking to my friends or even blogging, sleep (a.k.a 'beauty sleep') really is needed this year - the racoon baggy eyes are not one of my best looks.
3. Be more punctual - There's a thing called being 'fashionably late', well, I push the boundaries on this saying. For those who know me, being punctual is not one of my greatest achievements, in fact, if I am 'on-time' for something, it's quite often a pure fluke/accidental coincidence. I am unforgivably late for things - college/meeting up with friends/events, whatever the occasion, I'll be late. Being punctual is my main 2014 goal - so far so good..let's just hope it stays that way.
4. Complain less - Yep, I'm guilty of a good ol' winge and moan now and then and quite frankly I'm irritating myself - it has to stop. Complain less, Holly, thanks.
5. Save money when I can - I'm a spender. Never in my life have a saved, never. 2014 might be the year to change that, we'll just have to wait and see..

So, what's in store for my blog this year? Honestly, who knows? When I started up my blog last New Year's Eve, I wouldn't have believed anyone if they'd told me what doors it's opened for me. So much happened within the space of a year, I couldn't possibly predict the future. All I know is that I'm sticking around for a while, you'll not be getting rid of me anytime soon…Welcome to another year of random ramblings - 2014, let's hope you're a good one.

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