Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Blogger's Worst Nightmare..

The festive spirit within me is well and truly dead, RIP and see you in twelve months (maybe). Until then, however, I'm a little 'bah-humbug' on the whole subject - why? Simply because Christmas has made me well and truly 'skint'. Basically, I'm money-less and the mere £5 and few coins you see above is a visual presentation of my bank balance. Unfortunately, this means that my life from here onwards is a little bland and unexciting. Although I have very little money now, I will be earning some more in a short space of time. This, however, means very little because as part of my New Year's resolution I have vowed to save. There are a few reasons I'm saving, the first, because I have never succeeded in doing so ever in my life   and the second reason - I'm off to the USA in 10 months and am planning on bringing it all back with me in my suitcase on departure! Basically, I need money to go on a huge spree in California. I'm super-duper excited about the trip because I have wanted to go to America since the day I was popped out into the world - I love everything about it, the clothes and cheaper prices in particular!
  As a result of my saving mindset, I will therefore have a limited amount of 'what I bought' posts being published because, well if you haven't got the memo already, I'm not going to be spending a penny for quite some time. Christmas sent me into a massive spending mind-set which is ridiculously difficult to escape from. To avoid all temptations I'm also not going to be doing a January wish list this month because I will undoubtedly cave in and spend everything - the internet is a dangerous place ol' chums. So, what does this mean for I Blog The Fashion? Quite simply it means that I can get back into my old swing and blog about fashion again the way I used to - posting trend updates without actually having to show off what I've bought or write reviews on beauty products. Although I loved doing these posts, my main area of interest is fashion - I have been dying to post some more fashion focused posts for quite some time now and this gives me the perfect excuse to do so without feeling like I need to review my latest purchase! So far, I've managed to save my £5 - so a congratulations is in order and a pat on the back for me; if this were last year and I had £5 floating around in my purse, it would most definitely have been spent by now.
  I will still be publishing reviews and showing you all any new things I have received, however, whether it be through PR gifting / actual Christmas/birthday pressies - so fear not, I won't completely abandon the posts! On the plus side, in 10 months' time I'll be taking you all on my USA trip with me, posting pictures of my sightseeing, shopping hauls and living the Californian life!


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