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Review / My MAC 15 Pan Pro Palette & Swatches

It's been a little while since I've done a beauty review and it's safe to say that I've missed this a little bit. I was going through my older posts recently and I've been scrolling through and seen what you guys have been loving. I was pleasantly surprised with my findings! Although I primarily set up this blog to talk about fashion, hence the title, 'I Blog The Fashion', beauty also crept into my blogs' content. Of course, I didn't go completely off topic talking about beauty because beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand. The more beauty reviews I did the more I got into beauty and actually, it was pretty fun talking about my latest purchases. As a fan of many other blogs myself and a devoted blog reader, I go to blogs for my first source of reviews. Blogs are amazing resources for honest, real opinions on products - they're focused on their subject and often written by beauty experts. Although I'm no beauty expert it seems that you all like my beauty reviews more than I expected. In fact, my most popular post to date is my beauty review that I did on Max Factor's Whipped Creme Foundation - I don't think this review has left my 'Most Popular Posts' page for a few months since I've written it. It's because of this that I sat down and thought to myself, maybe I should do some more beauty reviews amongst my fashion content? So, that's exactly what I'm doing now.
  I've been meaning to write this post for a few months now because my Mac 15 Pan Pro Palette has been one of the most major beauty purchases that I've ever made to date. It's one of the biggest beauty products that I've purchased to date for several reasons. Firstly, it was the most expensive beauty decision that I think I've ever made. The palette and the eyeshadows came to a grand total of nearly £200 - not a cheap decision! Thankfully Christmas was approaching at the time and ol' Papa Noel decided to gift this fantastic present to me - it was safe to say that I was very spoiled! Secondly, this MAC palette has actually changed my life because I am constantly using this palette, quite frankly I don't know how I ever lived without it. If you're a little confused with the title or how MAC palettes work, I'll explain.. You can treat MAC palettes a little like you'd treat a Pic N' Mix. Picture this, just as you have an array of delightful sweets to choose from to fill your Pic N' Mix bag with, in the same way you can choose specific MAC eyeshadows to fill your palette with - it's simply delightful!
Each individual eyeshadow is priced at £12.00. However, when you buy the palette (the blank palette with empty holes (inserts) to place your eyeshadow in) it is a separate cost - view the prices here.  To simplify you need to buy the palette, the inserts and then the eyeshadows at 3 separate costs. BUT, there's one advantage if you buy the palette and inserts - it knocks £2.00 off the eyeshadow prices making them £10.00 not £12.00 each - cutting the cost!

While the decision is hard and you have to be quite specific because you'll want every eyeshadow, once you've made your choices the result is truly fantastic - your own customised eyeshadow palette. Unlike drugstore brands that come with ready-made eyeshadow palettes, sometimes including shades you'd never be seen dead in, your MAC palette will be customised to your wants and needs. I wanted my palette to be wearable day-to-day and for that reason I didn't actually choose any bright or wild colours because I wanted a palette full of mainly neutral shades. The shades I chose are; Crystal Avalanche, Phloof!, Vanilla, Brule, Nylon, Retrospeck, Tempting, Kid, Soba, Wedge, Cork, Mulch, Sumptous Olive, Electra and Black Tied. So that you can get a better sense of what each shade is like I did swatches of the colours below.

Crystal Avalanche - I love this shade because it's an amazing highlighter as well as eyeshadow. Crystal Avalanche is probably one of the most wearable shades in my whole palette and I wear it everyday. I mainly use it in the corners of my eyes because it's an amazing highlighter and outlines your eye shape amazingly with just a subtle blending of it at the inner corners of your eye. It's got a sheer and shimmering quality but does not in any way have a glittering effect.

Phloof! - Phloof! is also slightly sheer. It has a gleaming quality but is also totally wearable day-to-day. It's the perfect neutral and I'll wear it on days when I don't want to wear much makeup because it has such a natural quality to it once it's applied.

Vanilla - I use the Vanilla shade practically every single day paired with Crystal Avalanche in the corners. Vanilla is perfect for making your eyes look more alive. It's a matte finish and has no shimmer or gleam and you can build it up to develop the pigmentation. The nature of the eyeshadow is quite strongly pigmented but can be reduced by blending.

Retrospeck - Retrospeck is another one of my favourite shades from my MAC palette and I use it without fail if I'm after a subtle but striking smokey eye. I pair Retrospeck with Tempting, Crystal Avalanche and Phloof! for my brown smokey eye. I use Retrospeck as my colour blender and base for applying Tempting around it and blend it to create my smokey eye look. The eyeshadow has a shimmering quality. It can be used to create a natural look or a slightly more made-up but natural look by pairing it with the Nylon shade and a cat-flick.

Nylon - Nylon is also a really great highlighter but I mainly use it as a base shadow, covering my whole lid with it before developing my look with other shadows applied on top. It's quite an earthy shade but relatively neutral with subtle pigmentation.

Brule - Brule is a super natural colour and for my neutral themed palette it was one of the first colours that I chose. In the swatch above I developed the colour a bit by applying more layers of it so that you could see the colour. In actual fact the colour is far more subtle and is a light, faded 'creamy' colour. I find Brule another perfect shade for when I want a look that makes my eyes appear relatively naked.

Tempting - Tempting is my all-time go-to shade when I want a brown smokey eye. Its rich, golden-bronze shimmering shade is perfect for any night-out look.

Kid - A super neutral-brown matte shade with zero shimmer and glitter which makes it another perfect shade for when I want a subtle splash of colour for my natural day-to-day look.

Soba - Soba is relatively matte but does have a slight shimmer. It's highly pigmented and is quite a bold, striking earthy tone. I would say that Soba is more of a night time shade but could be used for a more 'made-up' day-to-day look.

Wedge - Wedge is a completely matte shade and is great for adding a splash of subtle brown & earthy colouring to a more neutral look.

Cork - A bronze/brown shade that is relatively matte with a very slight sheer finish.

Mulch - Mulch is is rich, shimmering brown with a bronze quality running through it. I love Mulch for another smokey eye look because it's a perfect statement shade.

Sumptuous Olive - Sumptuous Olive is one my favourite shades because it gives you an alternative shade to the traditional golds/bronze. This shade does have an 'olive' quality with a slight green pigmentation amongst the main gold, shimmering bronze base. This shade is perfect for a vibrant, gold, classy look.

Electra - I absolutely love Electra. When I was developing my palette I was on the hunt for a silver shade. However, I didn't want a dull, matte silver because it can end up looking a bit bland and dead. My prayers were answered when I came across Electra. Electra, although silver, has a pretty metallic, sheer blue quality to its finish.

Black Tied - A palette wouldn't be complete if you didn't have a midnight black in there somewhere. I rarely use Black Tied because it's definitely a shade suited to night-time wear but when I do brave a bold, smokey eye look, Black Tied is perfect. It's highly pigmented and is a striking, glittering black giving it dimension and doesn't look like someone's given you a black eye unlike some matte, black eyeshadows out there!

So there you have it - my MAC palette and swatches! I think my favourite shades are definitely Crystal Avalanche, Retrospeck, Tempting and Vanilla - I use these in my day-to-day make-up routine so primarily they are the ones I love the most. My MAC palette has been the best beauty investment I've ever made and I cannot wait to eventually build up another palette full of a different array of MAC eyeshadows.


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