Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review / Rita Ora for Rimmel London

Rita Ora released her own collection for Rimmel earlier this month and it's not until now that I've managed to get out to the shops and have a peek at this collection. Rita's makeup for Rimmel includes a collection of fun nail varnishes and colour balms. Seeing as I already own an insane amount of nail varnishes, I decided to refrain from adding to my collection by buying some of Rita's shades and stuck to the Colour Balms - which, by the way, I love. Rita's collection seems to have been very, very popular based on my primary evidence - my local Boots was practically robbed of its Ora stock. However, all of Rita's nail polishes were in stock which was both torturing and typical seeing as I was mostly interested in her range of Colour Balms. It would've been rude not to have had a proper browse through the polishes, so after thorough inspection my favourite shades were 'Pillow Talk' and 'Lose Your Lingerie'.
  When I managed to find a few Colour Balms from Rita's collection dotted around, I could only get my paws on two of her colours, 'I Want Candy' and 'Make Me Blush', the other three shades weren't in stock. I wasn't disappointed with the two shades that I could find though - they're the perfect addition for a brighter Spring look! I've worn the balms continuously since purchasing them. They're deliciously vanilla scented and although the two shades are quite similar, they're great for different look.  'I Want Candy' is the brighter shade of the two and is more of a colour pop than the subtler 'Make Me Blush'. Both Colour Balms are highly pigmented and the colour lasts for literally hours. An example of its long lasting quality is when I took a shower with the balm still on accidentally and came out with traces still left on my lips after a full face wash. I can't wait to try more of the Colour Balms both in Rita's collection and the other Rimmel colours also. I give Rita's collection a massive thumbs up and am sure I'll cave and eventually end up buying some of her nail shades as this space.

You can buy Rita's Rimmel Nail Polishes for £3.49 from Boots here
Colour Balms for £5.99 here

What are your favourite products from Rita Ora's Rimmel collection?


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