Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kylie Jenner Hairspiration

Most people love the Kardashians. As the seasons keep popping up on my TV screen I have certainly grown to love them. In particular the fandom of the Jenner clan has for sure expanded rapidly. We've seen Kendall Jenner causing a stir with her alleged romance with everyone's favourite teenager - Harry Styles, her raised High Fashion profile walking on some major catwalks for major fashion shows and constantly posting some enviable instagram snaps. And, not forgetting Kylie Jenner - fashion-forward, stunning and the envy of most teenage girls - especially her hair.
   Although Kylie has cut her long hair off, her new cut is cooler than ever before. However, I looked at Kylie's hair over the past few years and came up with an idea for a blog post - Kylie Jenner Hair Inspiration. Kylie's hair has always been amazing - before she got the chop it was long and luscious and, unlike some of her sisters', it was completely natural. Here are some hairspiration ideas that I've gathered together if you're thinking of changing your hair up, or you just want a cool new style and to try something new. If you want to be Kylie, this might be a step in the right direction - stealing her hair!

Starting with Kylie's hair in its longer days, I found some styles like this which are fun, cool and super easy to do. A little Miley Cyrus inspired, Kylie's two up-do buns are so cute and look a little 'Minnie Mouse-esque'. I definitely want to try this style, it's slightly daring and bold because it's not your average hairstyle but you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons - hair envy! 

A simple beach wave is a must as the Summer months are fast approaching. Kylie's hair is effortless and natural - easy style and it looks good!

A ponytail - you can't go wrong with a ponytail. Probably one the quickest and easiest styles out there, tip your head upside down, gather your hair and tie it in a hairband for Kylie's super high pony, then pull the front sections of your hair outwards for even more volume. 

If you're a little bit lazy and can't be bothered to spend a couple of minutes on your hair to change up the style, then this is definitely the hairspiration that you need. Accessories are truly wonderful creations, not only do they make an outfit ten times more edgy and add that little extra something to your look, they can also save you effort in many ways. For example, adding a Summery flower hairband to your hair like Kylie can completely transform your look and your hair. It takes seconds to put on and will hold down any fly-away hairs for those bad hair days! 

Another ponytail inspiration from Kylie, this time a little less messy and sleeked back into a precise but casual pony - I love! 

Sectioning specific areas of your hair like this and applying a style is quicker than applying the style to your whole head of hair and also looks really edgy. Kylie has sectioned off the side of her hair and tightly braided it for effect. Seen on other fashion-forward and stylish celebs like Cara Delevigne, this style may look tricky but is actually pretty simple. Get small strands of hair in three sections and start your braid/plait as normal - bearing in mind that you have to tug a little harder on your hair to make the plait tighter and smaller like Kylie's. I love this style and hopefully will try it out myself sometime, I think it's a really effective and edgy look which is pretty straightforward and gives your hair a different dimension! 

Another example of how accessories can transform and make your outfit. Adding a hat like this will flatten any fly-aways, hide a bad hair day and add to any outfit, while keeping those sun rays out of your eyes this Summer - it's a win-win situation so grab yours now! 

Posing with big sis Kendall, Kylie sports a sleeked back, medium ponytail like Kendall. I think this look is really cool and is definitely different from the standard ponytail, especially with the addition of the bandana. 

Aaah, this is why we all love Kylie - she's just like us (well at least we'd like to think). Having fun, smiling and relaxed in her bikini and tee, Kylie's wears a casual, up-do bun. This is probably one of my personal favourite hairstyles because it's so easy and quick to just throw your hair up, scrunch it up a little and you have a hairstyle! 

Moving onto Kylie's most recent hairstyles, you could add a stripe of colour into your hair like Kylie. Adding colour block to your hair can make it edgier - do you fancy being daring? 

I think this style is super cute and is perfect for any of you who have short locks like Kylie. These mini french braids are adorable and you won't have to worry about your hair looking good because they'll stay in place - that's the advantage of the French plait! The only downside is you may need a little assistance because they're slightly tricky to do yourself but practise makes perfect!

Kylie is cool - Amen. This is her classic new hairstyle - a slight ombre, dip-dye effect on the ends of her sharp and edgy shorter locks. 

Another up-do but this time with her shorter hair. A micro bun like Kylie's is cute and easily done - just scrape your hair back and tie it up - simple! 

What's your favourite style? Did you like Kylie's hair long or short? I personally cannot decide which I prefer - they're both uh-maze. Have a lovely, lazy Sunday (if you can and aren't like me revising - gross!)...


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