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Get The Look: Re-creating Maleficent's Gothic Makeup Look

All the 'baddies' and Villains in fairytales must have an element of a 'dark side', whether it's literal or in their personality - otherwise, what would make them the bad guys? The villain 'Maleficent' in the original Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' is an example of a villain who has both the menacing streak and the darker, Gothic undertone to her beauty. Angelina Jolie, playing Maleficent in the upcoming movie  'Maleficent', has stunning makeup throughout the movie, showing the darker sides of beauty. Maleficent's makeup contrasts Aurora's light, fairytale look with its more Gothic approach and light and dark contrast. Obviously, as cool as Maleficent is, the overall look wouldn't really go down as being socially acceptable if you were prancing around wearing Maleficent antlers, an elaborate black and Gothic outfit and a magical walking stick. So to compromise, I've put together a collage of High Street makeup that will help you to achieve a Maleficent inspired beauty look, as seen similarly above on the amazing - Angelina Jolie. 

1. Burt's Bees Lip Gloss Summer Twilight £8.99  - For a more natural day-to-day red lip, these Burt's Bees Lip Glosses would be perfect. Maleficent's day-to-day makeup is striking and bold - she never has a casual day, but being realistic, who can pull off a bold red lip in their tracksuit bottom days? This Summer Twilight shade will give you just enough of a colour burst, leaving your lips with a subtler statement but bolder than average look. 

2. Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator £21 - This Liquid Illuminator from Clinque will give your skin a similar finish to Maleficent's defined look. Maleficent's makeup is created by heavy contouring and highlighting, giving Angelina the highly-intensived cheekbone area which is typical of Maleficent's appearance. To highlight areas like this effectively, an Illuminator like this will be sure to define and emphasise the areas that you want by applying it and blending it with your makeup. 

3.  Benefit They're Real! Mascara £19.50  - Announced as the best mascara last year, Benefit's They're Real! mascara still remains a popular purchase for the masses. Countless bloggers and beauty experts have labelled it their all-time favourite mascara and that's for a reason. This mascara gives your lashes volume and length, giving them an overall appearance of false-eyelashes. For those of you who may not have had the 'delight' (note the sarcasm) of trying false eyelashes, let me just point out that they're probably the most hassling thing to do in your life. Dealing with glue and trying to avoid sticking the eyelashes in the wrong place (i.e. your eyeball) is a stress that every girl could do without - making this mascara an investible purchase! 

4. Essie Nail Polish Allure £7.99  - Although Maleficent's look is primarily Gothic and dark, there are lighter contrasting areas - her nails being one of them. Kept mainly neutral and light, Maleficent inspired, I picked out this Essie nail polish in shade, 'Allure'. This shade is perfect for a lighter and more neutral nail. I love all the Essie polishes, they're long-lasting and well pigmented!  

5. Dior Diorshow Mono Trianon Edition Wet & Dry Backstage Eyeshadow 170 £24 - This purple shade is typical of the traditional Maleficent look. Inspired by the original Maleficent and her heavily purple shadowed lids, I added this gorgeous Diorshow Mono Trianon Edition. You can wet this shadow to give it a richer gleam or keep it dry and matte. However you use the shadow you will achieve a perfect 'Maleficent' shadowed effect around your eyes. 

6. MAC Brow Set £13 - Defined brows are something that Aurora and Maleficent have in common. This MAC Brow Set would be perfect for keeping those stray hairs at bay. Sculpt the brows into shape and ensure you keep them defined and sharp just like Maleficent. 

7. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder, Soft Honey £25 - Strikingly pale with dramatic contrasts, Maleficent's makeup is all about the paler tones contrasting with the Gothic tones. Bobbi Brown's Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Soft Honey will help make your skin more alive by adding a subtle splash of colour to the intensely pale palette. 

8. Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Eyes Palette Violet Magnetique £37 - Whether you want to achieve the traditional, 'Sleeping Beauty' Maleficent look or the more earthy-toned smokey eye like Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, this Eye Palette in Violet will help you achieve a range of looks. A palette perfect for blending and creating a smokey look, this has a great collection of colours. 

9. Illamasque Lipstick Matt Maneater £18.50 - This Illamasque lipstick in shade Maneater is the perfect bold statement to achieve those famous Maleficent lips. A highly pigmented colour, Illamasque is known for its bold and bright shades - this lipstick is no different. 

10. Sleek Dragon Fruit Eau La La Pencil £4.99 - This eye pencil in Dragon Fruit Eau La La is the ultimate liner for completing your smokey eye look, giving it the perfect finish. 

11. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder £19.50 - A pale toned finishing powder like this Urban Decay Mattifying Powder will give you a similar Maleficent finish, encasing all that makeup! 

Using these products or similar products will help you to re-create a Maleficent inspired look - achieving a Gothic finish. 

Outfit Ideas: How To Channel Fairytale Chic

Aurora may be a Disney Princess but she could easily be your girl-next-door shopping on our high street! The season of Spring and Summer arrived a few months ago which meant that our seasonal wardrobes made a transition as well as the weather itself. We said goodbye to our duller colours and greeted the brighter shades and tones of a sunnier season in our skies and in our clothes rails! In contrast to the menacing and Gothic inspired Maleficent, Aurora's style contains an element of romanticism and is very fairytale-esque. Inspired by her style, I've collaged together some possible outfits for both Aurora and you!

Look 1 

 Don't you just love Summer? No school, hanging out with friends all day and a smile plastered on your face 24/7... if that isn't exciting enough, the clothes might just make your heart flutter like those butterflies prancing around the sky. I love this outfit and inspired by the Pink themes of Aurora, I styled together a pastel colour outfit. Although the Backpack might just stretch a few of our budgets (including mine) the purchase would be totally worth it. I love the Backpack because it's made edgy with its patent texture. Accessorise lightly with some statement sunglasses like these and you'll not only be giving your outfit an extra something, but you'll be keeping those pretty peepers of yours well and truly protected from those dazzling sun rays!

Miss Selfrdige Petites Floral Frill Cami £20 

Urban Outfitters Harper Ave Takashi Patent Leather Backpack £125
River Island High Waisted Denim Shorts £30 
Topshop Singer Chunky Platforms £55 
ASOS Retro Sunglasses in Ombre £10 

Look 2 

If pretty and pink isn't totally up your street, you can still keep it fairytale-esque with the subtle addition of the popular Spring trend - florals. Florals will give your outfit that romantic-edge without having to go head-to-toe dressed in pretty pastels and pinks. The River Island Floral Print Trousers give your outfit an injection of a darker colour while still keeping it relatively 'girly' with the floral patterning. The Black Peep Toe Sandals and Peggy Shoulder Bag also introduce some monochrome to darken up your outfit even more. However, still inspired by Aurora, the outfit must at least contain a little injection of pink - this Fringe Hem T-Shirt adds a subtle tone of pink keeping the outfit feminine. Introducing further elements of romanticism, accessorise with this pretty Flower Garland Hairband - perfect for the upcoming festival weather!

Miss Selfridge White Flower Garland Hairband £10 
Zara Fringe Hem T-Shirt £25.99 
River Island Navy Floral Print High Waisted Trousers £30 
River Island Black Peep Toe Platform Sandals £55 
New Look Peggy Shoulder Bag with Quilted Chain Strap £12.99 

Look 3 

Using the same trousers as in Look 2, fashion is all about adapting and making pieces work with different outfits - I'm pretty sure even Aurora had a budget like all of us! This look is an example of how a piece of statement clothing can be adapted to create a completely different look. If you want to opt for a more subtle undertone of the fairytale inspired look then this is the outfit for you. The Cateye Sunglasses are statement and bold and along with the Floral Trousers, your outfit will be complete, with edgy pieces that will turn everyone's heads for all the right reasons! Adding lace to your outfit will add instant elegance - and this Crochet Babydoll Suntop adds just the right amount of elegance! Make an entrance like Princess Aurora, classy and sophisticated with just a touch of Urban-chic, with this Leather Drawstring Backpack - who said fashion can't be practical? 

Look 4

Traditionally Aurora would wear dresses, so to honour her traditional style I've updated those frocks for a 21st Century Playsuit - after all, they're way more practical and a safe bet in sudden gusts of forest winds. I love this Floral Trim Playsuit, it's bright and colourful and very classy with the addition of the Purple Toe Cap Pointed Court Shoes. Keeping accessories to the bare minimum (not to make the outfit overly fussy as it's already heavily detailed with patterning), this White Winged Bag is a simple accessory but a gorgeous one at that - plain and simple!

Look 5 

One of Aurora's other favourite colours to wear is blue. This can be seen in Elle Fanning's representation of Aurora in brand new film, Maleficent and in the original animated Disney movie - Sleeping Beauty. So, if you want to avoid pink - why not try blue? This outfit is a light injection of colour. I love the Zara Floral Printed Trousers and I think they might possibly be my favourite Fairytale inspired item. I love the way that they are really on-trend and would be perfect for anyone wanting to update their current wardrobe with a statement S/S14 item, or if you just simply want to dress like fairytale Princess Aurora, these trousers are the purchase for you! The Bleach Denim Shirt dresses down the statement trousers and gives it a casual vibe while keeping it fashionable and edgy with the chunky Lace Boot from Miss Selfridge.

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Maleficent Designer Fashion

If I were Maleficent, gifted with powers no human can dream of possessing, the first thing I'd do would be to wave my fingers and in a snap have these clothes transported into my wardrobe. Materialistic and selfish though it may be, just imagine having a wardrobe full of quality designer clothes like these - every girl's dream I'm sure you'll agree. While the High Street is great for bargains and fantastic for those of us who have a normal income, the rare few get to purchase the big labels. Although some may argue that they're just labels, they couldn't be more wrong. High street clothes are to an extent mass produced. A designer label guarantees fantastic craftsmanship and quality clothes - every stitch and inch of fabric has been thought out. So, I did a little fantasising of my own and put together a collection of Designer items that reflect the Gothic, Maleficent style. Meanwhile I wept at my laptop screen as I collaged together beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories that I would never be able to afford..unless of course, I had a fairy godmother - any volunteers ?


Aurora Designer Fashion

Nearly every girl's fairytale dream is to be a Princess, whether she wears her Mum's jewels pretending that they are Aladdin's secret treasure, steals the clothes in her wardrobe that she thinks look like a Princess gown, or just simply dreams of one day being a Princess. I dream of owning a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. Clothes have always been a weakness for me. If I have money - I spend it - on clothes. I hardly have any money and am currently on the hunt for a job. I'm trying to earn some cash - why? To earn some independence, to attempt to manage my own finances and well, to ensure that when I walk past a window of tempting clothes, I can at least buy something rather than walking away like a sulking child. However, with a job and money,  although I might just be able to afford the odd piece of clothing here and there, my dream of owning luxury items like these Designer beauties is still far from reachable. Aurora, on the other hand, living in her fairytale castle can afford a whole wardrobe full of these carefully crafted items. I've handpicked my favourite Aurora inspired Designer items that I think channel the perfect look of fairytale-chic. 


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Outfit Ideas: How To Channel Daytime Gothic

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the brand new film, Maleficent. 

The character of Maleficent is the polar opposite of Princess Aurora from her personality to her style. Aurora's style is light and has elements of romanticism with a fairytale vibe. Maleficent on the other hand has a darker more menacing twist to her style. Dynamic with sharp angles, Maleficent's customary style is Gothic with its all black colour scheme and invites a meaner and harsher interpretation than the clothes of Aurora. Yet elements of fairytale and magic are maintained, because of course, Maleficent is a character full of magic and transformation. Maleficent's style and description fit perfectly with current S/S14 Gothic trends. Inspired by Maleficent and her hints of S/S14 Gothic, I put together 5 looks and outfit ideas on how to channel the daytime gothic look. 

Look 1 - 
This outfit has a casual look inspired by the Gothic trend. With subtle inspiration from Maleficent's transformation, the injections of striking green in this outfit are similar to those that Maleficent radiates as she casts her spells.

 You can keep your outfit Gothic without having to dress in head-to-toe black. Sometimes, the best way to channel a trend is to have small hints of it throughout your outfit. If you're like me, head-to-toe black would completely wash out my skin and make me look even paler than I naturally am. Keeping your outfit mainly dark will give the impression of the Gothic look that you are trying to achieve. This look is perfect for day-to-day activity and practical with the Chelsea-style boots! 

Tip: Don't be afraid of bold colour when trying to channel the Gothic look. Splashes of colour as seen in the River Island Green Zip Collar Biker Jacket will brighten up your Gothic look but will not detract from the darker elements of your outfit. In fact, a hint of a brighter colour will even highlight the darker tones in your outfit by providing your look with a colour contrast. 

Look 2 -
This outfit is another casual daytime option and an example of how you can channel the Gothic trend. Although mainly black, the hints of colour in this outfit mean you won't look washed out. The Navajo Print Trousers have blocks of colour to distract from the primarily black impression of the outfit. Made Urban-chic with the addition of the Backpack, this outfit is casual-dressy with the addition of the Cut Out Mules. 
Tip:  I really like this outfit because each item has versatility and would be totally adaptable for other S/S14 trends! For example, think monochrome and colour blocking as other S/S14 trends that you could adapt some of these items into. 

River Island Black Wrap Front Sleeveless Blouse £26 
Miss Selfridge Navajo Print Trouser £28 
ASOS Backpack with Chunky Zip £35 
Missguided Indiana Black Cut Out Mules In Colour Block Contrast £34.99 

Look 3 - 
For a slightly more dressy daytime look I paired together an A-Line Skirt with a Floral Silhouette Peplum Top which gives the impression of a tailored outfit. Similar to Maleficent's outfit, this look relies on angles and structure to give it its dynamic and tailored appearance.Not only is this outfit channeling the Gothic trend of S/S14 but the touch of monochrome and floral patterning in the Peplum Top is channeling the monochrome and floral trend - this outfit's a win-win! 
Topshop Diamond Jacquard A-line Skirt £30
Miss Selfridge Chelsea Block Heel Sandal £39 

Look 4 - 
This outfit is casual but also has those all important hints of other trends while channeling the popular seasonal trend - Gothic. The Floral Print trousers channel S/S14 Florals and the Sporty Rib Crop channels the Sporty theme of S/S14. Of course, I had to throw in my all-time favourite fashion comeback of all time - the jelly sandal. This jelly sandal also helps break down the typical 'all black' look associated with the Gothic trend and helps the outfit achieve a more monochrome appearance while still in-keeping with the Gothic twist and impression. Inspired highly by Maleficent, the Bag with Front Zip reminds me of Maleficent's headpiece with its raised, sharp angles at the sides.

New Look Monochrome Rose Floral Print Jeans £22.99

American Apparel Woven Jelly Sandals £25  
Topshop Sporty Rib Crop Tee £22 
ASOS Handheld Bag with Front Zip £30 

Look 5- 
This last outfit idea would be the perfect outfit for the hotter days of S/S. The Bloom Culotte shorts give the Gothic look a Summery twist - Gothic doesn't have to appear all doom and gloom! I love the addition of the Yellow Peep Toe Sandals because they brighten up the Gothic look and also add an injection of colour to your toes meaning those shoes will get noticed - isn't that what every girl wants? I also love the Zip Bucket Bag for its practicality. The Zip Bag dresses down the outfit making it accessible for daytime wear, but if you wanted to adapt this outfit for nighttime wear, simply ditch the Zip Bag for a clutch bag and add statement accessories into your outfit! 

Topshop Black Notch Hem Bandeau £28 
Topshop MOTO Bloom Culotte Shorts £38
Mango Zip Bucket Bag £34.99
River Island Yellow Peep Toe Sandals £55

Those are just some ideas on how you can channel daytime Gothic, a popular trend of S/S14 and inspired by Maleficent's daring, Gothic choices in the brand new and upcoming film - Maleficent!

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5 Products For Growing Long, Healthy Hair!

A few years ago, in an act of impulse and with a streak of the fearless teenager, I took the plunge to chop off about 7 inches of my long, shiny hair. Shortly after I this drastic makeover had taken place I cried myself to sleep, tears welled in my eyes every time I looked at myself in the mirror and whenever I brushed my hair I searched for the 7 inches of missing hair. Needless to say I regretted my decision as soon as the scissors made contact with my hair. However, it was too late, I'd lost my long hair that everyone loved (a comment that I still remember soon after I had my haircut, 'Oh you cut your hair? Well that was a massive mistake wasn't it.' - yep, cheers for that..) While wallowing with the occasional crying session as I mourned my lost hair practically every day, I started researching methods and ways for 'Quick Hair Growth'. Punching every possible key search for 'hair growth' into beloved Google, I soon discovered that the tragic truth was having to grow my hair the long way - naturally. 
During this process I tried countless products to help speed up this lengthy process - I had at least 7 inches of hair growth to go, so this was no overnight occurrence! Sadly, the acclaimed 'hair growth' agents in all these expensive products didn't work one bit - I saw no change in my hair growth over a period of several months...Oh, and I also vowed for at least another year that I would never visit another hairdresser in my life again - as far as I was concerned hairdressers were the last people that I wanted to see after my tragic experience. Sure, I may sound melodramatic, it's only hair, but the fact is this haircut had dashed my young fragile teenage confidence dramatically and I needed my hair back asap. Because I had dealt with the fact that growing my hair out was going to take at least a year, I knew that because I wasn't going to be going for the recommended 'trims', I was going to need to ensure that my hair was going to remain healthy - I had to dodge the dreaded split-ends! However, there was only one problem - finding these miraculous products that would help me fight the split-ends. After experimenting with possibly every product out there, two years later I have found my haircare answers! Since the hair chopping incident I have only been to the hairdresser's a couple times in a year - trims really aren't that necessary when you have the products that prevent split ends! 
I've noticed recently that a lot of people have been opting for a Kylie Jenner-style hair cut or just generally going for a dramatic hair change..While I'm scrolling through my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed, I'm loving all these haircuts but I'm wondering whether they love their haircuts or whether they mourn their old hair? Some people love shorter hair finding it easier to manage and more 'fun', but some of us are meant to have long hair - you could argue that we hide behind it a little. Whether you're looking to get your old hair back after a chop or just want long, healthy hair, here are my haircare secrets that helped grow my hair out healthily! 

Anti-Frizz By YUKO Leave-In Conditioner $24 *  - I got this product sent to me and have loved it ever since. The product has lasted over a year and I have used it continually - loving it more and more each day. The spray is light and leaves absolutely no residue on your hair. I apply a tablespoon amount onto the ends of my hair and then brush the product through. The spray is heat activated with a mixture of natural oils which not only conditions your hair but will help detangle it after a wash.

Paul Smith Total Treat Argan Oil Cream £2.50 * - I was also sent this Argan Oil Cream last year and have treasured it ever since. After I used up all their Argan Oil product, I came across this cream. The cream is a leave-in product which you apply to the ends of damp hair in a pea-sized amount. Not only is Argan Oil an amazing natural product that will help to condition and nourish your ends but it also leaves your hair feeling silky and looking healthy. Argan Oil (along with Moroccan Oil) were both products that I used devotedly when trying to grow my hair. I found that they really helped prevent split ends by making sure that my ends didn't dry out, by keeping them slightly oiled. When just the right amount of this Argan Oil Cream is applied you can get the perfect balance of healthy looking hair with a silky texture, but too much of the product (like any other nourishing and conditioning product) does make your hair look greasy because it is left with product residue! So small amounts of this Paul Smith Cream work wonders!

Lush H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment £9.50  - Hair masks and treatments like this little gem from Lush are what kept my hair feeling and looking good even at the awkward stages of hair growth. Hair masks are so essential if you really want any chance of banishing split ends. I love this Lush hair treatment particularly because of its natural ingredients. Although I personally don't love the smell (it's got a strong smell that's quite herby), I quickly get over it because the mask really does make a difference to my hair's condition. You apply the conditioner to dry hair and leave it in for minimum of 20 minutes. Although it's advised for at least 20 minutes, I always leave this conditioner on for at least a whole day. This is a perfect treatment for a pamper day or a lazy day where you know you won't be leaving the house! I apply more of the conditioner on the ends of my hair and rub it in slightly to ensure that my ends are deeply conditioned. I use this intensive treatment 2-3 times a week which really helps to keep my hair healthy, avoiding those unwanted dry ends!

TRESemme Split Remedy £5.75 - Obviously, it's in the name, this intensive mask treatment is a split end remedy that will help to improve the look of split ends. Not only is this great for split ends but it's also great for preventing split ends. If my hair is feeling dry I will apply this leave-in conditioner for a few days and will have a noticeably different end result!

Henara Intensive Treatment-Wax £1.98 - This is very rarely seen in drugstores anymore but introduced to the product by my Mum, this has become one of my all-time favourite products. Firstly, have you seen the price tag? This Henara Wax priced at just £1.98 makes me thankful that there are some brands out there that aren't trying to completely rip off their customers. This is an intensive mask that leaves your hair silky smooth and replenished! For best results I will leave this on overnight, wrapped in cling film for further absorption. Get your paws on this Treatment-Wax and you will not regret it!

To summarise, my top tips for healthy, long hair and a for successful hair growth are;
1. Use at least one of the above products
2. Avoid hairdressers at all costs!

Happy hair growing! Let me know what you think of the products or tweet me with hair products that you've been loving at @iblogthefashion.


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Aurora's Fashion Wish List

Just in case you missed my big announcement yesterday, I revealed that I'm writing for Disney and their brand new Maleficent site! I am excited to say that my first post was published yesterday at:

Aurora, just like other Disney Princesses, has an element of the 'girl-next-door' - every one wants their Prince and it's the 'happily ever after' that makes every girl's heart melt and makes her fantasise about the day that she meets her 'true love'...*sigh*..While I don't have the time or the patience to wait around all day waiting for a dashingly handsome man to come riding on a horse and sweep me up, I browse the internet, looking at clothes I can't afford and fantasise about them instead..To be honest, I think that's just what 21st Century Aurora would do to, so on her behalf I've put together her fashion wish list.

Every Princess' original style takes the form of elaborate, pretty and dainty gowns. Although I'm pretty sure the majority of us would love to pull off a daytime ball gown, the people at the grocery store may look at you sideways if you trotted in looking like you were about to attend the first 21st Century Princess ball. So, to be on the safe side, I've modernised Aurora's look for her - we wouldn't want her to stand out for all the wrong reasons would we?
  Inspired by Elle Fanning's Aurora look in the new Maleficent film, I picked some high-street Spring/Summer items that reflected the whole 'forest' and 'majestical' feeling and vibe that is a theme in the brand new and upcoming Maleficent film. So, here it is!

1. Miss Selfridge Petites Sheer Panel Shirt £28 - This dainty and sophisticated panel shirt would be perfect for Princess Aurora. Inspired by the original Disney motion picture, Sleeping Beauty, I used similar colours to the traditional Aurora look - pinks, blues and purples. Pink is also a major S/S14 colour so fill your wardrobe to the brim!

2. H&M Short Kimono £14.99 - This has the perfect forest feeling making it perfect for our modern day Aurora. Not only would this be the perfect addition for a modern day Aurora, it would also be perfect for any fashionista looking to purchase a fashion investment for the current Spring14. Florals have taken off in a HUGE way this season and they're only going to become more popular. Everyone needs at least a spot of florals in their outfit this Spring/Summer, making this kimono a perfect purchase. Kimonos are also super popular and if you're planning a festival trip for this upcoming Summer they would be the perfect addition to any outfit. They're the essence of Spring and Summer with their light colours and floral prints - you'll be right on trend.

3. Topshop Tropical Print Scrunchie £4 - I'm pretty sure Aurora would fall in love with the return of the scrunchie. We all remember our own scrunchie days, don't we? Mine are filled with memories of pre-school and playground games - oh the happy days. Scrunchies are also super cute, they inject an element of youth into your look but also, if you're not prepared to really invest in a major floral item, add a touch of the popular S/S14 floral trend with a subtle accessory like this scrunchie. The dainty bow on the top of the scrunchie also has a very Disney-esque vibe to it without 'cute-ifying' your look too much. You can be cute and girly without looking like you're trying to return to your Primary school days - take inspiration from Aurora!

4. Topshop Preppy Pink Round Sunglasses £14 - Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you like them 'celebrity style' and oversized, or simply don't care what shape or size they are, these Round Sunglasses from Topshop will keep the sun out of your eyes, or should I say - Aurora's? These sunglasses will protect Aurora from the blazing light from Maleficent when she's casting her spells, tricks and even transforming, making them the perfect accessory - right?

5. Zara Mini Skirt £29.99 - This would be the perfect daytime look for modern day Aurora. Taking her favourite shade of pink and updating it from gown to mini skirt, this Zara S/S14 item would be a practical yet fashionable daytime skirt. Pairing it with a crop top and a tailored coat (similar to items 7 and 9), Aurora would have a pretty 'n pink look nailed as well as being completely on trend this S/S14.

6. French Connection Ditsy Dorothy Dress £195 - Updating those traditional ball gowns, I found the perfect alternative for Aurora with this French Connection Dorothy Dress. In keeping with the tailored look and the flared out skirt detailing, this 'Dorothy Dress' would be right up Aurora's street. The floral prints also mean that this dress is perfect for you - whether it's a formal occasion or just a smart daytime dress that you're after, this dress nails one of Spring/Summer's most popular patterns this year - florals! With an element of enchantment and a foresty, majestical nature to it, this dress definitely has an touch of fairytale inspiration.

 7. River Island Light Pink Cami Crop Top £10 - This would be the perfect budget buy for Aurora. I wear so much of crop tops whenever the sun decides to make an appearance in the current Spring/Summer months - they're amazing for casual, daytime wear and also literally cool (temperature-wise) making them practical and wearable. The best part about Cami Crop Tops like this is that they're also totally within budget and are inexpensive! The light pink introduces a subtler tone of pink into any outfit which is perfect if you don't want to go totally 'girly' like Aurora with her bolder pink shades.

8. River Island High Waisted Denim Shorts £30 - High-waisted shorts are a must-have buy this upcoming Summer, wearable day-to-day but more importantly they'll be a major investment with the upcoming festival season and beach weather! Available in two of Aurora's favourite shades pink and blue - keep it girly just like Aurora!

9. Zara Drape Neck Coat £79.99 - This is possibly one of my all time favourite items from this Aurora wish list. To me, this Drape Neck Coat is the essence of Aurora and her style, in fact, I can even see it in an animated form in the original Disney picture and could definitely picture modern day Aurora, Elle Fanning, in it. The bold pink and tailored structure of the coat is perfect for the unpredictable Spring weather and will prepare you for any greyer days!

10. Missguided Body Bag in Blue £20 - This bag is a perfect 'on-the-go' kind of bag, petite and small but practical all the same! Aurora could carry all her things in it - who knows, she may even have an iPhone nowadays?

11. Topshop Aloha Floral Backpack £34 - A body bag may be a petite and reasonably sized source of storage but this Aloha Floral Backpack would be the perfect bag if Aurora needed that little bit of extra space. I love this Floral Backpack, not only because of its extra space but because of its tropical themed floral print. It is in keeping with the Aurora-inspired, forest themed patterning but also moves over to the tropics - maybe Aurora fancied a holiday this Summer?

12. Minimarket Brogues £190 - Brogues have made their return but this time they've got a new spin - brogue cut outs. These cut-out brogues would be a major investment because they're an upcoming and current fashion trend that's definitely going to explode! These would be the perfect shoe for Aurora, they're dainty and practical and, better still - combine all her favourite colours together!

13. Missguided Scuba Joggers in Floral Print £14.99 - Joggers/sweatpants, whatever you want to call them, they're now acceptable to wear on a day-to-day basis. Forget the days when sweatpants were solely either for gym days or 'lounging' around in, because those days are well and truly gone -  these floral prints are an example of that! The best thing about these joggers is the fact that although they are joggers, the busy floral print disguises that detail, making them look like loose fitted trousers. You could even wear these trousers out for a formal occasion if you paired them with high-heels and statement accessories. These trousers are a definite fashion statement - who thought I'd ever say that about joggers? Aurora would definitely love these trousers - every girl wants to be fashionable and comfy and these trousers allow just that!

So there you have it, Aurora's very own fashion inspired wish list! Ta-ta for now!
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So, if you follow my twitter page (@iblogthefashion) you'll have noticed that casual and secretive tweet that I made weeks ago...if you don't follow my page, the tweet went a little something like this...'
  1. Working on some super exciting stuff at the moment, can't wait until I can tell you all! Keep watching this space!

Yes, at that moment I was dying to spill the beans but policies, contracts and all things legal prevented me, so that tweet was all you were going to get at the time..I can now reveal (hyper excitedly) that I have in fact been working on....*drum roll please* this!

No, I'm not Elle Fanning in my spare time, or Angelina Jolie for that matter and actually, I don't star in this film at all - BUT, I have been writing and blogging for the brand new Disney Maleficent site that was launched today! I was asked a few months back if I would be interested in writing for this Disney site and I can't quite express how excited and honoured I was even to be asked. I've been a Disney girl from the moment I popped into this world. My Disney collection of videos was where the obsession all began and since then the only thing that's changed is that the collection has grown and been replaced by DVDs (I mean it is the 21st Century). At 17 I still remain obsessed. At this current moment in time I have a Little Mermaid iPhone case, a Disney Princess Easter Egg, Tangled soundtrack playing on my phone and thoughts about how much I want Olaf to be my best friend. Therefore, it's no exaggeration to say that I was jumping over the rainbow of happiness when I was approached about writing for this cool and exciting new Maleficent website.

The site:

My first post was published today and the site which you can view at:

 I'll be writing on the site 2-3 times a week up until the film's release and just after. The site will be full of awesome content all related to the amazing new film - Maleficent, which I am just dying to see. As for I Blog The Fashion, I'll still be posting my normal content as usual but will also be uploading all the content that has been written by me onto this site for you all to read (but of course you can head on over to the Maleficent site where I and a handful of other bloggers will be posting a few days a week!). The content that I've created is all fashion and beauty based and is related to the film but also to our current S/S14 trends, so it will be the same sort of stuff that I post on here with a Disney twist! Hopefully you're just as excited about the site as I am and if you haven't already checked out the trailer for possibly one of the best films of 2014, watch it below! Trust me - you'll LOVE IT.



Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What's On My Fashion Wish Lists / May

May has arrived, much to my horror which means that it's time for another wish list post. I'm currently obsessing over everything pastels and green - this wish list really reflects this new obsession. So, feast your eyes upon yet another collage of my materialistic cravings.... 

1. Topshop Oversized Flower Print Shirt £40 - I love this Oversized Flower Print Shirt because an Oversized shirt is an easy and casual outfit. Throw some shorts on underneath the shirt and you've got a shirt/dress effect. I love the print on this dress because it's not traditionally all bright and happy like the majority of the new Spring pastels. If you want a contrasting S/S item that isn't pastel colour infused then this is the shirt for you (and me!). Still very S/S14 with the element of the S/S popular floral print, this shirt is one of my most wanted items that I've ever put on one of my wish lists - I wouldn't be surprised if it started appearing in my dreams... 

2. ASOS Rescue Me Ankle Boots £50 - Ahhh, aren't these shoes just to die for? Well I think so. They're the classic blend of sandals and Ankle Boots which make them a perfect Spring/Summer purchase. Practical with their slightly wedged heel, you'll have a 'Spring' in your step which is very season appropriate. As I mentioned above, pastels are my new obsession which makes these shoes a very possible and growing obsession of mine...These sandals would complete any Spring pastel ensemble and would look uh-maze. 

3. Topshop Sierra Revo Cateye Sunglasses £16 - Everyone needs a cool and quirky Summer accessory - these Revo Cateye Sunglasses are just that! With their 60's vibe these sunglasses have 'fun' written all over them. Complete your outfit with these shades and let them do most of the talking. Minimal accessorising is needed when these are showcased on your face - they're show stopping - J'adore! 

4. Missguided Virag Mock Croc Patent Platform Heels £39.99 - These Patent Platform Heels are definitely a statement piece. If you want to add a high-fashion edge to your outfit, these shoes will inject just the right amount. Perfect for upping an outfit's casual vibe to verging on dressy, these shoes will definitely make a statement. 

5. Joanna Small Cross Body Satchel Bag £15 - Pastels, pastels and more pastels - didn't I tell you I was obsessed? This bag is cute and practical and yes, better still - pastel. 

6. Topshop Palm Print Bandeau £12 - Preparing for an upcoming visit to the USA and preparing for super hot weather, I found this top while browsing for holiday outfits. Its tropical vibe definitely gets me in the holiday spirit and a cute Palm Print like this is vibrant and happy - two things I hope to be when I fly over to the States - it's a guarantee if I'm wearing this Bandeau? 

7. Miss Selfridge Green Frill Sock £3.50 - I am currently loving all of my Frill Socks and seem to be wearing them more and more as we're getting into the heart of S/S14. I love pairing these socks with my collection of jelly shoes (yes I have collected quite an array..) and my Topshop sandals, because I have a tendency to get cold feet even in above average temperatures (yes it's strange and no I haven't been diagnosed). These socks sure do keep my feet looking pretty, girly and more importantly - warm!

8. River Island Light Green High Shine Satin Mini Skirt £25 - This Satin Mini Skirt is perfect for colouring blocking. Part of the reason I love the Spring and Summer months so much is because of their vibrancy. Colouring blocking is one of my favourite things to do and this skirt would be an amazing participant! I love the textured shine giving the average Mini Skirt a run for its money!

After every wish list I want the items even more than I did in the first place. Somehow I end up selling the items to myself in the short paragraphs of babble and verge onto becoming chronically depressed due to how poor I am.. I will now go and wallow...


Friday, 2 May 2014

Cut-Out Brogues

As we say hello to yet another month on our calendars, I continue to be in disbelief at how fast time is going by. While exams are well under way for a lot of us students, we all appreciate the months of May and June a lot less - exam season (a.k.a. months of torture and depression). As always my distraction methods include blogging. Last year I blogged more in my exam season than in any other month - yep, I was busy 'revising'. Also included as part of my revision escapism technique is browsing the internet for possible things to buy that I cannot afford...and that's when I came across Cut-Out Brogues. 
Brogues were introduced into our Winter wardrobes a few seasons ago. The brogue was loved by many and traditionally seen as a man-style shoe - think business and meetings - but this shoe was transformed by the fashion experts. High street shelves were fleeced and the brogue just grew more and more popular. However, like all great things the brogue-cult should've come to an end by now, right? No. Say hello to the new and transformed brogue - Cut-Out Brogues. I love the new cut-out brogue, each pair is individual, edgy and unique. I've collaged together some of my favourite cut-out brogues and showcased them all below - hopefully you'll like them as much as me! 

1. Arianne Brogues £205 - These Arianne Brogues wave goodbye to the classic brogue and steal the spotlight. They are the essence of Spring with their lace-like quality and their delicacy. Unlike the traditional brogues which could be perceived as 'clumpy' and a little bit masculine, these brogues add a feminine touch with their light colour and dainty buckles.

2. Clarks Fenners Fun Silver Metallic Womens Casual Shoes £64.99 - One of the major S/S trends of 2014 is metallics, making these cut-out brogues a double investment. Keeping the cut-out subtle, leaving the shoe looking more traditional than some of the other cut-out brogues, this metallic shoe still has that classic brogue feeling but don't be fooled - it has those quirky cut-outs!

3. ASOS Marzie Leather Cut Out Brogues £30 - If you are a big fan of the traditional brogue then these Marzie Leather Cut Out Brogues will be right up your street. These brogues still have that classic brogue look but with cut outs on each side, that classic brogue has a surprise!

4. Topshop Kendra Fringed Shoes £52 - I love these Kendra Fringed Shoes - the cut-outs are more dramatic than the other brogues that I selected and they have a Summery sandal impression, but the best part is they're not - they're brogues transformed! Paired with cute frilled socks these would be the perfect S/S14 shoe to update your wardrobe this season.

5. Shoescribe Mini Market Brogues £190 - Pastels mean one thing - Spring! My new favourite colours are all on the pastel palette which is why I adore these Mini Market Brogues. Perfect for making a vibrant entrance, this colour splash updates your old pair of black and classic brogues to a brighter injection of colour.

6. Clarks Hotel Image Shoes Standard Fit £65 - These shoes are classic and certainly more traditional, but still have that all important cut-out detailing! The pristine white shade means that these shoes will give any outfit an element of sophistication and class.

So how will you wear the new Cut-out brogue? Classic but with the new cut-out detailing, or bright and vibrant to suit the S/S seasons?

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