Friday, 2 May 2014

Cut-Out Brogues

As we say hello to yet another month on our calendars, I continue to be in disbelief at how fast time is going by. While exams are well under way for a lot of us students, we all appreciate the months of May and June a lot less - exam season (a.k.a. months of torture and depression). As always my distraction methods include blogging. Last year I blogged more in my exam season than in any other month - yep, I was busy 'revising'. Also included as part of my revision escapism technique is browsing the internet for possible things to buy that I cannot afford...and that's when I came across Cut-Out Brogues. 
Brogues were introduced into our Winter wardrobes a few seasons ago. The brogue was loved by many and traditionally seen as a man-style shoe - think business and meetings - but this shoe was transformed by the fashion experts. High street shelves were fleeced and the brogue just grew more and more popular. However, like all great things the brogue-cult should've come to an end by now, right? No. Say hello to the new and transformed brogue - Cut-Out Brogues. I love the new cut-out brogue, each pair is individual, edgy and unique. I've collaged together some of my favourite cut-out brogues and showcased them all below - hopefully you'll like them as much as me! 

1. Arianne Brogues £205 - These Arianne Brogues wave goodbye to the classic brogue and steal the spotlight. They are the essence of Spring with their lace-like quality and their delicacy. Unlike the traditional brogues which could be perceived as 'clumpy' and a little bit masculine, these brogues add a feminine touch with their light colour and dainty buckles.

2. Clarks Fenners Fun Silver Metallic Womens Casual Shoes £64.99 - One of the major S/S trends of 2014 is metallics, making these cut-out brogues a double investment. Keeping the cut-out subtle, leaving the shoe looking more traditional than some of the other cut-out brogues, this metallic shoe still has that classic brogue feeling but don't be fooled - it has those quirky cut-outs!

3. ASOS Marzie Leather Cut Out Brogues £30 - If you are a big fan of the traditional brogue then these Marzie Leather Cut Out Brogues will be right up your street. These brogues still have that classic brogue look but with cut outs on each side, that classic brogue has a surprise!

4. Topshop Kendra Fringed Shoes £52 - I love these Kendra Fringed Shoes - the cut-outs are more dramatic than the other brogues that I selected and they have a Summery sandal impression, but the best part is they're not - they're brogues transformed! Paired with cute frilled socks these would be the perfect S/S14 shoe to update your wardrobe this season.

5. Shoescribe Mini Market Brogues £190 - Pastels mean one thing - Spring! My new favourite colours are all on the pastel palette which is why I adore these Mini Market Brogues. Perfect for making a vibrant entrance, this colour splash updates your old pair of black and classic brogues to a brighter injection of colour.

6. Clarks Hotel Image Shoes Standard Fit £65 - These shoes are classic and certainly more traditional, but still have that all important cut-out detailing! The pristine white shade means that these shoes will give any outfit an element of sophistication and class.

So how will you wear the new Cut-out brogue? Classic but with the new cut-out detailing, or bright and vibrant to suit the S/S seasons?



  1. I love brogues. I've been meaning to get them for a while. I like brogue heels to. Are you a fan of them or not so much? I just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin'. Please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me xoxo

  2. I love numbers 4 and 6 especially! Really cool xx


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