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Get The Look: Re-creating Maleficent's Gothic Makeup Look

All the 'baddies' and Villains in fairytales must have an element of a 'dark side', whether it's literal or in their personality - otherwise, what would make them the bad guys? The villain 'Maleficent' in the original Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' is an example of a villain who has both the menacing streak and the darker, Gothic undertone to her beauty. Angelina Jolie, playing Maleficent in the upcoming movie  'Maleficent', has stunning makeup throughout the movie, showing the darker sides of beauty. Maleficent's makeup contrasts Aurora's light, fairytale look with its more Gothic approach and light and dark contrast. Obviously, as cool as Maleficent is, the overall look wouldn't really go down as being socially acceptable if you were prancing around wearing Maleficent antlers, an elaborate black and Gothic outfit and a magical walking stick. So to compromise, I've put together a collage of High Street makeup that will help you to achieve a Maleficent inspired beauty look, as seen similarly above on the amazing - Angelina Jolie. 

1. Burt's Bees Lip Gloss Summer Twilight £8.99  - For a more natural day-to-day red lip, these Burt's Bees Lip Glosses would be perfect. Maleficent's day-to-day makeup is striking and bold - she never has a casual day, but being realistic, who can pull off a bold red lip in their tracksuit bottom days? This Summer Twilight shade will give you just enough of a colour burst, leaving your lips with a subtler statement but bolder than average look. 

2. Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator £21 - This Liquid Illuminator from Clinque will give your skin a similar finish to Maleficent's defined look. Maleficent's makeup is created by heavy contouring and highlighting, giving Angelina the highly-intensived cheekbone area which is typical of Maleficent's appearance. To highlight areas like this effectively, an Illuminator like this will be sure to define and emphasise the areas that you want by applying it and blending it with your makeup. 

3.  Benefit They're Real! Mascara £19.50  - Announced as the best mascara last year, Benefit's They're Real! mascara still remains a popular purchase for the masses. Countless bloggers and beauty experts have labelled it their all-time favourite mascara and that's for a reason. This mascara gives your lashes volume and length, giving them an overall appearance of false-eyelashes. For those of you who may not have had the 'delight' (note the sarcasm) of trying false eyelashes, let me just point out that they're probably the most hassling thing to do in your life. Dealing with glue and trying to avoid sticking the eyelashes in the wrong place (i.e. your eyeball) is a stress that every girl could do without - making this mascara an investible purchase! 

4. Essie Nail Polish Allure £7.99  - Although Maleficent's look is primarily Gothic and dark, there are lighter contrasting areas - her nails being one of them. Kept mainly neutral and light, Maleficent inspired, I picked out this Essie nail polish in shade, 'Allure'. This shade is perfect for a lighter and more neutral nail. I love all the Essie polishes, they're long-lasting and well pigmented!  

5. Dior Diorshow Mono Trianon Edition Wet & Dry Backstage Eyeshadow 170 £24 - This purple shade is typical of the traditional Maleficent look. Inspired by the original Maleficent and her heavily purple shadowed lids, I added this gorgeous Diorshow Mono Trianon Edition. You can wet this shadow to give it a richer gleam or keep it dry and matte. However you use the shadow you will achieve a perfect 'Maleficent' shadowed effect around your eyes. 

6. MAC Brow Set £13 - Defined brows are something that Aurora and Maleficent have in common. This MAC Brow Set would be perfect for keeping those stray hairs at bay. Sculpt the brows into shape and ensure you keep them defined and sharp just like Maleficent. 

7. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder, Soft Honey £25 - Strikingly pale with dramatic contrasts, Maleficent's makeup is all about the paler tones contrasting with the Gothic tones. Bobbi Brown's Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Soft Honey will help make your skin more alive by adding a subtle splash of colour to the intensely pale palette. 

8. Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Eyes Palette Violet Magnetique £37 - Whether you want to achieve the traditional, 'Sleeping Beauty' Maleficent look or the more earthy-toned smokey eye like Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, this Eye Palette in Violet will help you achieve a range of looks. A palette perfect for blending and creating a smokey look, this has a great collection of colours. 

9. Illamasque Lipstick Matt Maneater £18.50 - This Illamasque lipstick in shade Maneater is the perfect bold statement to achieve those famous Maleficent lips. A highly pigmented colour, Illamasque is known for its bold and bright shades - this lipstick is no different. 

10. Sleek Dragon Fruit Eau La La Pencil £4.99 - This eye pencil in Dragon Fruit Eau La La is the ultimate liner for completing your smokey eye look, giving it the perfect finish. 

11. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder £19.50 - A pale toned finishing powder like this Urban Decay Mattifying Powder will give you a similar Maleficent finish, encasing all that makeup! 

Using these products or similar products will help you to re-create a Maleficent inspired look - achieving a Gothic finish. 

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