Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer Beauty Essentials & Tips

Hello friends of the internet! This blog post is a little different to ones that I have done in the past. My Summer holidays are in full swing now and I have to say I am loving every single second of them - spending time with friends, relaxing and pretty much not having a care in the world - this is what life's all about, right? Well, ideally anyway! Due to being ridiculously chilled and slightly lazy, I have actually not logged onto Blogger for quite some time. I have posted fairly regularly, although it is not as much as I would've liked. So today I decided to sit down and plan my life. Seems like quite an impossible task, 'planning your life', but it has to be done. It may be Summer but I have a lot of things that I have to give a lot of thought to - University being one the major things that I need to think about in this upcoming year - scary. I've whipped out my dainty diary to try and plan and sort the things that I need to accomplish this Summer. I guess you could say it's a bit like a boring and essential 'Summer Bucket List'. Now that I've got everything into a pretty organised state, I know exactly what I need to concentrate on and when I need to concentrate on it - planning, as I've got older, is something of a necessity! Why am I telling you this? Well, I've got a basic outline and plan of all the blog posts that I want to power out of my system - and there are a lot! I really do love blogging, but every now and then it can seem like a chore to even some of the major bloggers out there. However, ultimately our laptops do become our children and our friends. So, I've become reunited with my Summer BFFL (my MacBook Pro) and am excited to be sharing lots of new and hopefully interesting blog posts this Summer!

Summer is a wonderful thing and I think it's safe to say that it is my favourite season of all time. I always associate Summer with being ridiculously chilled and laid back - I think the major stress of Summer is not dropping your ice cream. Well, that's what I thought until a few days ago. I was relaxing on the beach, we all do that right? However, as a very pale skinned, red-head growing up, I've always had SPF50-100 slapped onto my skin by my mother (obviously, because otherwise I would be as burnt and red as Rudolph's nose). Ever since I was small I have followed this unwritten rule, sun cream before the sun. A couple of days ago I ventured to the beach with a few of my friends - fantastic idea, lots of fun and probably one of the best things to do on a boiling hot sunny day. On this particular day the clouds were out and it was a bit overcast; it was still warm but I risked going out with no suncream on. It wasn't until I was going home on the train that I realised just how damaging this Summer, 'YOLO' attitude was - my skin was red, raw, dry and very very painful. Yep, I'd sunburnt all right. It was then when I got home and realised that I didn't have Aftersun, a Summer beauty essential, that I slightly panicked and wondered what other things my Summer stash had missing. That's when I decided to write this post on Summer Beauty Tips and Staying Healthy. This isn't a health warning blog post in any way, it's a collage of my Summer Beauty Essentials and tips.

1. Rimmel London SunShimmer Intant Tan Light Shimmer £6.99 - I literally swear by this product every single Summer. The lesson that was learnt from my severely sunburnt legs was to slap on suncream, but also sometimes fake tanning is the way forward for those of us who are pale skinned. Whereas I was burnt to a crisp, my friends caught a lovely golden tan as a result of not wearing any suncream - I guess everyone's skin varies and differs. This SunShimmer is my answer to looking tanned this Summer and it's probably my most repurchased beauty product this season. Obviously this wash-off solution is marginally expensive because it's a one-use kind of finish and result. The application process is also slightly time consuming and does take effort and labour if you want a professional looking finish with no streaks! I've learnt that half-arsed attempts of putting on this fake tan really don't pay off, as I look in horror in public mirrors and see large streaks and marks of fake tan all over my legs - not a good look! Each bottle probably lasts 3/4 days if you want a full coverage but I tend to just fake tan my legs because they're the most prominent bare feature, so the bottle lasts a little longer that way. Obviously add some squirts of spray suncream (I tend to use the mist suncreams as they don't mark the tan) to protect your skin!

2. Victoria Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance $14 - I often find perfume too strong for a Summer beach setting, the heavy scents are often lost with the sea air and breeze or are too assaulting. That's when I discovered this Coconut Passion Fragrance by Victoria Secret. A friend of mine spritzed herself all over with this Coconut delight and as my nose climbed it's way up to heaven with each little sniff, I knew that this was the scent of Summer. Sometimes with suncream and various other Summer smells, perfume can get in the way and be out of place, but this Coconut Passion Fragrance complements Summer in every way and is literally the most heavenly, Summer smell that you are ever likely to encounter. I haven't actually got this product personally yet but I am definitely going to be ordering it very soon! I guess I could've saved it for my wish list but I was so desperate to share it with you that I had to include it in this post.

3. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm £6 - Your lips can often be overlooked when it comes to nourishing and moisturising during Summer. This luscious Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm is a gorgeous and natural product that will help to keep your mouth protected, unchapped, moistured and healthy during the blazing Summer sun.

4. BareMinerals Locked & Coated Waterproof Mascara £12 - As much as I would love to be one of those girls who embrace a natural, non-makeup face - this is a pretty impossible task for me. I have tried and failed many times but the only time that I will be completely makeup-less is in the dark, by myself, cooped up watching Pretty Little Liars episodes on repeat. I don't think I'm alone here either. Although, if you can go completely makeup free embrace it because it's a wonderful gift not to feel the need to slap makeup all over your face! I came across this BareMinerals Locked & Coated Waterproof mascara when I was on the hunt for a mascara that would be friendly to me when I'm swimming in the Summer oceans - it's not a good look when mascara is sprinkled all down your cheeks! Therefore, a Waterproof Mascara is a must-have to remain unworried about your makeup!

5. Nivea Aftersun Spray £4 - Learn from my mistakes and stock up on some aftersun! You never know when the sun has got to your skin too much and aftersun is the most blissful thing to apply to your skin after an intense day in the sunshine! I've since purchased some aftersun to protect and nourish my poor little legs but in the meantime I had been using a Tesco Moisturising Body Butter, which I have previously reviewed here. Without this Body Butter my skin would literally be in smithereens right now so the cream was an absolute godsend and saved me. If you don't want to spend £4 on aftersun, I would definitely recommend purchasing the body butter that I have been using from Tesco. Before you judge it because it's a Supermarket branded beauty product, read my review and try it out for yourself - it's actually packed with some brilliant vitamins and hydrates your skin so, so well!

6. Clinique Face Sun Protection £18 - Most foundations will act as a sun protector for your face but on days where you don't want to wear makeup and want the natural, sunbeams to soak into your skin, you'll need to keep your face protected. This Clinique Sun Protection cream comes in different Sun Protection Factors and an obvious rule to go by is the paler your skin the higher SPF you should opt for.

7. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Gel £12 - Again, if you want to opt for a more natural look this Honey Bronze Gel will not only moisturise, protect and nourish your skin, it will also add a hint of bronze colour to make you look lively and sun kissed!

So there are my Summer beauty essentials. Obvious things that I haven't included are things such as sun cream - sun cream is a given and a little boring to add into a Beauty Essentials post, despite it probably being the number one Beauty essential of all time!


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Gothic Inspired Shoes

Channelling Gothic glamour - a major S/S14 trend, these Maleficent inspired shoes showcase some of this season's hottest shoe trends, from gladiator sandals to diamante heels! In keeping with Maleficent's dark and Gothic nature, the majority of these shoes are black and menacing, which will inject an element of Gothic into any look! 

1. Topshop Royalty Jewelled Heels £68
2. Topshop Lizzie Platform Sandals £60
3. River Island Black Metal Bracelet Sandals £35
4. ASOS Rescue Me Ankle Boots £50
5. River Island Black Chunky Strap Cleated Sole Sandals £38
6. River Island Navy Peep Toe Platform Sandals £55
7. ASOS Samba Heels £28
8. Topshop Nation Part Cleated Sandals £40
9. New Look Black Leather High Leg Gladiator Sandals £39.99 


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fairytale Inspired Shoes

Due to Aurora's style being mainly fairytale inspired with a highly girly/Princess twist, her style 100% showcases the lighter colours of the Spring/Summer trends - pastels galore! Contrasting with the Gothic glamour and fashion of Maleficent, these fairytale inspired shoes are dainty, delicate and even showcase one of Spring/Summer's hottest trends this year - florals - capturing the ultimate fairytale, forest and romantic theme! Check out my top High Street picks inspired by Aurora's style! 

1. Topshop Nation Two Part Chunky Sandals £40
2. ASOS Deadline Sneakers £22
3. ASOS Salon Showstopper Heeled Sandals £85
4. ASOS Samba Heels £28
5. River Island Silver Metallic Gem Stone Sandals £35
6. River Island Coral Chunky Strap Cleated Sandals £38
7. New Look Pink Diamante Gladiator Jelly Sandals £12.99
8. New Look Pink High Vamp Lattice Strap Platform Shoes £29.99
9. New Look Lilac Pointed Slingback Court Shoes £17.99
10. River Island Orange Floral Peep Toe Platform Sandals £55


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Festival Outfit Ideas / Rainy Days

Scrolling through my Twitter feed this weekend, my Instagram home page and endlessly looking at people's Snapchat stories for numerous seconds, I sat there, bundled up in my blanket, nearly sobbing at the fact that I hadn't booked a festival this year. First, there was Coachella - a festival that I would LOVE to go to, although flying to America wasn't a practical plan so I could easily get over that one. However, looking at the pictures for Glastonbury I thought that there was less of a reason that I didn't go...after all it would've been a few hours in a plane. Even more so, last weekend I was practically in despair at the fact that I didn't go to the Reading Festival (a majorly popular UK festival). So, if I couldn't fully appreciate the music, I thought I could at least appreciate festival attire. I've decided to make a series of blog posts on Festival Outfit Ideas for all types of weather and music types! Starting with 'Rainy Days' below! So, if you're going to a festival, enjoy you lucky thing... 

1. New Look Khaki Drawstring Waist Hooded Park £39.99 / 2. Superdry Super Parka £94.99 / 3. River Island Gold Metallic Lightweight Parka Jacket £30 / 4. Topshop Monochrome Gingham Plastic Mac £48 / 5. Topshop Quilted Plastic Mac £55 / 6. Topshop Misty Plastic Bomber Jacket £40

Perfect for dancing to the music even in the worst festival weather possible - rain! These rain coats are perfect for being practical and fashionable at the same time. I've chosen a selection of different prints, colours and S/S14 trends including monochrome, checks and metallic. My personal favourite is the Topshop Misty Plastic Bomber Jacket, I love the fact that it's see through so no aspects of your outfit will be hidden!

1. Hunter Original Tall Wellies £60 / 2. Topshop Vincent Wellies £30 / 3. New Look Coral and Black Chelsea Wellies £15.99 / 4. Topshop KIGU Rhino Wellies £40 / 5. New Look Black Patent Cowboy Wellies £15.99 / 6. Topshop MUD Festival Jelly Boots £24 / 7. River Island Brown Leopard Print Ankle Boot Wellies £20 / 8. New Look Silver Chelsea Wellies £15.99 / 9. River Island Black Mock Crock Wellies £25 

Whether you want a traditional Hunter Wellie or a fashionable disguise Wellie like the Topshop Festival Jelly Boot, I've collaged together a collection of different Wellies for whatever your taste might be! The best part? They'll all keep your toes looking fabulous and fashionable while keeping the mud and damp away!


Sunday, 6 July 2014

July / Fashion and Beauty Wish Lists

My poor little laptop keys haven't seen me in a little while but I'm here to greet them once more with regular blogging and saying hello to the Summer holidays which are well within my reach! As you know I have been writing for Disney (when I write that sentence I still get excited). I have been extremely fortunate to have been selected to write for Disney's site and promote their fabulous film - Maleficent. My horrifically busy schedule meant that I couldn't travel up to London to their premiere *sniff, cry, sob loudly*, but I will be going to see the film tonight. Of course, shortly I will be blogging all about it - so watch this space!

While I have loved every single moment of blogging for Disney, I have also missed blogging for my own little blog. I've been posting Maleficent content for around 2 months now and although you've all been loving it, I feel like it's time to get back to my blogging roots! I have so many blog post ideas lined up which I am super excited to sit down and blog for you all to see and read! So, without further ado, welcome back to my regular blogging - here's another Fashion and Beauty Wish List for you to stick your nose into!

1. New Look White Floral Print Long Sleeve Chiffon Shirt £19.99 - This White Floral Print Chiffon Shirt would be perfect for those casual Summer nights - purchase this oversized and you could wear it as a shirt dress, dressing it up with heels and a statement choker!

2. Topshop Luther Skinny Sandals £52 - These Skinny Sandals are super cute, they're dainty and remind me of something a Barbie doll would wear. I'm currently loving anything baby pink, it's become my new favourite colour - so these heels are right up my street!

3. Miss Selfridge Mint V Neck Shell Top £25 - This little Mint V Neck Shell Top would be so versatile to add to anyone's Summer wardrobe. Pair it with shorts, hot pants or a long Maxi skirt, this V Shell Top will add a pop of colour into your outfit and be 'cool' (temperature wise), making it a perfect, wearable top!

4. River Island Grey Full Time Fashion Blogger Sweater £25 - Words cannot describe how much I want this top. When I saw it I literally squeaked with joy - it describes a major aspect of me in one jumper, what more could I ask? Anyway, I am saving up all my pennies to be able to get my mitts on this 'Full Time Fashion Blogger' Sweater - I am determined to make the purchase happen!

5. New Look Black Chunky Patent Gladiator Shoe Boots £29.99 - I love these Gladiator Shoe Boots because they are a perfect statement. Edgy and suitable for both dressy and casual wear, at only £29.99 you have a bargain on your hands! If only I could afford them..... *sigh*

6. River Island Black Chunky Round Sunglasses £13 - So, I am quite impressed with myself, I have not bought a single pair of sunglasses this year - I know, it is impressive and has taken a whole lot of willpower...It seems, however, I might just have to cave because I love these sunglasses and many fact, I could produce a whole wish list on sunglasses - watch this space because I might not be able to resist.

7. Topshop Amazonas Beach Shirt £30 - I want, I need, I love - need I say much more? With my California adventure nearing I am trying to save my money for suitcase clothes - this is the perfect outfit! A Beach Shirt will make a complete outfit, it's edgy but not too 'out there', I would dress this up with rings and a choker!

1. St Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse £23.10 - Have you all watched Frozen? Well, you should've by now, Disney fan or not, it is a must see. If you haven't watched Frozen then you're probably not aware of the utterly hilarious Snowman that is named, Olaf. Why am I talking about an animated Snowman? Well, if there was an image that I could paint in your head of how pale I am, I can illustrate it perfectly by describing myself as Olaf the Snowman - I am very pale. Therefore, Bronzing Mousse will now be my best friend because the sun is shining and I continue to look like one seriously pale specimen - this needs to be sorted- please St Tropez?

2. Ted Baker Maisa Bow Washbag £29 - I think I have a bit of an obsession with these Ted Baker Washbags, they have been on numerous wish lists. I actually purchased one fairly recently and was ecstatic, that was until I realised that I bought the wash bag about 3 sizes too small to fit in all my daily makeup products...While it's perfect for travelling, realistically I need the biggest wash bag that Ted Baker has to offer - or maybe i just need an excuse to buy another one of my favourite makeup bags ever...?

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight Eau De Toilette £48 - Daisy perfume is one of my favourite Summer scents, I am yet to try Daisy Delight but I'm sold already on the bottle!

4. NARS Cream Eyeshadow Corfu £18 - I have a slight addiction to eyeshadows..I am quickly growing quite a collection. While MAC eyeshadows will always ultimately be my favourite, I am ready to try new things! This NARS Cream Eyeshadow in shade, Corfu, looks like a perfect place to start. I've never tried eyeshadows that have a Cream texture and finish, I think that it would be a great different look and product to experiment with!

5. NARS Eye Paint, Snake Eyes £18.50 - With festival season approaching, makeup is going wild and fun! Although I'm not going to any festivals this year, I am going to be sporting all the festival trends. This NARS Eye Paint, Snake Eyes, is super festival themed, glittering, edgy and eye-catching!

6. Yves Saint Laurent Cream Eyeliner £22 - I tried a Cream Eyeliner similar to this Yves Saint Laurent Cream Eyeliner but didn't find it very impressive. It was a high street brand, which usually I am completely open to trying but I was not impressed. The product dried out super fast and went clumpy. However, I am willing to give Cream eyeliner another go - starting with Yves Saint Laurent!

7. Clarins Colours Of Brazil Truly Waterproof Mascara, Intense Black £21 - I've gone through so many mascaras, some I've loved, some I've hated and some I've had a love/hate relationship with. But, I want my makeup to be worth the money I spend on it and I'm not settling for anything less than fabulous. I've never tried Clarins Mascara before but you don't know until you try, right?

8. NARS New Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, Iraklion £18.50 - This NARS Shadow pencil would be awesome for creating a smokey look, and with a few celebratory nights out planned, I can't wait to try this Shadow Pencil when I finally get that payday!

So, as you can see, I have quite an expensive wish list this month for both fashion and beauty - would you expect anything less? I have expensive taste with no money to cater for it - oh dear...

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