Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back To School / Beauty Essentials

I've published my Back To School Stationery Essentials and Fashion Essentials so far - the only thing left for me to publish is this - my Back To School Beauty Essentials. Not many people really discuss the 'beauty' element of school because when you're waking up at 6 o'clock each morning, 'beauty' isn't really on your mind - sleep is the overbearing thought and desire. Therefore, in a half zombie manner, we make the most of our 'au natural' look and slap on some quick makeup and scrap our hair up under the countdown of the ticking clock. So, here are my Beauty Essentials for going Back To School - simple but definitely 'essential'. 

1. Clinique Chubby Stick £17.00 - I am dying to try this new Clinique Chubby Stick, it looks like the perfect splash of subtle colour to give you a burst of energy to kick start your day!

2. Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara £21.00 - I don't really have to justify the purpose of a mascara, do I? Well, it will make your eyes pop in the mornings instead of those eye bags! Tempted? You should be, we'd all do anything to detract from those hideous morning eye bags, right?

 3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau De Toilette 50ml £50.00 - Perfume is a must, it doesn't matter what situation you're in, I always think that smelling good should be high on the list of priorities. So, a great excuse to buy this gorgeous new scent by Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream!

4. Soap & Glory Drama Clean £6.00 - A wake me up morning shower - you'll have no greater soap companion than Soap & Glory. I adore all Soap & Glory products, so the fact that they've released this new 'Drama Clean' product excites me more than words can express. I definitely need to try this soon!

5. Burts Bees Honey and Grapeseed Oil Creme £9.99 - This is my all time favourite hand cream - it smells divine. This product is way overdue on my ' to re-purchase' list and I can't wait to get my mitts on it again soon. I always find that when I go back to school, for some reason my hands get super dry - I think it's the transition from Summer/Winter. So, to avoid having dry, chapped hands (because who can call that attractive), I always rely on my trusty Burt's Bees Creme - and you should too!

6. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm £2.99 - As well as my hands needing extra nourishing, my lips also need some TLC. I love the Baby Lips collection by Maybelline, their balms are so nourishing and I especially love the scented flavours! This is perfect for popping in your school bag or pencil case for a nourishing top up!

 7. Barry M Matte Top Coat £2.99 - I always try and keep my nails in good condition. I'll often have them painted but when I have less time to sit down and decorate my nails I'll opt for a protective Top Coat like this Matte Barry M polish! The Matte effect will also give your nails a bit of texture!

 8. Sleek Makeup i-Divine Palette Au Natural £7.99 - This Au Natural Palette has the perfect collection of natural colours to blend into your lids for a natural look. I love this palette and I will be uploading a review of my recently purchased Sleek Palettes very soon!


Monday, 25 August 2014

Back To School / Fashion Essentials

I've posted my 'Back To School' Stationery essentials but, although I do love stationery, my love for fashion and beauty is far greater than my love for a few pencils and pens. Therefore, it was only logical for me to do a series of 'Back To School' fashion and beauty essentials. To start, I'm going to showcase a range of practical and quirky school fashion essentials - keep your eyes out for my Back To School beauty essentials coming soon! 

If you want to go a little more daring this year when you're strutting around those school corridors, why not try a chunky sole? I've collaged together a range of different school shoe styles which don't have to be traditionally boring. Get inspiration from some of these fashionable school shoe ideas!

1. River Island Black Patent Square Heeled Ballet Pumps £25.00 / 2. John Lewis Dune Lyndon Suede Pump Shoes, Black £75.00 / 3. River Island Black Patent Pointed Loafers £25.00 / 4. Topshop Kind Box Leather Lace Up Shoes £48.00 / 5. River Island Black Chunky Cut Out Sole Shoes £35.00 / 6. ASOS Miley Flat T Bar Shoes £28.00 / 7. River Island Black Chunky Cleated Sole T Bar Shoes £35.00 / 8. Topshop Southheart Pointed Shoes £36.00 / 9. John Lewis Dune Lyncoln Suede Tassle Detailed Loafers £69.00 

A school bag does not have to be a boring, plain old rucksack. In fact, I never use a rucksack and have always opted for a shopper/tote style bag to carry my huge arch levers and files around! However, a satchel is a little bit more practical and sturdy and these fashionable rucksack ideas are both practical and stylish!

1. River Island Black Quilted Rucksack £30.00 / 2. New Look Black Slouchy Bowler Bag £22.99 / 3. New Look Grid Pattern Backpack £22.99 / 4. Ted Baker Large Woven Icon Bag £38.00 / 5. River Island Black Large Satchel £30.00 / 6. ASOS River Island Black Leather & Suede Mix Shopper Bag £45.00 


Friday, 22 August 2014

Back To School / Stationery Essentials

The dreaded prospect of returning to school is becoming far less of a prospect and more of a reality, as our calendars are dangerously creeping towards 'September' - the month of academia and all things educational. But, it's not just the traumatic thought of returning to school that is the problem, it's all the prior organisation that we have to do. Pre-planning, getting everything in order and making sure that we give this upcoming academic year all that we've got. Inevitably there comes an element of organisation when trying to get all your School essentials ready to avoid those last minute rushes and panics. So, partly helping myself in the process but hopefully helping you too, I decided to get organised and share my organisation with you all. School equipment doesn't have to be boring, in fact, I am somewhat a stationary lover and the thought of buying a few bits and bobs actually excites me. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted it but it's true. I'll be publishing a series of 'Back To School' posts where I've picked my favourite School essentials and collaged them all together with the links that you'll need to directly 'add' them to your basket - saving you time, stress and effort - yes, you're welcome. So, to start, I thought I'd kick it off with some stationery essentials. Obviously, I can't cover all the bases and get your whole 'Back to school' lists ticked off because I'm not a Fairy Godmother and have no idea what each individual needs before they go back to school. However, if all you're looking for is a ballpoint pen or a notebook, you'll find a few ideas in this post!

I've chosen an array of different notebooks and even included those essential 'post-it' notes! My personal favourites are the leather covered notebooks, I think they're insanely cute and very classy! Keep organised with these notebooks and keep your notes all in one place.

1. WHSmith Caroline Gardner Say So Assorted Size Sticky Notes £4.00  / 2. Paperchase Neon Yellow Desk Notebook £8.00 / 3. WHSmith Polka Dot Orange A4 Wide Ruled Notebook £2.49 /
4. Post-it Sticky Notes Pack of 6 £10.99 / 5. Urban Outfitters Oh Snap Leather Notebook in Mint £25.00 / 6. Paperchase A6 Kraft Damask Wiro Notebook £4.50 / 7. WHSmith Paperblanks Old Leather Foiled Flexi Mini Notebook £10.99 

As you probably already know by now, I am sort of obsessed with Ted Baker's makeup bags. Perhaps it's their glossy finish or the delightful jewelled bows that stand proud above the 'Ted Baker' inscription that send me into complete 'makeup bag heaven'. Due to the fact that they've got similar pencil cases, my obsession will now only get worse - hence, the two Ted Baker pencil cases above. Totally justified, however, as they are to die for and completely gorgeous. My slight love for neon has also crept into these pencil case ideas with the aqua pencil case and the green neon pencil case for the ultimate stationary lover. Here are just a few of the many pencil cases in the world that might take your fancy, whether you like plain and simple pencil cases, quirky ones, or ones that simply do their job and 'case' and house your pencils, I think I've included one for whatever you fancy!

1. Ted Baker PAM Bow Pencil Case £19.00 / 2. John Lewis PVC Aqua Pencil Case £5.00 / 3. Ted Baker Magra Pencil Case, Pink £22.00 / 4. John Lewis Happy Jackson Pencil Case, Red £6.95 / 5. ASOS Leather Pencil Case £10.00 / 6. WHSmith Neon Green Pencil Case £3.99 / 7. Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Pencil Case £12.00 

Getting organised is very important when it comes to going back to school. A tidy work space is also a must. That's why I've put together some quirky desk accessories that are not only cute and fun but they will also help you stay organised and equipped! Oh, and the coffee mug is there for obvious reasons, that all important supply of caffeine that we all need when those early mornings begin again.

1. Urban Outfitters Bunny Stapler in Pink £10.00  / 2. Topshop Coffee Yeah! Mug £8.00 / 3. Urban Outfitters Rewind Desk Tidy Tape £16.00 / 4. Urban Outfitters Giant Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy £15.00 / 5. Paperchase Foam Earth Squishy Ball £1.75 / 6. Topshop Vitapens Highlighter £7.00 

So there you have my 'Back To School' stationery essentials - more 'Back To School' posts coming up!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Stylespiration: Vanessa Hudgens

I'm not entirely sure this is a word but if it's not I'm claiming it - 'stylespiration'. Anything can be an 'inspiration' to us, 'interiorspiration', 'foodspiration' - is there any limit to what can inspire us? Hence, I intertwined the two words 'style' and 'inspiration' to create this blog post title - 'stylespiration'. A few months ago I did a 'hairspiration' blog post on Kylie Jenner - basically, I am obsessed with the girl - who isn't? The blog post was super popular and it's obvious that you either all love Kylie or her hair, plus I have to say I really enjoyed making that blog post, writing about Kylie (who's 100% up there with a few of my current celeb faves) and getting a few hairspiration ideas for myself along the way!
  So, naturally I had to do a Stylespiration on my all-time favourite person at the moment - Vanessa Hudgens. I have been a fan of Vanessa Hudgens since I was 9 years old. It was then my eyes were opened up to the world of High School Musical and ever since I have been a fan of all the films and basically every cast member. So, at the mere age of nine, I stalked Vanessa (and Zac Efron of course), buying every possible magazine I could get my hands on that featured her and always looked up to her - as young people do, idolising and wishing you were them etc. That obsession has not faded, in fact, it has probably increased. Vanessa Hudgens is currently featuring everywhere, I can't go onto Twitter without her popping up, read a magazine without reading her name or seeing her outfits commented on, and I certainly can't go on Tumblr without seeing a thousand re-blogged photos of her amazing style. There is a reason she is featured everywhere - she is the person that every girl currently wants to be. Coachella was where I started noticing a slight style evolution for Vanessa Hudgens, her hair was dyed blonde and she had awesome colours streaked through. Now, Vanessa has opted for shorter hair and I still love it, but while her hair is changing up every now and then, one thing stays constantly on point, amazing and to-die-for - her style. So, I've picked out my favourite V-Hudgens looks and collaged them together in this post with a few style tips if you want to get Vanessa's look!

While most people opt for glamorous ball gowns, dresses and power fashion, head-to-toe styling, part of what makes Vanessa's style so amazing is that she's not afraid to break some boundaries. I loved her outfit at the Young Hollywood Awards and it's no surprise that her outfit was among the 'Best Dressed'. Vanessa has always had Boho edge to all her outfits and went through a super Boho phase when she had longer brown hair. Accessorising is nearly always essential for Vanessa so it's not a surprise here that her wrists are stacked with bracelets and her fingers decorated with statement rings. Amongst the dresses and floor length gowns, Vanessa wasn't out of place with this outfit at the YHA because her accessorising dressed up what could be a casual outfit - a maxi skirt and a crop top - I'm sure we've all worn this kind of look day-to-day? With the addition of statement accessories, you really can dress any outfit up - learn from Vanessa!

Obviously there are countless pictures of Vanessa and her outfits so trying to include all my favourites would be impossible because the post would be never ending. In fact, I don't think she has ever worn an outfit that I haven't liked. This outfit has an undertone of Boho like the majority of her outfits, with the simple colours and the lace, crochet-style detailing and the loose fitted sleeves in the polo-neck crop top. I love how chic this outfit is - smart yet casual and very minimalistic in terms of jewellery - a perfect example how you can dress down an outfit by keeping the accessories to a minimum! 

This is one of my all-time favourite looks that Vanessa has worn. I absolutely love the floral patterned trousers. Not only is she killing a major S/S14 trend - florals, she's gone all out and picked a daring, heavily floral detailed, colour popping ensemble, which is quite tricky to pair pieces with. Keeping the rest of the colours simple and letting the patterned detailing on the trousers do all the talking, Vanessa pulls off this look effortlessly. This outfit is to die for.

One of Vanessa's older looks with the old hair - a bit of a throwback here admittedly but I had to include it. Again, rocking the florals, Vanessa opts for a maxi skirt and a Boho-esque crop top, paired with a casual necklace and accessorised with a fedora style hat, this outfit is very Vintage-chic. 

On the go outfits are the hardest to keep fashionable, they need to practical, comfortable and obviously fashionable - but these factors don't usual coincide - finding a fashionable, practical and comfortable outfit is a major task...But, stress no more and take inspo from Vanessa! Loose fitted trousers with detailing, a casual plain top and a necklace - don't sound like the criteria for a major fashion outfit. However, paired with an attention seeking fedora-style hat the outfit is re-vamped and ready for attention.

SO simple yet so chic and everything works! Sometimes, when someone dresses head-to-toe in one colour, an outfit can look a bit bland and unexciting, however, the gold metallic shoes (again another major S/S14 trend - metallics) literally bring to life and bring a burst of shine into this outfit. Opting for simple accessories, the outfit is made casual with flats and a few accessories dotted here and there.

If you're off to a festival, take note and use this outfit as an outfit inspiration! Colourful accessorising with bands and friendship-style bracelets stacked up yours arms are what festival accessorising is all about! Opt for bright colours and mini shorts like Vanessa - crop tops and head accessories are also a major must-have! 

Tying a shirt around your waist over shorts can transform an outfit from normal to edgy with one simple tie! This is a simple look but paired with the buckled boots and checkered shirt, Vanessa has definitely added an edge to this outfit.

Admittedly, I don't do any sports to have the excuse to wear any sports-themed fashion gear..In fact, I bought my first pair of Nike trainers just the other month (this was for walking the dogs because the flats that I own tend to be highly impractical as they fly off whilst being pulled along the street by my two mini mutts). However, Vanessa makes sports wear fashionable, cool and even makes exercise look like something that you want to participate in voluntarily. I love the floral Adidas hoodie and the casual pairing of the joggers - not a complicated outfit but nevertheless there are accessories to glam up even the sporty spectrum of Vanessa's wardrobe.

Of course, I did some online browsing and gathered together a few Vanessa Hudgens inspired pieces from some of the above outfits. I obviously couldn't track down Vanessa's exact pieces from my favourite outfits but I've collaged together similar pieces that I thought were key components to some of my favourite looks of hers! (Click on the title to be linked directly to the website to buy/snoop!)

1. Cropped Floral Print Trousers £24 / 2. Topshop Blurred Flower Print Headband £5.50 / 3. Topshop Slouchy Holdall Bag £38 / 4. Miss Selfridge Embellished Collar Shirt £30 / 5. Faith Callaway White Patent Heeled Court Shoes £36 / 6. River Island Black Fedora Hat £22  

So there you have it - my favourite V-Hudgens looks and my high street picks inspired by her uh-maze-ing style! 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mini High Street Beauty Haul

Every now and then I love to have a big clear out. I often clear out my clothes, getting rid of any unwanted items taking up very valuable wardrobe space. I'll often clear out books, DVD's, files or stationary - you name it and I've probably cleared it out at some point! I guess you could say that I'm very anti-clutter and am conscious that the stuff that surrounds me is stuff that I love and use frequently - if not, it's off to the charity shop in a blink of an eye! However, one thing that I've never really cleared out is my makeup. Of course, I'll replace things when they run out, but my makeup drawer was so overcrowded and cluttered that it occurred to me I haven't properly cleared out my makeup ever. Makeup isn't something that I can do a huge clear out/sort through with, however, because my collection isn't really that large. On the whole I use everything in my makeup drawer but I noticed that products I'd had for about a year were in dire need of replacement. My essentials such as eye liner, foundation, mascara, kohl pencil, lipstick etc were very overdue for a replacement and I also thought it was about time that I tried some new products. So, I went out and got myself some new makeup - and here's my Mini High Street Beauty Haul!

Benefit They're Real Mascara £9.50 (large £19.50) - I've gone through quite a few mascaras over the years and the one mascara that I've been constantly using recently has been my Lancome mascara that came in a gift set. I couldn't find the link on the Boots website for the smaller sized Benefit mascara which is what I've purchased above so I've linked the larger sized mascara for you instead in case you fancied purchasing it yourself! The reason I decided to buy this mascara is because it has had so much love over the past few years that I was quite appalled with myself for not purchasing it sooner. I bought the smaller sized mascara because I actually prefer smaller size mascaras - I think they stay fresher and are super handy for popping into your makeup bag or throwing in your clutch on a night out. I've been using this mascara for a few days now so I'm not going to give you any opinions so far because I don't feel like I've trialled it enough yet but I will be posting a review when I've used it for a longer period of time and have become more familiar with the product.

Soap & Glory Supernude Colour Fabulipstick Powedercoat Matte Lipstick £9.00 - I reviewed this lipstick last year when I first tried out this fabulous product. This lipstick is definitely one of my favourites and I absolutely adore it in the shade 'Supernude'. I'd run out of my lipstick after practically using it everyday and it was definitely time to re-purchase it.

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick £11.00 - After using my YSL bronzer to the point where it is now practically non-existent, I decided it was time to invest my money in something else and a little more subtle. This Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick was perfect and after swatching it on the tester provided at the Boots Store, I decided it was just what I was after - a perfect blend of honey toned bronzers that would give me a slight gleam into the upcoming Autumnal season.

Natural Collection Light Cover-up Cream £1.99 - After reading countless, raving reviews about this Cover-Up Cream for a mere £1.99, I whipped this straight off the shelf and put it into my basket without a second thought. This has now been part of my everyday makeup collection since I bought it and I have to say I am absolutely loving it. Again, I won't make an official comment yet, but will continue to use it to develop a better opinion of it, so look out because I'm sure a positive review is soon to come for this product!

Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl Pencil £5.00 - Having used gel and liquid eyeliner for a couple of years, I thought I'd go back to my roots and return to using pencil liner for a different look. A little bit obsessed with the Soap and Glory make-up stand as you can see, I picked up this eyeliner on the spur of the moment and having naturally super watery eyes their 'waterproof' claims are what made me whip it off the shelf and take a chance.

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black £6.00 - As you can see, my mini haul was a bit Soap & Glory inspired - I loved their makeup and perhaps their creative packaging a little too much. Although I wanted to retry Kohl pencil, I definitely need a liquid liner because I'd been using one for the past few years. I've been re-purchasing Rimmel London's Exaggerate Eyeliner for as long as I can remember and I don't actually remember what I used to use before I got my mitts on that product. So, time for a change, I also took a chance on this Supercat Eyeliner Pen by Soap & Glory - I haven't read any reviews on this product yet but like all the other new products that I have purchased in this haul, I will be publishing a review as soon as I know whether or not I love the products.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Crayon £6.00 - Desperate to purchase some form of a highlighter, I came across this Blur and Brighten Crayon when on my endless browse at the Soap & Glory makeup counter. Intrigued and desperate to try it, I purchased this product on the spur of the moment in the hope that it will do exactly what it says and 'brighten' and highlight areas of my face for a more finished and defined makeup look.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation £4.99 - I will definitely be reviewing this foundation because I have been using it along side my Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation for quite some time. My Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation review has been the most popular blog post that I have ever done and since I have published it there hasn't been a week where it hasn't been in my 'top read' posts of the week. Therefore, I want to review this foundation because I honestly think it's fantastic - so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming review!

So there's my Mini High Street Beauty Haul! All these things were essentials and have updated my makeup bag and refreshed my makeup - it's out with the old and in with the new!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

August / What's On My Wish Lists

When the month of August greeted us all, I was on my way to the land of sunny Cyprus, leaving behind a grim grey land (a.k.a the United Kingdom) and saying hello to the Greeks in Protaras. Although I managed to get minimal internet where I was staying the connection was quite poor so I barely managed to publish one post while I was away. However, back in the rainy land of the UK after my blissful retreat with my family to Cyprus, I'm back with fantastic internet connection and so much to blog about, so I will begin with my 'What's On My Wish Lists' August edition!

Entirely inspired by the new season that is approaching, I've based this month's fashion wish list on Autumnal clothes - ready for those snuggly fabrics! I'm not sure many people will agree with me when I say that I cannot wait to say goodbye to the sun and hello to the chill of Winter...yes, a controversial statement that I'm sure will receive many shocked gasps but, it's true. For me, I'm looking forward to drinking a cup of tea without sweltering further - tea is 100% made for warming you up and in my opinion, is not a Summer drink. So, get the teapots ready and brewing because here's my Autumn themed wish list and I love it!

1. Topshop Petite Patterned Slouchy Cardigan £45 - I practically live in slouchy cardigans in the Autumn and Winter seasons - they are so incredibly comfortable you may as well be wrapped up in a blanket. I love the colours in this Patterned Slouchy Cardigan because they're the essence of Autumn and Winter - the colours of the seasons! I can just picture the crisp, falling leaves under my Winter boots as I walk around the streets in this little cardi - perhaps I'd better buy it first though...

2. Topshop Hola Canvas Chelsea Boots £46 - I love traditional Chelsea style boots but the soles of these 'Hola Canvas' Boots from Topshop are made slightly edgy with a clumpy, ridged sole, giving the Chelsea boot more height and a literal 'spring' in your step this Autumn and Winter. I also love Chelsea Boots because they are super versatile and would be perfect for literally any A/W outfit, making them the perfect shoe investment!

3. Topshop Towelling Loungwear Slogan Top £20 - Naturally anything Beyonce related we'll all love, right? This 'loungwear' top is supposedly for those tracksuit bottom days or strictly for PJ's BUT I would totally wear this as a day-to-day casual top. Pair it with a waterfall of necklaces and heavily accessorise your outfit and you'll immediately dress up this top. Tuck it loosely into a pair of boyfriend jeans and tie a shirt around your waist for a casual but edgy look. For only £20, I will definitely be purchasing this top!

4. Miss Selfridge Black Velvet Scrunchie £5 - I don't usually wear my hair up but since the grand return of the scrunchie, my hair has been tied up more and more. Scrunchies have sort of become one of those guilty pleasure purchase items, you can essentially never have too many in my opinion. This Black Velvet Scrunchie is simple and unlike many patterned and colourful scrunchies, will be easily paired with anything because of its simplistic nature. However, it won't be ignored and will be a key feature to your outfit despite its plain-ish appearance because of its bold black, all-round colour.

5. River Island Teal Check Mini Tube Skirt £16 - I think this skirt is my new current obsession. Yes, when I like something, I don't just 'like' it like a normal person, I become obsessed with it to the point where it becomes so 'on my mind' that eventually I just have to have it. So, eventually I will have to have it. For now I will continue to mentally create outfits that it would go with in my current wardrobe and convince myself further that this would be an investment for my Autumn wardrobe - which of course, it would be.

6. Miss Selfridge Fur Collar Pea Coat £89 - How cute is this coat? I love this coat and it looks like the fur collar is making a return this Autumn and Winter - I couldn't be happier!

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set 65 euros - Countless bloggers praise the Zoeva makeup brushes so it's about time that they land a place on my Beauty Wish lists. I was stunned at the price - a whole set for a mere 65 euros, roughly working out as 8 euros per brush (not all brushes are included in the picture above). The brush set looks super cute and I absolutely love the Rose Gold detailing on each brush.

2. Lancome Liner Plume £22 - With claims that Kate Middleton uses a Lancome eyeliner, I am also dying to try out their liner! I've been using Rimmel London's eyeliner for a very long time and have been so content and happy with it that I haven't bothered splurging my pennies on a higher end, more expensive brand like Lancome. However, maybe it's time that I tried out something different and an eyeliner that a Princess wears seems worth a try!

3. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick £26 - If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that one of my major beauty obsessions is lipstick and that still hasn't changed. In fact, I'm currently working on lipstick themed blog posts so watch out - the obsession is surfacing once again! I've never tried the super popular makeup brand - Guerlain. This isn't on purpose - it's just not a brand that I've yet explored. So, naturally, what better place to try a brand than their lipstick section? Their lipstick range 'KissKiss' has an array of amazing, beautiful colours. I don't personally believe in online shopping for makeup unless you know firsthand that the product is good because you can't really swatch the colours or tell what their true colour is by the digital JPEG image that you get online. Therefore, to properly decide what shade that I will want to try and eventually purchase, I will have to visit a store with a Guerlain section! But, I loved the look of shade 320, Red Insolence.

4. Pandora Passport Charm £30 - I recently got a Pandora bracelet because I thought it would be the perfect way to keep a materialistic diary of the important stages in my life. So, I've already got a car charm to celebrate passing my driving test a few months ago, a doggy charm to remind me of when I got my two darling little doggies that I had wanted for many, many years and a fairytale book to celebrate being selected to write for Disney (and obviously my natural obsession with Disney itself). I've been travelling quite a lot recently and after just coming back from being on holiday with mi familia, I am flying off to America in just a few weeks with a group of friends. So, naturally, I think I need a Passport charm because I've become such a jet setter...To be honest, I'll find any excuse to buy a new charm - they're expensive to buy but weirdly addictive and obsessive...

5. Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette £39 - When I was browsing through the Guerlain makeup I obviously had a snoop at the lipsticks as my first priority, but then I came across this eyeshadow palette and fell deeply in love. Smokey eye is one of my favourite looks for going out and these colours look amazing! I also LOVE the packaging. Priced at £39, these shadows are actually not expensive at all, for each shade you're roughly paying £10 which isn't that bad when you break it down I suppose...

6. Yves Saint Laurent Kiss and Blush Lip and Cheek Satin £27 - After purchasing a few YSL lip products, I've come to learn that they are absolutely fabulous. Keen to make my collection grow, I am constantly on the look out for more of their incredible lip products and on a successful hunt I came across their Kiss and Blush collection of Lip & Cheek Satin - which is in sort of like a lipgloss. The Kiss and Blush YSL collection comes in so many beautiful shades which I can't wait to swatch at a store soon!

7. MAC Mineralise Eye Shadow Smutty Green £17 - This is the most gorgeous colour that I have seen in so long. It won't be to everyone's taste I'm sure because this colour is quite bold and super pigmented, but for a striking look this Mineralise Eye Shadow in shade 'Smutty Green' HAS to become part of my makeup collection asap!

What's on your fashion and beauty wish lists this month?


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

'I Am A Material Girl'

 In my last blog post I said that I was going to be blogging more often and in an attempt to keep to my word I am doing the ultimate blogging dedication and blogging at approximately 800mph and many, many miles above the ground. As much as I’d love to have flying powers and magnificent wings, I am in actual fact in a plane, on my way to Protaras, Cyprus with my family. It’s the first holiday that I have been on in quite some time, to be precise it is almost 8 years. I am currently incredibly excited but pretty sure that I will be landing in Cyrpus twice my weight because all I have done on this flight is snack continuously – for example, I am currently sticking my hand in a tub of smaller than average Pringles and brushing off sweet packets and wrappers from my laptop keys – this is the life.
  Due to the fact that I have only ever been to an airport twice before in my life and on both occasions I was significantly younger and less aware of what was going on, this experience has been different in a very good way. Arriving at the airport was somewhat of a comical experience. My father, an organised and time-efficient man made sure that the whole family was packed and ready to go at 6pm last night – a blessing for an un-organised, last minute person such as myself. Therefore, it goes without saying that we left our house with plenty of time to ensure that our car was securely parked before our flight, arriving at the airport hours before our flight was due to fly out. It all went to plan until we couldn’t find the car park which was supposed to be near the airport. Obviously this wasn’t a ‘panic’ situation, as with lots of time to spare and Smartphones at the ready, I punched in the car park postcode and my trusty iPhone led the way. All the roads appeared to be normal but the map took a sudden left turning and we found ourselves down a narrow, one-car lane with a large tractor filled to the brim with haybales charging towards us – a slight spanner in the works you could say, seeing as we were nearing the end of the road. Reversing backwards, skilfully, my Dad covered our tracks, parking in a small layby to hail the local tractor to ask for advice and directions. Now, whoever said Prince Charming was to arrive on Horseback was a compulsive liar because low and behold my future Prince was driving this Tractor – note no sarcasm because I am being totally serious. The boy driving the tractor could not have been much different in age to me – I would say a maximum of 19 years old? Dark sweeping hair, tousled and casually styled, he sat upright while his big, oh-so-attractive eyes glimmered, shimmered and sparkled matching his dashing smile perfectly. I was very tempted to leap out of the car where my family and I sat waiting for my dad to return, and hide in the hay bales. As a result, I would be missing my holiday so my Prince Charming would discover me as I surprised him by appearing out of the hay bales, expecting a marriage proposal on the spot. Of course, I just remained in the car while my imagination went through all of these possible scenarios of how we could live happily ever after and I came up with no suitable, logical or realistic plan…So, the least I could do was share this rather pathetic and tragic story with all of you – and if you know of a farmer who roughly matches this description, tell him I will be waiting at the alter – thanks.
  Now that this part of the tale is over, I should probably get on with the point of my blog post, which was not trying to hunt down my farmer, tractor driving Prince Charming – as much as I would like to find him. After we finally found the car park, we travelled by bus to the airport to check in our luggage and have a 2 hour browse around duty free. Of course, at 10 years old my fashion and beauty obsessed self was still developing as my personality was a little underdeveloped, immature and, like any other typical 10 year old, I had more interest in stuffed animals than endlessly browsing around duty free. Sniffing perfumes and testing every single makeup product known to man like my Mother, was not my idea of fun – in fact this part of the holiday always used to irritate me because I could never understand the obsession that she had with makeup and perfume. Oh how na├»ve I was as a little 10 year old. Although I am yet to arrive at my sunny holiday destination I am pretty content with things so far – duty free has been my own little holiday and I have loved every single moment of it. In fact I would say that the only downside has been my lack of money because duty free is every girl’s dream.
  Walking into duty free was like walking into an unseen heaven, the price tags of all my favourite makeup, perfume and other random items being lower – hence the duty free aspect. On perfume the prices were quite a bit cheaper, in some cases knocking £15 off the RRP, all because it was duty free. I had a hopeful £20 note in my purse that was screaming to be spent and of course, £20 doesn’t go too far when the makeup that you are looking at is the likes of Yves Saint Laurent. I managed to snap up a gorgeous, to die for YSL Lipstick for £20.49, which is obviously still pricey for a lipstick but totally worth it and even more justifiable with the additional tax price knocked off. But, the decision was heart-breaking as I had to leave so many items behind – it even made me a little bit depressed, which is so materialistic of me that I felt ashamed. In hind sight, I still feel the same deep down, but the whole prospect of ‘Duty Free’ got me thinking – when do we ever buy a ‘bargain’ and why do I personally, and so many other shopaholics and fashion/beauty obsessed people get such a thrill out of the action of purchasing?
  At times in my life I have gone through a bit of a detox –including a Feng Shui and Zen/Buddhist stage. Both these stages have released an inner part of me that still remains today. Let me explain a little further. I’ll start with the Zen/Buddhist stage. My life, like many others, could get a little stressful now and then and as a person who suffers with a little bit of anxiety, I wanted to explore techniques and lifestyles that would help to relax my anxiety and stress levels. I’d learnt very briefly about Buddhism in school and with Religious Studies being one of my favourite subjects I was eager to find out more. I re-read textbooks, did some online research and was determined to become a more ‘down-to-earth’ person and look at things in more perspective. I am not a Buddhist, in fact I would call what I was practiced a more ‘Zen’ technique, outlook and practice than calling myself a ‘Buddhist’.  I found this technique to be totally transforming and my moods and anxiety were significantly improved – I was meditating, having relaxing candle-lit baths, replacing my pop music with sounds of the Sea, birds and nature and overall I was completely chilled. However, one thing that I struggled with during this stage was the non-materialistic mindset and that objects were not the answer to happiness or fulfilling yourself. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite grasp this idea. For me, I am my happiest when I am in a store or shop, browsing endlessly at materialistic objects, gleaming and new, with the potential to cause a surge of extreme excitement and pure happiness charging through every inch of my body. At the time, the fact that I couldn’t exercise this part of a Zen/Buddhist practice infuriated me because it let me down – why did obtaining objects make me happy? I realised that this was a pretty extravagant question and still, to this day I do not know the answer.
  At a similar time I was also pretty much obsessed with Feng Shui – this is a form of de-cluttering and also focuses on surrounding yourself with positive energy. The difference here was, the way to feel good was to get rid of things. This seemed to contradict everything that made me happy – surely if I enjoy growing my collection of objects, departing with them would only cause me pure depression? I was so wrong. After reading about Feng Shui and understanding it more, I wanted to try it. My Mum is a full believer in de-cluttering to create positive energy and before I tried it I was sceptical that it would work. I was very wrong, however. Feng Shui and the process of de-cluttering was absolutely amazing and since my first massive de-cluttering incident I have been de-cluttering every now and then and each time I get the exact same buzz, thrill and excitement that I get when I purchase something new. To me, the fact that purchasing and adding to my clutter could bring me the exact same joy as ridding myself of all the clutter and junk that I have accumulated over the years, seemed a complete contradiction.

  I envy people who don’t spend their lives making wish lists, fantasising over things they can’t afford and live life for the moments rather than the objects. Of course, I can fully appreciate an amazing landscape, in fact, those moments are more breath taking than purchasing a lipstick, but if someone were to ask me what makes me happy, shopping would be one of the things at the very top of the list. To be honest, I can’t wait to fly home so that I can take another browse at Duty Free – it’ safe to say – ‘I am a Material Girl’…

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