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August / What's On My Wish Lists

When the month of August greeted us all, I was on my way to the land of sunny Cyprus, leaving behind a grim grey land (a.k.a the United Kingdom) and saying hello to the Greeks in Protaras. Although I managed to get minimal internet where I was staying the connection was quite poor so I barely managed to publish one post while I was away. However, back in the rainy land of the UK after my blissful retreat with my family to Cyprus, I'm back with fantastic internet connection and so much to blog about, so I will begin with my 'What's On My Wish Lists' August edition!

Entirely inspired by the new season that is approaching, I've based this month's fashion wish list on Autumnal clothes - ready for those snuggly fabrics! I'm not sure many people will agree with me when I say that I cannot wait to say goodbye to the sun and hello to the chill of Winter...yes, a controversial statement that I'm sure will receive many shocked gasps but, it's true. For me, I'm looking forward to drinking a cup of tea without sweltering further - tea is 100% made for warming you up and in my opinion, is not a Summer drink. So, get the teapots ready and brewing because here's my Autumn themed wish list and I love it!

1. Topshop Petite Patterned Slouchy Cardigan £45 - I practically live in slouchy cardigans in the Autumn and Winter seasons - they are so incredibly comfortable you may as well be wrapped up in a blanket. I love the colours in this Patterned Slouchy Cardigan because they're the essence of Autumn and Winter - the colours of the seasons! I can just picture the crisp, falling leaves under my Winter boots as I walk around the streets in this little cardi - perhaps I'd better buy it first though...

2. Topshop Hola Canvas Chelsea Boots £46 - I love traditional Chelsea style boots but the soles of these 'Hola Canvas' Boots from Topshop are made slightly edgy with a clumpy, ridged sole, giving the Chelsea boot more height and a literal 'spring' in your step this Autumn and Winter. I also love Chelsea Boots because they are super versatile and would be perfect for literally any A/W outfit, making them the perfect shoe investment!

3. Topshop Towelling Loungwear Slogan Top £20 - Naturally anything Beyonce related we'll all love, right? This 'loungwear' top is supposedly for those tracksuit bottom days or strictly for PJ's BUT I would totally wear this as a day-to-day casual top. Pair it with a waterfall of necklaces and heavily accessorise your outfit and you'll immediately dress up this top. Tuck it loosely into a pair of boyfriend jeans and tie a shirt around your waist for a casual but edgy look. For only £20, I will definitely be purchasing this top!

4. Miss Selfridge Black Velvet Scrunchie £5 - I don't usually wear my hair up but since the grand return of the scrunchie, my hair has been tied up more and more. Scrunchies have sort of become one of those guilty pleasure purchase items, you can essentially never have too many in my opinion. This Black Velvet Scrunchie is simple and unlike many patterned and colourful scrunchies, will be easily paired with anything because of its simplistic nature. However, it won't be ignored and will be a key feature to your outfit despite its plain-ish appearance because of its bold black, all-round colour.

5. River Island Teal Check Mini Tube Skirt £16 - I think this skirt is my new current obsession. Yes, when I like something, I don't just 'like' it like a normal person, I become obsessed with it to the point where it becomes so 'on my mind' that eventually I just have to have it. So, eventually I will have to have it. For now I will continue to mentally create outfits that it would go with in my current wardrobe and convince myself further that this would be an investment for my Autumn wardrobe - which of course, it would be.

6. Miss Selfridge Fur Collar Pea Coat £89 - How cute is this coat? I love this coat and it looks like the fur collar is making a return this Autumn and Winter - I couldn't be happier!

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set 65 euros - Countless bloggers praise the Zoeva makeup brushes so it's about time that they land a place on my Beauty Wish lists. I was stunned at the price - a whole set for a mere 65 euros, roughly working out as 8 euros per brush (not all brushes are included in the picture above). The brush set looks super cute and I absolutely love the Rose Gold detailing on each brush.

2. Lancome Liner Plume £22 - With claims that Kate Middleton uses a Lancome eyeliner, I am also dying to try out their liner! I've been using Rimmel London's eyeliner for a very long time and have been so content and happy with it that I haven't bothered splurging my pennies on a higher end, more expensive brand like Lancome. However, maybe it's time that I tried out something different and an eyeliner that a Princess wears seems worth a try!

3. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick £26 - If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that one of my major beauty obsessions is lipstick and that still hasn't changed. In fact, I'm currently working on lipstick themed blog posts so watch out - the obsession is surfacing once again! I've never tried the super popular makeup brand - Guerlain. This isn't on purpose - it's just not a brand that I've yet explored. So, naturally, what better place to try a brand than their lipstick section? Their lipstick range 'KissKiss' has an array of amazing, beautiful colours. I don't personally believe in online shopping for makeup unless you know firsthand that the product is good because you can't really swatch the colours or tell what their true colour is by the digital JPEG image that you get online. Therefore, to properly decide what shade that I will want to try and eventually purchase, I will have to visit a store with a Guerlain section! But, I loved the look of shade 320, Red Insolence.

4. Pandora Passport Charm £30 - I recently got a Pandora bracelet because I thought it would be the perfect way to keep a materialistic diary of the important stages in my life. So, I've already got a car charm to celebrate passing my driving test a few months ago, a doggy charm to remind me of when I got my two darling little doggies that I had wanted for many, many years and a fairytale book to celebrate being selected to write for Disney (and obviously my natural obsession with Disney itself). I've been travelling quite a lot recently and after just coming back from being on holiday with mi familia, I am flying off to America in just a few weeks with a group of friends. So, naturally, I think I need a Passport charm because I've become such a jet setter...To be honest, I'll find any excuse to buy a new charm - they're expensive to buy but weirdly addictive and obsessive...

5. Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette £39 - When I was browsing through the Guerlain makeup I obviously had a snoop at the lipsticks as my first priority, but then I came across this eyeshadow palette and fell deeply in love. Smokey eye is one of my favourite looks for going out and these colours look amazing! I also LOVE the packaging. Priced at £39, these shadows are actually not expensive at all, for each shade you're roughly paying £10 which isn't that bad when you break it down I suppose...

6. Yves Saint Laurent Kiss and Blush Lip and Cheek Satin £27 - After purchasing a few YSL lip products, I've come to learn that they are absolutely fabulous. Keen to make my collection grow, I am constantly on the look out for more of their incredible lip products and on a successful hunt I came across their Kiss and Blush collection of Lip & Cheek Satin - which is in sort of like a lipgloss. The Kiss and Blush YSL collection comes in so many beautiful shades which I can't wait to swatch at a store soon!

7. MAC Mineralise Eye Shadow Smutty Green £17 - This is the most gorgeous colour that I have seen in so long. It won't be to everyone's taste I'm sure because this colour is quite bold and super pigmented, but for a striking look this Mineralise Eye Shadow in shade 'Smutty Green' HAS to become part of my makeup collection asap!

What's on your fashion and beauty wish lists this month?


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