Friday, 22 August 2014

Back To School / Stationery Essentials

The dreaded prospect of returning to school is becoming far less of a prospect and more of a reality, as our calendars are dangerously creeping towards 'September' - the month of academia and all things educational. But, it's not just the traumatic thought of returning to school that is the problem, it's all the prior organisation that we have to do. Pre-planning, getting everything in order and making sure that we give this upcoming academic year all that we've got. Inevitably there comes an element of organisation when trying to get all your School essentials ready to avoid those last minute rushes and panics. So, partly helping myself in the process but hopefully helping you too, I decided to get organised and share my organisation with you all. School equipment doesn't have to be boring, in fact, I am somewhat a stationary lover and the thought of buying a few bits and bobs actually excites me. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted it but it's true. I'll be publishing a series of 'Back To School' posts where I've picked my favourite School essentials and collaged them all together with the links that you'll need to directly 'add' them to your basket - saving you time, stress and effort - yes, you're welcome. So, to start, I thought I'd kick it off with some stationery essentials. Obviously, I can't cover all the bases and get your whole 'Back to school' lists ticked off because I'm not a Fairy Godmother and have no idea what each individual needs before they go back to school. However, if all you're looking for is a ballpoint pen or a notebook, you'll find a few ideas in this post!

I've chosen an array of different notebooks and even included those essential 'post-it' notes! My personal favourites are the leather covered notebooks, I think they're insanely cute and very classy! Keep organised with these notebooks and keep your notes all in one place.

1. WHSmith Caroline Gardner Say So Assorted Size Sticky Notes £4.00  / 2. Paperchase Neon Yellow Desk Notebook £8.00 / 3. WHSmith Polka Dot Orange A4 Wide Ruled Notebook £2.49 /
4. Post-it Sticky Notes Pack of 6 £10.99 / 5. Urban Outfitters Oh Snap Leather Notebook in Mint £25.00 / 6. Paperchase A6 Kraft Damask Wiro Notebook £4.50 / 7. WHSmith Paperblanks Old Leather Foiled Flexi Mini Notebook £10.99 

As you probably already know by now, I am sort of obsessed with Ted Baker's makeup bags. Perhaps it's their glossy finish or the delightful jewelled bows that stand proud above the 'Ted Baker' inscription that send me into complete 'makeup bag heaven'. Due to the fact that they've got similar pencil cases, my obsession will now only get worse - hence, the two Ted Baker pencil cases above. Totally justified, however, as they are to die for and completely gorgeous. My slight love for neon has also crept into these pencil case ideas with the aqua pencil case and the green neon pencil case for the ultimate stationary lover. Here are just a few of the many pencil cases in the world that might take your fancy, whether you like plain and simple pencil cases, quirky ones, or ones that simply do their job and 'case' and house your pencils, I think I've included one for whatever you fancy!

1. Ted Baker PAM Bow Pencil Case £19.00 / 2. John Lewis PVC Aqua Pencil Case £5.00 / 3. Ted Baker Magra Pencil Case, Pink £22.00 / 4. John Lewis Happy Jackson Pencil Case, Red £6.95 / 5. ASOS Leather Pencil Case £10.00 / 6. WHSmith Neon Green Pencil Case £3.99 / 7. Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Pencil Case £12.00 

Getting organised is very important when it comes to going back to school. A tidy work space is also a must. That's why I've put together some quirky desk accessories that are not only cute and fun but they will also help you stay organised and equipped! Oh, and the coffee mug is there for obvious reasons, that all important supply of caffeine that we all need when those early mornings begin again.

1. Urban Outfitters Bunny Stapler in Pink £10.00  / 2. Topshop Coffee Yeah! Mug £8.00 / 3. Urban Outfitters Rewind Desk Tidy Tape £16.00 / 4. Urban Outfitters Giant Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy £15.00 / 5. Paperchase Foam Earth Squishy Ball £1.75 / 6. Topshop Vitapens Highlighter £7.00 

So there you have my 'Back To School' stationery essentials - more 'Back To School' posts coming up!



  1. I love the look of the black leather pencil case!
    I'm loving your blog right now :)

  2. love the ted baker pencil case! buying stationary is like my guilty pleasure haha :) x


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