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Stylespiration: Vanessa Hudgens

I'm not entirely sure this is a word but if it's not I'm claiming it - 'stylespiration'. Anything can be an 'inspiration' to us, 'interiorspiration', 'foodspiration' - is there any limit to what can inspire us? Hence, I intertwined the two words 'style' and 'inspiration' to create this blog post title - 'stylespiration'. A few months ago I did a 'hairspiration' blog post on Kylie Jenner - basically, I am obsessed with the girl - who isn't? The blog post was super popular and it's obvious that you either all love Kylie or her hair, plus I have to say I really enjoyed making that blog post, writing about Kylie (who's 100% up there with a few of my current celeb faves) and getting a few hairspiration ideas for myself along the way!
  So, naturally I had to do a Stylespiration on my all-time favourite person at the moment - Vanessa Hudgens. I have been a fan of Vanessa Hudgens since I was 9 years old. It was then my eyes were opened up to the world of High School Musical and ever since I have been a fan of all the films and basically every cast member. So, at the mere age of nine, I stalked Vanessa (and Zac Efron of course), buying every possible magazine I could get my hands on that featured her and always looked up to her - as young people do, idolising and wishing you were them etc. That obsession has not faded, in fact, it has probably increased. Vanessa Hudgens is currently featuring everywhere, I can't go onto Twitter without her popping up, read a magazine without reading her name or seeing her outfits commented on, and I certainly can't go on Tumblr without seeing a thousand re-blogged photos of her amazing style. There is a reason she is featured everywhere - she is the person that every girl currently wants to be. Coachella was where I started noticing a slight style evolution for Vanessa Hudgens, her hair was dyed blonde and she had awesome colours streaked through. Now, Vanessa has opted for shorter hair and I still love it, but while her hair is changing up every now and then, one thing stays constantly on point, amazing and to-die-for - her style. So, I've picked out my favourite V-Hudgens looks and collaged them together in this post with a few style tips if you want to get Vanessa's look!

While most people opt for glamorous ball gowns, dresses and power fashion, head-to-toe styling, part of what makes Vanessa's style so amazing is that she's not afraid to break some boundaries. I loved her outfit at the Young Hollywood Awards and it's no surprise that her outfit was among the 'Best Dressed'. Vanessa has always had Boho edge to all her outfits and went through a super Boho phase when she had longer brown hair. Accessorising is nearly always essential for Vanessa so it's not a surprise here that her wrists are stacked with bracelets and her fingers decorated with statement rings. Amongst the dresses and floor length gowns, Vanessa wasn't out of place with this outfit at the YHA because her accessorising dressed up what could be a casual outfit - a maxi skirt and a crop top - I'm sure we've all worn this kind of look day-to-day? With the addition of statement accessories, you really can dress any outfit up - learn from Vanessa!

Obviously there are countless pictures of Vanessa and her outfits so trying to include all my favourites would be impossible because the post would be never ending. In fact, I don't think she has ever worn an outfit that I haven't liked. This outfit has an undertone of Boho like the majority of her outfits, with the simple colours and the lace, crochet-style detailing and the loose fitted sleeves in the polo-neck crop top. I love how chic this outfit is - smart yet casual and very minimalistic in terms of jewellery - a perfect example how you can dress down an outfit by keeping the accessories to a minimum! 

This is one of my all-time favourite looks that Vanessa has worn. I absolutely love the floral patterned trousers. Not only is she killing a major S/S14 trend - florals, she's gone all out and picked a daring, heavily floral detailed, colour popping ensemble, which is quite tricky to pair pieces with. Keeping the rest of the colours simple and letting the patterned detailing on the trousers do all the talking, Vanessa pulls off this look effortlessly. This outfit is to die for.

One of Vanessa's older looks with the old hair - a bit of a throwback here admittedly but I had to include it. Again, rocking the florals, Vanessa opts for a maxi skirt and a Boho-esque crop top, paired with a casual necklace and accessorised with a fedora style hat, this outfit is very Vintage-chic. 

On the go outfits are the hardest to keep fashionable, they need to practical, comfortable and obviously fashionable - but these factors don't usual coincide - finding a fashionable, practical and comfortable outfit is a major task...But, stress no more and take inspo from Vanessa! Loose fitted trousers with detailing, a casual plain top and a necklace - don't sound like the criteria for a major fashion outfit. However, paired with an attention seeking fedora-style hat the outfit is re-vamped and ready for attention.

SO simple yet so chic and everything works! Sometimes, when someone dresses head-to-toe in one colour, an outfit can look a bit bland and unexciting, however, the gold metallic shoes (again another major S/S14 trend - metallics) literally bring to life and bring a burst of shine into this outfit. Opting for simple accessories, the outfit is made casual with flats and a few accessories dotted here and there.

If you're off to a festival, take note and use this outfit as an outfit inspiration! Colourful accessorising with bands and friendship-style bracelets stacked up yours arms are what festival accessorising is all about! Opt for bright colours and mini shorts like Vanessa - crop tops and head accessories are also a major must-have! 

Tying a shirt around your waist over shorts can transform an outfit from normal to edgy with one simple tie! This is a simple look but paired with the buckled boots and checkered shirt, Vanessa has definitely added an edge to this outfit.

Admittedly, I don't do any sports to have the excuse to wear any sports-themed fashion gear..In fact, I bought my first pair of Nike trainers just the other month (this was for walking the dogs because the flats that I own tend to be highly impractical as they fly off whilst being pulled along the street by my two mini mutts). However, Vanessa makes sports wear fashionable, cool and even makes exercise look like something that you want to participate in voluntarily. I love the floral Adidas hoodie and the casual pairing of the joggers - not a complicated outfit but nevertheless there are accessories to glam up even the sporty spectrum of Vanessa's wardrobe.

Of course, I did some online browsing and gathered together a few Vanessa Hudgens inspired pieces from some of the above outfits. I obviously couldn't track down Vanessa's exact pieces from my favourite outfits but I've collaged together similar pieces that I thought were key components to some of my favourite looks of hers! (Click on the title to be linked directly to the website to buy/snoop!)

1. Simplybe.co.uk Cropped Floral Print Trousers £24 / 2. Topshop Blurred Flower Print Headband £5.50 / 3. Topshop Slouchy Holdall Bag £38 / 4. Miss Selfridge Embellished Collar Shirt £30 / 5. Faith Callaway White Patent Heeled Court Shoes £36 / 6. River Island Black Fedora Hat £22  

So there you have it - my favourite V-Hudgens looks and my high street picks inspired by her uh-maze-ing style! 


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