Saturday, 13 September 2014

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has come around once again and I couldn't be more excited - actually, I could if I were actually attending...My dream is to one day be amongst that front row and be welcomed into the fantasy world of fashion amongst some of my favourite people, designers and clothes. For now, I will appreciate London Fashion Week from behind a digital screen, which is more than you could do in the past. The joys of technology mean that the world of high fashion is being made more accessible to the public and fashion-obsessed. London Fashion Week began yesterday and prior to this, stuck in school last week, I was scrolling through my Vogue app for updates on NYFW that Susie Menkes was posting to the site. Fashion Weeks take place in the major fashion cities - London, New York, Milan and Paris. That's a whole month of fabulous fashion in one week in four amazing cities. In a desperate attempt to be part of the experience, I use platforms such as Twitter for constant updates on what is currently happening and watch videos of the shows. It's safe to say that I do everything I can to be part of the Fashion Week experience.
   Like many fashionistas my heart flutters at the sight of a well crafted piece of clothing, tailored to perfection and made to please. My favourite designers are the ones who provoke an emotion and a reaction - whether it be positive or negative. That's why my all time favourite fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, has made a few appearances on my blog. Since McQueen's passing, the brand has still remained strong and just as emotionally provoking as before. Showcasing clothes seasons ahead of the present forecast, I look forward to the Fashion Week shows to see what the future has to hold. I guess you could say that Fashion Week is my safety blanket and the one thing that I can count on that will be a secure factor in my future - the new trends that are promised to be put in place in a few months' time.
  Stalking the events and catwalk shows, only two days into London Fashion Week, I have already spotted some of my high fashion favourite pieces. I was totally in LOVE with Oscar De La Renta's collection of S/S15 clothes, so, as always, when I love something, I write about it! Here are a few pictures from his collection showing why I can't wait for Spring/Summer 2015 even though Autumn/Winter 2014 has barely just begun!

photo source: weheartit

Although I was looking forward to the new seasonal beginning of A/W14, retrieving the wooly hats, bundling up in scarfs and digging out my much-loved wooly jumpers - Oscar De La Renta's S/S15 collection has made me want to fast forward the clocks to a few seasons ahead. The Oscar De La Renta S/S15 clothes are insanely cute. I absolutely love the pastel colour theme throughout the collection and I cannot wait for the High Street to adapt the gingham trend that is pulsing through his designs. In addition to the gingham pattern, De La Renta has infused some of his designs with a display of floral patterns, quite literally bringing a burst of Spring into his designs. Some of the pieces remind me of a fairytale kingdom mixed with some bad, gothic rebellion. With some midnight black pieces, De La Renta has toughened up his collection, bringing a twilight theme to the Summer lollipop 'burst' of colour. This collection is one of my favourites so far, it's refreshing, vibrant and oh-so-Summery!


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