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River Island A/W14 Collection Favourites

It's that time of year where we say goodbye to the season of Spring and Summer and hello to a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I love this time of year because it feels like a fresh new start. I do love Summer clothes but there's something so comforting about the softer fabrics of A/W, layered in wools and cashmere (if we're lucky!).
  Every time new seasons arrive, I scour the internet and visit all my favourite High Street stores online, falling in love with every click. I will be doing an Autumn/Winter High Street trend post where I will talk about all the new trends and how you can achieve the look. But first, after falling in love with so many new A/W pieces, I just had to pick my top 5 or 6 favourite fashion pieces from my favourite High Street stores' collections. So, starting with River Island, this is the first of a series of posts where I will be picking my top 5 favourite pieces and talking about why I love them so much and why they would be perfect for your A/W wardrobe. 

1. Grey Point Stiletto Ankle Boots £60.00 - These boots are so classy and simple but the Stiletto Ankle Boots give you an element of instant chic. 

2. Grey Marl Rib 3/4 Sleeve Crop Top £15.00 - I love this trend because it is plain and simple but still remains edgy. You could pair this crop top with almost any outfit and dress it up by adding a statement chain necklace. 

3. Silver Metallic Leather-Look Mini Skirt £30.00 - This skirt could be perfect for casual and evening wear. Pair this Metallic Leather-Look Mini Skirt with a knitted sweater and you'll immediately have a super edgy but casual outfit. However, pair it with a crop top and some statement heels and you'll be ready for the night time scene and party life! This is the perfect addition to your A/W wardrobe because of its versatility and it sports one of A/W14's major trends - metallics! 

4. Light Grey Chain Handle Mini Bowler Bag £25.00 - I have no words for this stylish Mini Bowler Bag. Usually I go for bright and cheerful bags, pastel colours or a classic black bag - however, taken by surprise, this Light Grey Bowler Bag has opened up a whole new world of possibilities - I love it!

5. Grey Tie Dye Brushed Sweatshirt £30.00 - This Tie Dye Brushed Sweatshirt is the perfect casual sweater for Autumn/Winter. 

1. Black Zip Detailer Superskinny Jeans £50.00 - Give your wardrobe a rock/80's edge with these Detailer Superskinny Jeans. I love these jeans because they would be easily paired with any kind of top - sweater, crop top or shirt! Depending on your style and the look you want to achieve these jeans suit a range of styles. If you style is more tomboy, pair these jeans with high tops or trainers. Or to achieve a more Parisian/chic finish, pair them with ankle boots and a fitted knitted sweater! 

2. Black and White Check Oversized Shirt £28.00 - Oversized shirts are perfect for those casual and comfy days. This Check Oversized Shirt is really on trend because checkered print has made its grand return and will definitely be a part of our Autumnal attire! 

3. Black Patent Metal Trim Loafers £25.00 - Loafers aren't really a style of shoe that appeal to me that much. If I wear any type of flat shoe it will usually be my trusty trainers or ballet shoe style pumps that I have worn to death. Loafers are a little bit on the masculine side for my style but when I saw these Metal Trim Loafers I decided that for the purpose of fashion I should get over my prejudiced opinion of Loafers and give them a try- who knows, they could be the comfiest pair of shoes I could own? They're obviously a hit with the masses and are incredibly fashionable because they have the 'edgy' element, so this season I vow to try Loafers! 

4. Black and White Mock Croc Satchel £35.00 - This monochrome Croc Satchel is super cute and would be a statement piece you could add to any outfit making it versatile and stylish. 

5. Black Crepe Racer Front Crop Top £16.00 - A Crop Top is a must for anyone, whether you wear it under sheer garments or wear it with high-wasited jeans or trousers, Crop Tops like this Crepe Racer front from River Island are definitely an investment! 

6. Black Zip Front Peep Toe Shoe Boots £60.00 - I think these boots are to die for. Their peep toe shows a little bit of toe (which if you're like me sort of repels me away from the shoe because I don't like showcasing my feet), however, it is called a 'peep toe' so it's not as if you're letting the whole world see those beastly feet! Perfect for casual wear, I think these shoes would be ideal for making a casual outfit slightly more fashionable!

1. Light Blue Check Oversized Waterfall Coat £65.00 - This 'Zenista' trend from the new A/W14 collection in River Island is the perfect transitional trend. Mainly in pastel colours, you can bring a taste of the Spring/Summer trends into your Autumn/Winter wardrobes with these pieces. Sporting the checkered Autumn trend but keeping it lightly pastel coloured, this coat would be ideal for a light coverup in those slightly colder Autumn winds! 

2. Light Pink 3D Flower Mini Skirt £25.00 -If you want a casual statement skirt, you've got it with this 3D Flower Mini Skirt. However, for most of us, this 3D Flower Skirt would be perfect for making an entrance to a party - pair this with a crop top and heels and you've got yourself a show stopping A/W14 evening outfit! 

3. Lilac Feather Cross Body £30.00 - This is the silliest, coolest and possibly the best thing that I have ever seen. This Feather Cross Body bag is the kind of thing that you'd see strutting down those showstopper catwalks - a little bit outrageous, courageous and totally amazing. Well, that's exactly why I have to have it this season! This bag would make people look at you a little bit sideways, but for every fashionista out there - isn't a reaction exactly what you want? 

4. White Sling Back Block Kitten Heels £45.00 - I don't usually opt for a kitten heel. My logic is, if you're wearing heels they should be a reasonable sized heel to be worth the pain and adaptation of your walk (don't deny that at some point you've given yourself a lesson in how to walk in a pair of heels - we've all been there). Therefore, 'kitten' heels have never even been high on my 'must have' list...until now. These Block Kitten Heels took me by surprise with their gorgeous gold plated effect - I was instantly converted and am excited by the return of Kitten Heels. 

5. Light Pink Beekeeper Hat £22.00 - A classy, Autumnal hat - why not? Prance around the crisp leaves with this Pink Beekeeper Hat on your head and you'll start your day with flying colours and elegance.

1. Black Cut Out Wrap Suit £45.00 - This Cut Out Wrap Suit is simple but nevertheless a statement. The gold buttoned detailing gives the outfit a sophistication but it also has a slight 60's vibe! 

2. Bright Yellow Angular Court Shoes £45.00 - Also with a slight 60's theme, these Yellow Angular Court Shoes are the perfect statement shoes for casual and evening outfits! 

3. Print Split Back Shirt £35.00 - I love this Split Back Shirt because I think it would be great for those casual days during A/W. Throw this shirt on over a pair of leggings and dress it up with a statement necklace or rings and you're ready to go! Let the pattern do all the talking! 

4. Black Zip Front Block Heel Ankle Boot £40.00 - Ankle Boots are a MUST. They're practical, sturdy and oh-so versatile - making these Zip Front Block Heels the perfect investment for your new seasonal wardrobe. 

5. Check Print Structured Tote Bag £45.00 - I adore this bag. Its structured form means that it's practical for day-to-day wear and won't damage your belongings inside! I also favour big bags over small bags because I seem to accumulate an unhealthy collection of junk in my bag ranging from old receipts to chewing gum wrappers - they seem to be quite at home at the bottom of any bag I own. Perhaps that's a reason why I shouldn't buy a large Tote Bag like this one but with its checkered patterning - how could I resist?

So those are my top picks from all four of River Island's new trends! You can check out their new A/W14 trends here and buy any of my mentioned pieces by clicking on the name of it above! 


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