Tuesday, 23 September 2014

September / What's On My Wish Lists

After 6 weeks of Summer and several 18th birthday parties later, my bank balance has reached an all time low. In fact, my current balance is a grand total of £0.00. For a while, despite my financial crisis, I continued to want to spend away, only digging myself deeper into a debt that I couldn't repay. For now, however, I'm taking a step back and letting those pounds roll into my bank account before I spend anything else. Although I may be waiting for the next moment that I can spend it all again, for now, I'm sitting at my desk making another one of my wish lists..

1. Topshop Stripe Rib Crop Jacket £38 - I love the way that this Stripe Rib Crop Jacket combines a 90's and sporty vibe. I think this jacket would be perfect paired with ripped jeans, emphasising the edgy look.

2. New Look Grey Cut Out High Vamp Peep Toe Heels £29.99 - These Grey Cut Out High Vamp Peep Toe Heels are perfect for casual wear and for evening wear. These shoes are super versatile and are the ultimate autumnal colour.

3. New Look Dark Blue Cable Knit Jumper £22.99 - Knitted jumpers are one of the reasons that I absolutely love Autumn and Winter- they are super cosy and comfortable, making the cold weather bearable and fashionable. This Dark Blue Cable Knit Jumper is bold without being too much of a statement. Pair this knit with a oversized coat and Chelsea-style boots and you have the perfect A/W outfit.

4. Topshop MOTO Ice Ripped Mom Jeans £40 - I've never really been much of a fan of ripped jeans but recently I have grown to love them. I think they're edgy and can be easily paired with any top, jacket and shoes. I particularly like them in a more slouchy, non-fitted style like these Mom Jeans.

1. Cheryl Cole Storm Flower Fragrance £39.50 - I haven't been able to try out this new scent by Cheryl yet but I am the ultimate Cheryl Cole fan so I am sure, whatever this fragrance smells like, that I will love it.

2. Essie Nail Polish £7.99 - I am a nail polish hoarder, in fact, I recently counted how many nail polishes that I own and it was over 80 - I then stopped counting because I was shocked at how many I owned despite having a small suitcase full...Therefore, why not make the collection grow some more by buying this little gem-encrusted nail polish.

3. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant £3.99 - I have to admit, I am really not a moisturising kind of girl. For one, although I don't want skin with the a texture like scales, I cannot be bothered with the time element of moisturising after showers. This is why this 'Spray & Go' moisturiser is the perfect idea for me. The thought that I can just spritz on some spray and get moisturised 'Cocoa Radiant' skin, makes me beyond happy...

4. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker £10.00 - I am absolutely loving Soap & Glory makeup at the moment. Their makeup is sort of expensive considering that it is Soap & Glory but it is totally worth it, because the quality of the makeup is uh-maze-ing! I am currently trying out a handful of Soap & Glory's products and so far I have nothing but positive vibes towards them. I really want to try their 'Sexy Mother Pucker', claiming that it plumps up your lips - it's worth a go surely?

5. Sunkissed Bronzing Rocks £5.99 - This was a bit of a random wish list product, due to stumbling across it when I was browsing through the Superdrug website. I have always used Shimmer Blocks or just simple bronzer, therefore the idea of bronzing 'rocks' intrigues me...


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