Thursday, 9 October 2014

October / What's On My Wishlists

Happy Halloweeeeeen! It's the month of all things orange - pumpkins and, well, more pumpkins..and I am very excited. October means Halloween, which means a holiday and I just simply love holidays. My wish lists this month are a little O.T.T. but I felt adventurous and in the mood to be materialistic. So, as always, I've gathered together all the things I want and commented on why I want them and tried to convince you and me why they're a 'must-have' in order to convince myself further to eventually purchase them.

1. bareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush £24.00   - There's not a time that I don't use face brushes when I apply my makeup. In fact, face brushes are so ingrained into my makeup routine that I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I lost a brush. Actually, I do know what I'd do - I'd reach a point of complete despair and never leave my house until I found the brush again. I am the ultimate face brush fan, so, when I saw this Perfecting Face Brush by bareMinerals I was very tempted...I've never used a brush like it and I think it would be cool to try out different types of brushes eventually and see what different types of finishes they give to my makeup.

2. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick £26.00 - How gorgeous is this Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick? Gorgeous, right? This obviously had to be stuck on my wish list - how could I not want it?

3. YSL Gloss Volupte Lip Gloss £21.00 - I am in desperate need for a new lip gloss. I have been using Lancome Juicy Tubes for two years now and although I absolutely love them I feel like it's time that I tried something new..

4. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Nudes Eye Palette £48.00 - I am an absolute sucker for nude eyeshadows..I have a whole MAC palette full of my favourite nudes and a growing collection of other makeup brands that have nude colours. Nude eyeshadows are so versatile and I find myself incorporating them into my everyday makeup routine. I think the Nude Smokey look is a fun, natural but also very intense makeup look. I love all the shades in this palette and if I don't end up buying it myself, I will be asking the big ol' Father Christmas for this beauty!

5. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow and Liner £20.00 - A perfect shade for both Halloween and Christmas, this Long Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow and Liner is versatile with its dual use. I would love to experiment with the different looks that you could achieve with this product!

6. M.A.C Lip Pencil £12.50 - I don't own a Lip Pencil, I repeat, I do NOT own a Lip Pencil - how is this OK? It's not, and that's why this Lip Pencil is both an essential and a 'must-have'.

7. bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advance Cream Eyeshadow £17.00 - Cream Eyeshadow is an area in makeup that remains completely un-experimented with when it comes to me and makeup. I'm not sure I know what 'Cream Eyeshadow' is all about, but I'm willing to give it a whirl. This 5 in 1 BB Advance from bareMinerals looks like an interesting buy and anything that will help disguise and mask those bedtime dark circles will be a product everyone should treasure, right?

8. Illamasque Glamore Nude Lipstick £18.50 - Another lipstick, yes, I have a problem that is yet to be diagnosed...I adore Nude Lipsticks and I have used and re-purchased my beloved Estee Lauder Vintage Mauve Lipstick (a nude shade despite its name) numerous times. This Illamasque Nude Lipstick would definitely be something that I would include in my daily make-up routine, giving my lips a bit of life in the early mornings!

9. Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara £24.50 - I am lost with mascaras at the moment, I seem to be constantly switching between different brands, not quite finding one that I am totally in love with. This Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara looks cute and the name sort of tempts me - I want 'Baby Doll' eyes please!

1. Primark Grey Wool Bowler Hat £7.00 - I feel like every Autumn/Winter wardrobe should own some form of a hat. I have a guilty pleasure for woolly hats so this Wool Bowler Hat has gained a special place in my heart.

2. Zara Leather Bag with Rigid Handle £89.99 - This Zara Leather Bag is uh-maze. I am currently obsessed with the colour green. A strange colour to be obsessed with, but I feel like this bag justifies the colour green so well. It's enriching, vibrant, but a little bit docile in its slouched formation. This would be the perfect bag for any Autumnal outfit..if only it didn't break the bank a little.

3. New Look Petite Black Ripped Knee Super Soft Skinny Jeans £24.99 - I NEED a pair of Ripped Skinny Jeans and these black jeans from New Look convince me even more that they're a 'must-have'. With the Jeans and Blazer trend making its comeback, jeans are going to be stars in the making this season - so stock up!

4. River Island Black Rip Cut Out Turtle Neck Top £28.00 - I've gone for a slightly black theme here and I feel like it's because it's October and I've been inspired by the dark mischief of Halloween. I LOVE this Cut Out Top from River Island, I think it's edgy but subtly so.

5. New Look Black Furry Cat Zip Top Purse £5.99 - Perhaps not the most high fashion purchase you'll ever make but this is definitely a purchase for the 'lol' factor. I'd love to whip this Black Furry Cat Purse out on my next shopping spree and see the reactions of passing shoppers and the cashier - hilarious. How can you not love it?

6. Missguided Kate Faux Suede Knee High Heeled Boots Black £39.99 - Knee High Boots are a definite 'YES' this Autumn/Winter - grab a pair for your wardrobe NOW.

What's on your wish lists this October? 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How To Survive Senior Year

Are you a trooper in your final year of School/College or Uni? Well, if so, you'll know the feeling of extreme exhaustion, stress and anxiety a little too well. However, it doesn't have to be that way! I've put together a list of tips on how you can beat the stress and maintain a healthy life balance between your studies and your social life! Seems impossible? Hopefully I'll prove you wrong! 

1. Write a Daily To-Do list 
Writing a To-Do list is great but I find that To-Do lists, unless cut down to a day, can be way too overwhelming. Think about it, writing down all the things that you need to do all at once sounds like a pretty daunting task. In addition, unless you condense your To-Do list to a daily time frame, chances are you'll give up as soon as you see the length of what you need to do. I've found that writing a To-Do list and prioritising things in the order that they need to be done makes my working method a lot more efficient. There's nothing more satisfying than crossing things off the list and never having to think about them again. 

2. Organise - everything
Seriously, organisation is the key to survival in your final year of education. It's no use having a whole heap of papers stuffed in the corner of your desk. Think polypockets, ring binders and a neon highlighter. Although the initial organising may be time consuming, in the long run you'll be efficient and have everything in its place. Last year, I was terrible at organisation; I had papers stuffed in the bottom of my bag for days. My final year has made me realise that there really is not time for laziness. Being organised doesn't just apply to pieces of paper though - if you're organised in everyday life you'll be less stressed (yes, I mean even organising your bedroom). 

3. Use your calendar
Knowing what the date is is useful, especially now that your days revolve around schedules and deadlines. I've found that programming in my deadlines and flagging important dates helps me keep on top of things. It sounds simple, but it's really effective. 

4. Set alerts and reminders
If you're as forgetful as I am (or perhaps selectively forgetful) then setting yourself alerts and reminders on your phone is a perfect way to rid yourself of excuses for missed deadlines. I don't only set myself reminders and alarms for school work, I also tap in important social events like birthday parties - with our busy, stressful, senior lives anything can be forgotten. By setting alerts for the fun things it gives you a happy reminder of things you have to look forward to! 

5. Have an escape environment 
This might sound a little bit strange but you need to find your 'happy place'. My ''happy place' is definitely my shopping centre, surrounded by new clothes and delicious cafes to stop at for regular coffees and breaks. But, your happy place might be completely different. The ultimate purpose of your happy place is to distract you and give you an escape both mentally and physically from the stress and tension that surrounds you oh-so often during your final year. 

6. Make sleep a priority 
This is something that I'm still working on...Sleep is something that shouldn't be missed. It's very tempting to work into the late hours of the night to get work done. My mentality for a while has been,  if I get this done now, I won't have to do it tomorrow. While this is true, I've found that skipping a few hours of sleep has actually, in the long run, made me far less productive. As a result of lack of sleep you'll be craving junk food (yes, I probably ate about 3 chocolate bars per day for my instant boosts of sugar) and you'll be less effective when you're trying to work. I've had a week of intense good sleep and I've seen a major change in the way I'm working - all positive of course. I feel more rested and less anxious, as well as getting work done efficiently. So, stock up on the beauty sleep (I'm still waiting for the beauty side-effects to kick in...)

7. Set realistic goals 
It can be tempting to try and get all your work done in one day or in the short space of a few hours. I'm guilty of being far too optimistic when it comes to setting myself work goals. By setting yourself realistic goals you won't be disappointed and feel like you're failing when you physically can't do any more work. Burning yourself out in one work session is not the productive way to get work done. You need breaks so factor those into your working days. 

8. Remember - it's not the end of the world!
When you're tangled up in the world of School, College or University, work and everything related to your courses can seem vital and feel like a life-or-death situation if you don't complete things. Take a step back and realise - it's really not the most important thing in life. Yes, it's important to do your best and try your best and achieve the best you can, but sometimes, when it's getting a little bit too much, remind yourself that it's OK to not feel OK. School work is not the be all and end fact, considering the amount that we all get stressed out by it, you have to question if your approach is really correct. By reminding myself that my work isn't everything and trying to not beat myself up on days where I feel like I can't work, it helps me to get through and gives me a boost mentally. I hate the feeling of pressure and being constantly worried about how well I'm achieving. Overall, you can only do your best and your best effort is all they're going to get! 

9. Ask for help 
Asking for a helping hand every once in a while is totally fine. If your parents, siblings or friends can help you out in a minor way and they're willing, take advantage because it makes a serious difference! For example, if something needs cutting out, pass those scissors to a willing volunteer and get them to save you precious time while you can be more hands on and productive. Simple but necessary tasks like this can be insanely time consuming and time wasting. By getting someone to help you'll notice those extra minutes in your day! (PS: I don't mean paying someone to do your coursework for you - don't get any funny ideas..) 

10. Take a break 
Regular breaks are a must! Working flat out for hours is exhausting and actually isn't productive, because you'll end up running out of concentration and willpower. By taking rewarding breaks and using them wisely, you'll feel more inspired to work when you have to. For example, what better way to spend you breaks than watching your favourite YouTubers? 

11. Talk about it 
If you feel so stressed out that you're at breaking point, talking about your work load can help rationalise it. I always heap my problems, stresses and freak outs onto my Mum (and my dog - because there really is no better listener) - getting advice and being calmed down can really save you from a serious 'Nervie B'.  

12. Work hard
If you've put time aside to work, use it to work and work hard during those hours. It sounds obvious but isolate yourself from distractions. I find that I can't work very effectively in my kitchen because I convince myself that I'm hungry so that I can stop working and have that excuse. It doesn't just apply to food, however. Turn off your phone or set your phone settings to 'Do Not Disturb', so that you're not tempted to check your Twitter and Instagram feeds and send a dozen Snapchats showing how bored you are. When you're supposed to be working - work! 

I know this isn't the traditional fashion-themed post that I'd usually write, but I thought that a few of you could relate to it and sigh a breath of relief knowing that you're not alone. I think a lot of us are afraid to admit just how stressed out we are and when we're with friends, talking about school life is a massive, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. In fact, you're probably surrounded by a whole school of stressed out people without you even knowing it - we've become masters at disguising what we truly feel! 


Moschino Fall 2014 Catwalk Accessories Inspiration

I have wanted to write about this insane Autumn catwalk collection ever since I first laid eyes upon it. What am I talking about? The Moschino Fall 2014 catwalk show of course. Causing heads to turn and mouths to spread with wide smiles of delight, the Moschino catwalk show was a show to remember. One of the reasons I love fashion is that it's an art form, an art form so diverse and exciting that it can create outcomes that can cause humans to emotionally react. The Moschino Fall 2014 Collection was one of those moments - a grand moment when everyone was reminded that fashion really is an art form that is truly wonderful.
  Food, we all love it - some of us have more of a love-hate relationship with it, others simply love it. Moschino makes food fun, flirty and stylish in its Fall collection - oh and Spongebob also makes a bit of an appearance. I've gathered together some of my favourite looks from the Fall collection and then grabbed some iPhone accessories off the High Street that will give your A/W outfits a Moschino inspired vibe!


Our phones are constantly in our hands - whether we're texting on the go, tweeting or taking calls, our phones are on display. I hold my phone out of security and habit. In fact, when it's not in my hand I often think I've lost it. Therefore, our phones become an accessory to our outfit. I thought that there was no better way to get Moschino inspired than dressing your phone up - accessorising in a subtle but stylish way. 

(These products are inspired by the Moschino Fall 2014 Catwalk collection, and aren't actually genuine Moschino produce unless stated by the seller! They're cheap for a reason - the real Moschino collection is super expensive!) I was so obsessed with this Fall collection that I bought myself a Moschino inspired phone case and I absolutely love it! 

Although I do really love this collection I was even more excited by Moschino's newest S/S15 collection - inspired by Barbie (obviously there's a blog post coming soon about that too!). 

What do you think of the new Moschino collections? Will you be injecting Moschino's fun vibes into your seasonal wardrobes?


Monday, 6 October 2014

California Style Inspired Outfit Ideas

Welcome October! October is the month where I start downing thousands of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spices, start fantasising about how much better Halloween would be if I could actually carve pumpkins and where I start enjoying the High Street stores even more as their A/W14 collections are well under way. However, this October, while I'm still enjoying my numerous intakes of Pumpkin Spices, I am also excited about another factor - my California holiday! Last week I posted a collection of my California outfit inspirations (if you haven't read that already, click here and you can give it a read!). Inspired by browsing these cool outfits and being super excited about my Cali holiday, I've put together some California style inspired outfit ideas in this blog post. All outfits are from the High Street which mean they are affordable (something we all like to hear) and stylish. So, if you are a 'wannabe' Californian girl, take some inspo from these ideas!

I love the edginess in this outfit that is made elegant with the flared midi-skirt. Inspired by the image I found on a Pinterest browse, I put together my own version of this to-die-for outfit ensemble. I tried to pick edgy pieces but to overcome a 'rock' 80's look by adding pastels to the outfit. I think the colour adds an eye-catching quality to the outfit and also softens the harsher black elements of it. The slight colour clash with the navy and black wouldn't be a colour choice that I would usually pair together, but I thought that it worked really well with the edgy Cali vibe that I was trying to achieve! I would definitely wear this outfit on a day-to-day basis when in one of my more fashion-courageous moods! I think this outfit is flirty and fun with a tough edge to it with the addition of stiletto boots and leather accessories. 

 photo source: pinterest

1. Topshop Textured Faux Leather Biker Jacket  £58.00
2. Topshop Centre Stage Boots by CJG £150.00 
3. New Look Black V Neck and Back Crop Top £3.00 
4. Missguided Alia Oversized Envelope Clutch Bag Black £14.99
5. River Island Light Blue Satin Box Pleat Midi Skirt £60.00 

This is the perfect outfit for nearly all occasions. The returned trend of the 'Jeans n' Blazer' can easily be adapted into this comfy option of leggings and a blazer, paired with a super cosy jumper. I've opted for high heels with this look to keep the outfit 'dressy' but you could simply dress this outfit down with ballet pumps or ankle boots to complete the look. I love the return of the blazer, I think it adds a classy and chic element to your outfit, giving it a very tailored finish. If you wanted to accessorise this outfit, simply add a long necklace - but remember the simpler the better, fussy accessorising will make this simplistic outfit too messy. I've opted for no accessories because I think that accessories are a bit risky for over dramatising the simplistic nature of the outfit. I love the effortless look of this outfit which makes it a versatile outfit for nearly all occasions. 

photo source: pinterest

1. H&M Figure Fit Jacket £24.99 
2. Topshop Amped Up Sandals by CJG £130.00 
3. River Island Beige High Waisted Leggings £22.00 
4. Topshop Knitted Rib Texture Jumper £38.00 

I love the super casual look to this Cali style inspired look. I think this is the perfect outfit for day-to-day wear, made chic and stylish with minimal accessories and a plain colour palette. 

photo source: pinterest

1. New Look Tall Blue Roll Sleeve Denim Shirt £17.99 
2. River Island Black Croc Panel Metal Heel Court Shoes £75.00
3. New Look Black Leather-Look High Waist Leggings £12.99 
4. Topshop Borg Faux Fur Sweat £28.00 
5. Boohoo Una Chunky Fastening Bangle £6.00 

I can't wait to be surrounded by these Cali fashionistas and I will definitely be taking some holiday snaps to upload to my blog! What's your favourite Cali inspired look? 

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