Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Essentials Wish List

1. ASOS - Pug Wrapping Tape £4.50  - Wrapping Christmas presents is not one of my favourite things to do. Drowning under a pile of paper with ribbons flying everywhere and sellotape clinging and sticking to me - I find the experience very un-enjoyable. My favourite part of the debacle is, in fact, looking at the end result. When I came across this Pug Wrapping Tape I thought it was the funniest and cutest thing ever. Although it isn't the most Christmassy of all wrapping decorations, it would definitely bring a smile to someone's face. Who wouldn't want to look at dancing pugs on Christmas?

2. Paperchase - Festive Food Red Hot Water Bottle £8.75 - I love this Festive Food Red Hot Water Bottle. There is nothing that I love more than drinking a cup of chocolate cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows on top, snuggled in a cosy blanket with a hot water bottle on my lap and my little dogs by my side. I currently have a cow hot water bottle that doesn't have any Christmas spirit - replacing it with the Festive Food Red Hot Water Bottle would be the ultimate Christmas experience.

3. Paperchase - Fun Santa Egg Cup £7.00 - Breakfast accompanied by Santa is one of the best breakfasts you could ask for. I love this Fun Santa Egg Cup - have this as a pre-Christmas item to get into the ultimate Christmas mood!

4. ASOS - Christmas Pudding Lip Balm £3.00  - This would be the cutest thing to add to your makeup bag. Everyone experiences chapped lips during the Winter time and to avoid those un-attractive lips, smothering this Christmas Pudding Lip Balm all over them would not only be delicious but it would be Christmassy to the max!

5. Paperchase - Christmas Jumper Mug £8.50 - For those perfect snuggly evenings with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, this Christmas Jumper Mug would be perfect to protect your hands from getting burnt and what's cuter than a Christmas accessorised mug?!

6. Paperchase - Festive Food Cupcake Cases £3.50  - Baking all things delicious and warm is part of the joy of Christmas. Therefore, these Festive Food Cupcake Cases are a definite Christmas essential!

7. Henry Holland Unwrap Me False Nails £8.99  - I loved these false nails so much that I went out and bought them. Although I find false nails difficult because they get in the way of the simplest tasks, I made an exception with these Christmas themed Unwrap Me False Nails by Henry Holland. Unwrapping my Christmas presents with these false nails on might not be the easiest task but it's something that I am willing to master..


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