Sunday, 7 December 2014

Clothes Show Live 2014

Happy December everyone! One of the best things about December is obviously Christmas - no other month can compete with the fantastic festive spirit and happiness that Christmas brings. The Clothes Show, held early on in the month, is another reason why I love December. Last year was my first visit to the Clothes Show. I fell in love with the Clothes Show last year - the shopping, celeb spotting and of course, the extravagant, breath taking show itself. In fact, the only thing that made getting up at 6am bearable yesterday morning was the knowledge that I'd be experiencing all of that again this year - I couldn't wait.
  Arriving at the N.E.C in Birmingham after a total of two and a bit hours of travelling meant that I was more than ready to get into the Fashion Theatre. After collecting my Blogger Pass and grabbing a biscuit (or two) to fuel my energy, I was buzzing with excitement and sugar. A few weeks ago at the Blogger's Breakfast, the Olympus Pen team talked to the bloggers and vloggers about their new camera. Designed mainly for females and bloggers/vloggers, this camera is cute, compact and quite frankly an amazing creation! I got the chance to borrow the camera for the day and what better way than to try out a camera in the ALCATEL Fashion Theatre, snapping pictures of the Clothes Show Live?!

The show was absolutely amazing. The theme this year was New York and the fashion was totally inspired by the American theme. I loved the outfits and the combination of high street and designer styling was effective. It was exciting to be able to appreciate and fall in love with the clothes and the styling and have the possibility in the back of my mind that I could actually purchase a few of these affordable pieces! I thought that the theme was really fun and energetic and, like last year, fuelled with some insane dance routines to break up the fashion strutting. The atmosphere in the ALCATEL Fashion Theatre before the show began was literally buzzing with excitement. The excitement continued to increase and many screams could be heard from around the theatre during the show inspired by the topless male models (obviously). Although the models were of course, gorgeous, flawless and perfect, the clothes in addition were definitely something worth screaming for. The clothes and styling were all themed suitably to the American vibe - bright colours and fun upbeat music was injected throughout the show.

The Image Catwalk was also very exciting. Hosted by Jamie Laing and Antonia O'Brien, it held competitions and showcased even more fashion. In addition, Alfie Deyes and Fleur De Force made appearances on the catwalk! Unfortunately, due to my frantic whizzing around, I missed a few of the events that were held on the image catwalk, but it isn't humanly possible to cover everything there. After taking over 300 photos at the event, I thought that I'd divide my posts into two parts like last year - my shopping experience and the fashion show. I'll be uploading more pictures later today so watch this space! As part of my reminiscing from yesterday, I've inserted a clip of Taylor Swift's, 'Welcome To New York', partly because they played it during the show yesterday and partly because I'm obsessed with it anyway..


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  1. Safe to say you knew how to work this camera more than I had did! haha! The pictures you took of the Fashion Theatre are amazing!! Can't wait to the others you took!

    Dee | PromptsbyDee


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