Sunday, 4 January 2015

Style Inspiration / Hailey Baldwin

Every girl/guy has their style icon or maybe several. A style icon is someone who you look to for fashion inspiration, ideas and whose style you simply adore. Every year my fashion obsession grows - my collection of fashion books expands and so does my wardrobe. A major part of the industry of fashion is the people who represent it, whether they are models, celebrities or simply someone you pass in the street. I always look for inspiration creatively on a daily basis and sometimes that inspiration is introduced to me unexpectedly and other times is found on a search. I look at fashion and style as something that is crafted and created - if done properly it is unique and individual. However, like all good art forms, fashion needs inspiration to form and flourish to its full potential. Hence why designers use mood boards and images for creative inspiration before they begin their new seasonal designs. I dress my body to reflect my personality - after all, first impressions are everything, right? However, although my overall style remains fairly consistent (usually edgy and definitely trying to showcase the seasonal trends), it changes depending on my mood and alters during particular periods in my life.

Reading fashion magazines is an uncontrollable habit of mine - they are my fashion fuel; without them I would undoubtedly break down. It was in LOVE magazine's most recent issue that I discovered the model Hailey Baldwin - one of my 2014 major girl crushes but more importantly, style icons. When she's not hanging out with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin is posing away for some of fashion's top magazines, appearing in numerous spreads and campaigns. I am in love with Hailey's style - edgy, effortless and chic. In fact, Hailey has inspired me to chop my locks off numerous times. However, I've been there, done that, had the tears to show for it and would rather keep short hair a distant memory. Hailey definitely has the best collection of ankle boots/Chelsea-style boots - pairing them with almost every outfit. She is the definition of rock girl - her outfits regularly sport some form of leather and rips and her accessories are minimal if featured at all. During 2014, Hailey's style regularly inspired me to channel the inner rock girl within me. Although I am yet to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans, I have gone and bought myself a pair of ankle boots and I am loving them! After collecting some of my favourite images of Hailey Baldwin's style on Pinterest, I took inspiration and created my own High Street looks inspired by her fashion sense! 

Look 1

Look 2 

Look 3

Look 6

Look 7

I've loved all of Hailey's outfits in 2014 and can't wait to see what her style brings to 2015! Who's your style inspiration? 


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