Friday, 30 January 2015

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

As Valentines Day approaches and boyfriends and girlfriends swan around looking for the perfect gift to make the beloved smile, there's only one thing that I'm thinking - Happy Birthday Gran! It just so happens that 14th February not only marks the much celebrated Valentines Day, it also is a very special day for my Gran - her birthday. So far, I am yet to celebrate Valentines Day with for its actual purpose. It's singles like me who try and forget about the romance of Valentines Day, remaining happily alone and independent eating a box of chocolates. I have never been phased by the idea of Valentines Day - for those who have partners great - enjoy the day and be happy as you celebrate your relationship. For the rest of us, carefree and single, enjoy your independence and celebrate've got years ahead to worry about someone else and their problems and their needs - why be tied down? I've got a bit of single girl power here and with the lovey-dovey day approaching, I'm going to make the most of my freedom! 
It also occurred to me that Valentines Day is all about love - so yes, it's appropriate to buy gifts for your BF or GF, but why not plan a special day with your single friends? Uniting together, do a little gift sharing of your own with these Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your BFFL! Share a different kind of love for a friend who has been there for you longer than any other boy/girl partner! 

1. A Pug's Guide To Dating Valentines Book £9.99 - Although I'm all for 'All The Single Ladies' putting their hands up, maybe a few dating tips wouldn't be unappreciated for your fellow single friend. What better adviser than an adorable Pug? 

2. Urban Outfitters Jar Candle in Bamboo Tea £15 - A candle to calm the nerves of any single friend who is desperate for a boyfriend. Throw this candle his/her way and they'll be calm and collected in no time. Better still, order a pizza and light the candle whilst watching anything starring Zac Efron!!

3. Urban Outfitters Emojibomb Disposable Camera £15 - Plan a day out with this old-school style Emojibomb Disposable Camera and snap some memorable photos for a Valentines Day worth remembering! 

4. Topshop Love Heart Stamper £7.50 - Stamp the love here, there and everywhere with this cute little Love Heart Stamper! 

5. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Blush £26 - Every girl likes makeup...every girl also likes heart shaped makeup...every girl likes heart shaped makeup given to her on Valentines Day. Why? Because it reminds her that makeup is her faithful one true love. 

6. Urban Outfitters Not That Kind of Girl Book £16.99 - A book for a girl written by a girl - females unite! 

7. Topshop Bear Picnic Blanket £25 - Plan a cute picnic date with your best mate and remind yourself that partners aren't the be-all and end-all of your younger years.  

8. Topshop Care Bear Mug £8 - Spread the care with this care bear mug! I love care bears, they're cute and by nature (although not on this china mug) are huggable and soft - comfort for the lonely on Valentines Day! 

9. Urban Outfitters Oh Deer Piss Off A5 Notebook £8 - Another approach to Valentines Day and being single is to change your attitude and turn that frown upside down with this inspirational, attitude filled notebook. Take a leaf from its front cover and tell Valentines Day where to go! 

ps: Sincere apologies to those of you reading this who are loved up and expected a blog post all about the beauty of love on Valentines Day..I wish you and your partner all the best and hope you have a tip-top day :)

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