Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What's On My Wish Lists / May

In the midst of preparing for University and moving hundreds of miles away and preparing for my last ever exams, 'What's On My Wish Lists' for the month of April got accidentally overlooked. However, while the exams and University preparations are now actually even more prominent in my life, I can't bear to be parted with my blog any longer. So, here is my May wish list...

Recently, I have been trying to buy pieces that will make my wardrobe more diverse. I think that we are all guilty of sticking to the same things; whether this be always choosing your favourite chocolate frosted cupcake instead of that mysterious, untasted Victoria Sponge in your local cafe, or in my case, my clothing choices. I know a lot of people who talk about how they easily get stuck in a makeup routine, sticking with the same beauty products that they know and love. In one sense, what's wrong with that? But, one common complaint with this frame of mind is that these people who are fortunate enough to have found what they know and love are cutting off the possibilities of trying something new, and quite possibly a thousand times better. At this point I will stop talking about makeup. I am not a complete beauty enthusiast. Sure, I love my makeup and love experimenting with new looks but fashion is my forte and what I truly love. Therefore, I got to thinking about dressing and how this 'daily routine' doesn't solely apply to makeup products. Buying clothes is an investment, whether you look at it as one or not. When you exchange money for fabric you are in fact investing - surely you want that piece of clothing to look good for many years to come?

 After recently moving house and having to face the task of boxing up all my belongings, I revisited items of clothing that I hadn't seen or worn in a couple of years. These items were the failed investments. More often or not, these failed items were products of an impulse sale purchase that never came in contact with my skin after that initial grab off the sales rack. I also realised that a lot of my clothes were the same kinds of items - a guilty owner of one too many shirts, crop tops and skinny jeans. All these items reflected my high school persona that was subconsciously trying to fit in with the 'norm' of the teenage society. However, in dressing like this, I was in fact hiding who I was - afraid to make too much of a statement. The worst part was that my routine had become the same as the routine of many other teenage girls - blending their clothes in amongst their crowd along with their highly contoured cheeks. In recent months, I made the conscious decision to unmask my real personality and this meant buying clothes I actually wanted to buy - clothes that would express. 

In this month's  wish list I have chosen items that I feel are diverse, unique and that would be easily paired with multiple items that already exist in my wardrobe. My aim of 'dressing to express' (not impress) meant that I needed a bit of a wardrobe re-vamp.  I wanted these clothes to assist me into the  next chapter in my life - moving away and embracing the opportunity to study what I truly love - Fashion. So, unlike many of my previous, mediocre wish lists, this wish list marks an important point in my life. This wish list is more than a collage of clothes. It is a reflective display of who I actually am and who I plan to dress like - which, is no longer anyone else other than myself. 

So, if you're stuck in your same routine, why not try that piece of Victoria sponge and put down that chocolate frosted cupcake? 


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