Monday, 30 November 2015

Review / Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

One of my most read posts is my Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation. When I wrote this post I had no intention of it becoming a popular post. At the time I was mostly focused on writing fashion posts and beauty was only something that I'd dipped into at times where I was really loving a product and wanted to share my views. Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation remained my go-to foundation for a few years after the post was written. However, my skin type has changed from when I wrote that review and I find the foundation far too masking and thick for the current state of my skin. This drastic change in my foundation needs just goes to show how individual an experience with a product is. So, while reading this review, please bear in mind your skin type may be different and you may have a completely different experience when trying out the exact same foundation as me.

I tried a few High Street foundations before I splashed out on Estee Lauder's expensive but renowned Double Wear Foundation. Priced at £30 for 30ml of product, you are paying £1 per 1ml of foundation. It is hard to justify really throwing your money at a new product, sceptical as to whether it will be perfect for you and worth that £1 per ml. The fact that the foundation has SPF 10 earned it extra brownie points (however, most foundations tend to protect the skin from those pesky sunrays anyhow.). Anyway, ponderings aside, I bought the foundation one day and I do not have many regrets. The reason I say I do not have 'many regrets' is because I wish I had scavenged the shelves of my local Boots a little more thoroughly.  I have since found a High Street foundation that costs me nearly a quarter of the price of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. I will, without question, be doing a blog post featuring this adored High Street foundation. However, for now, on with the Estee Lauder Foundation review I set out to write!

The coverage of the foundation, is without a doubt the best I have come across. The claims that the foundation 'stays is place' and the premiss of its name tells no lies. 'Double Wear' lasts the best out of any foundation I have ever plastered on my face. After withstanding thunderous rain, ghastly wind and the frightening frost of UK weather, at bedtime the foundation smugly remains intact. I wore the foundation daily throughout the course of Summer and if there's one thing that I would note about the foundation it is that I think it is definitely suited better for Winter. During Summer, I found the foundation too masking - its coverage far greater than I needed during the Summer months. While I had absolutely no experience with the foundation causing breakouts, my friend had to stop using the product as she discovered it had caused areas of her face to flare up with spots. Like I mentioned above, a relationship with foundation is personal and skin complexion plays a role in what foundation is best for you. My skin type is typically quite oily - at the end of the day I look almost as reflective as tin foil. However, this is no fault of the products I wear on my face. In fact, if anything, the foundation sets my powder in place preventing the oil from sliding into action.

The foundation is a bit of a pest once accidentally smudged onto necklines of clothes - it takes its role seriously and wants to stick to its surface. In addition, ensure you wash your face thoroughly and cleanse to get all the product off because remnants of the foundation on your skin will cause irritation and most likely lead to a spot developing. Dubbed the 'holy grail' of all foundations, Double Wear certainly is one of the best foundations to buy for purposes of long-lasting coverage. I wish I had come across the foundation in my teenage years when spots were almost as shameful as running through the street naked. The foundation has a natural-looking glow to its finish and works well with other products applied on top such as blushers, powders and bronzers. Surprisingly, the foundation does not leave your face feeling greasy despite its slightly oily, liquid consistency straight out of the bottle.

Overall, if you are looking for a foundation that covers well, lasts all day and looks au naturel - Double Wear is the foundation for you. However, if you want a foundation that isn't super covering and masking your natural skin - this is not the foundation you necessarily want to splash out on. I found the foundation perfect for me on days that I'm not going near my makeup bag for touch-ups and it is awesome for nights out. I definitely prefer wearing the foundation during these wintery months, as like I mentioned above, during Summer I found the coverage too intense and I wanted my natural skin to see some Vitamin D.


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