Thursday, 24 December 2015

10 Reasons To Have A Holly Jolly Christmas...

I am a little bit confused when people say that they hate Christmas. I thought it was human nature to love such festive cheer? But, apparently it's not. This news was even worse than finding out the truth about 'Santa Claus' himself...However - I am convinced that Christmas is the best time of the year. Here are 10 reasons why!

1. Feasting

Food makes people happy. Although I am on a restrictive diet for health reasons - chances are, you aren't! Surround yourself with glorious foods. Think chocolates, cakes, Christmas pud - go all out! Plus, aren't you happy to be reunited with your favourite vegetable, 'the sprout'?

2. You Are One With Nature 

You bring the outdoors inside with a jolly, luscious smelling Christmas tree - slap bang in your front living room. Yes, a peculiar concept it may be, but bring those wilderness vibes into your home and decorate it freely. Surely that makes you a little bit happier?

3. Allowing Childhood 

You can allow childhood at Christmas for a number of reasons. The first reason being that you yourself can embrace your inner childhood excitement. Unlock the restrained childhood feelings from the past. It's Christmas, you're allowed to be off-the-scale excited - it's what it was designed for. Plus, if you're feeling a little bit self-conscious to be the child yourself, find a child within your family on Christmas day and feed off their vibes of goodness. Children + Christmas = hyperactive excitement - it's contagious and is a happy aura of energy!

4. Family Bonding 

Having a whole day with your family may actually be a reason to hate Christmas for some people. It can draw attention to the fact that you really don't get along with anyone in your family and you are forced to spend the whole day with them. Alternatively, if you are like me, you a super excited to have the whole day with the whole family. I love seeing my family on Christmas; talking, playing games, eating, pulling crackers - the whole shebang. With a busy hectic life, scheduling in family time is often hard - Christmas gives you the time needed for the family catchup! 

5. Gift Giving

Although gift receiving is pretty great, I think Christmas is all about 'giving'. I love seeing all the thought that I have put into gifts finally unleash on the day. I love the reactions. I love the anticipation just before they unwrap it and I love them finally being able to see the secrets that I've kept for the last couple of weeks. 

6. Spreading Joyous Vibes

If you spread the message of Christmas, I truly believe you are spreading a message of goodwill, joy and happiness. Therefore, Christmas must be the greatest time of the year? If you are miserable on Christmas without a sufficient reason, please, Scrooge, get yourself sorted out. 

7. Christmas Cracker Jokes

You cannot deny that Christmas cracker jokes are part of the jolly spirit of Christmas. They try so hard to be funny, yet are guaranteed to be insanely bad. Christmas cracker jokes are a little piece of my heart, they are brilliant because they are pathetic, yet everyone gives them a chance annually. I love that kind of acceptance - it can only be positive. 

8. You Can Be Sparkly & Avoid Looking Totally Naff

I love a bit of sparkle in my life - razzle dazzle, HELLO IT'S ME! However, the judgy glances you get when you're head-to-toe in sparkly gear any time other than the festive period is a little too much to handle. I love Christmas because I can plaster myself in glitter and sparkle without looking too much of a Fairy impersonator. 

9. The Renewal of Socks

There is something really comforting about the fact that new socks are a Christmas staple. If you can't love Christmas for any other reason - love it for the socks. Socks are an essential in life. Be happy that your toes will be getting some T.L.C with some new cottons! 

10. It's The Time Of Year To Smell Luscious

If socks don't make you happy, bath products will. You will smell absolutely amazing this Christmas because you can bet your new cotton socks that you will be getting some form of soap/wash. I love the soapy smell of Christmas. I love unlocking the new scents and aromas and welcoming bath bombs of colour and smell into my bath tub. So, scrub a dub dub - It's Christmas! 

If these 10 reasons to love Christmas don't ensure you have a 'holly jolly' time - well, I'm sorry, but I'm out of ideas. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! 


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