Sunday, 3 January 2016

Becoming A 'Candid' Blogger

A bit of a weird title, I know but hear me out.

I know I've done a fair few posts recently about being a blogger - blah blah blah, but I'm still learning, every day (probably every second).

For a very long time, I resisted sharing a lot about me as a person. I knew that people I knew in real life read my blog posts and had found out about my blog. This made everything a little bit more scary. I would rather share my life with the man at the post office and the woman who grooms my dogs than have someone I know read what's going on inside my head. (Aside from my besties - hey girls!)

I blog how I talk. And I hardly ever plan a post - I let my brain speak and my fingers type. When I first started blogging, I also did this but I held back a little. I was wary of what I was saying. I didn't want to give away too much of 'me'. I think that blogging is a form of public speaking. I know that I'm not actually verbalising my words to you here, but I might as well be because I'm being 'tres chatty'.

To be honest, I really don't care anymore. I don't care about some random, long-lost friend who happens to be reading this and casting a judgement. (Thanks for stopping by - it's nice to see you after all these years).

I know I'm not alone with these reservations. I know a few bloggers who have said that they're a little bit 'blogger shy' when it comes to announcing to the world their blog URL, let alone sharing personal posts. But, since letting out little pieces of me in more recent posts, I've realised the true beauty of blogging.

Blogging has become my 'therapy' space. It's free, the appointments are whenever and wherever I want them (given there's some 3G) and I have the support of some blogging pals.

I started this blog thinking I needed a 'polished' space. A 'website' where I would write some researched pieces and publish my in-depth analysis of all things fashion. I'm not going to lie - I thoroughly enjoyed this. No, I didn't think I was doing a PhD standard blog - I was just having fun doing slightly 'journalistic' vibed posts while being 'me'. But, I think this blog should be so much more than that.

Last month, I invested a lot of time into this blog. I was constantly thinking of new ideas, jotting them down and being inspired at every turn. My main source of inspiration, however, was other bloggers. While I try and avoid blog-comparisons, a little bit helped me to gain this intense dose of motivation.

I was reading posts that were spontaneous and full of life; my favourite posts to read were definitely the lifestyle ones. It made me realise that maybe I was barking up the wrong tree with the whole 'fashion' focused theme on here... I then went and wrote a little essay in my blog post, 'The Truth About Blogging'. This post is basically an account of my feelings (haha). Maybe check it out to laugh at me, or relate to me because I'm talking about my blogging 'failures'...(deep).

Anyway, part of what I loved about some of the blogs that I was scrolling through was their aspect of 'candid' blogging. I know this isn't the correct term and it most definitely isn't even a 'thing' - I just thought it best describes what I'm trying to 'get at'.

I loved seeing a snippet of a blogger's day. I loved seeing 'unpolished', iPhone pics of their days; what they ate, where they went, the lot! I realised that I'd never done that. The only time I uploaded anything similar was when I'd been to an event. In those posts I'd tried hard to make my pictures look 'polished' and most of them were pictures of me looking a little bit awkward stood next to a celebrity. That wasn't my life at all - it was my life for about 0.24 seconds and then the next person in line wanted a snap.

Another thing that I am incorporating and injecting into my blog is artistic creativity. I haven't doodled since year 6 (age 10) - but, those days were happy days. My favourite forms of creativity are quick, spontaneous ones. That's why I have opted to introduce 'doodles' into my blog posts. Don't worry, the doodles won't appear in every post - just in ones that are relevant and perhaps personal. Obviously, these drawings aren't suppose to be 'impressive'. If anything, I want them to be comical. Sure, they might look like they've been drawn by an infant but for under two minutes of work, I kind of like them.

I'm making a lot of changes in 2016. I haven't set hard to reach 'resolutions', but a little bit of ambition and drive will hopefully take me a long way. I look forward to becoming a more 'candid' blogger this year. I'll be travelling a little and making my biggest life change of moving to a new place for University in September. My gap year should be exciting and I want to take my little blog along the way. Please welcome Holly, the new 'candid' blogger - it's nice to meet you. :)


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