Sunday, 5 February 2017

Goals & Wishes

Every year since I can remember I have made New Year's resolutions. They usually follow the same common theme;

Work out like a badass and find my long lost abs. 

 Eat healthy like sugar was never discovered.

Buy less - fill my purse with money not receipts. 

Do not drink a drop of alcohol, it is poisonous and bad - very bad. 

Go to bed early! Drop everything and just go to sleep. Sleep = beauty. 

Yeah, we've all done it. You probably did it in January and broke it on day three latest. This year I have decided to set out goals and wishes that I hope will happen in 2017. It's a no pressure kind of situation, so if it doesn't happen - no biggie, I'm not going to be crying into my pillow if not. But here are the things I hope to achieve and wish for this year: 

Start my own book - turn my ideas into reality. 
Continue writing poems.  
Keep creating online content - blog, write articles and keep being creative. 

Explore as much as I can! 

Stay cultured :) 
Put time aside to browse new artists
Read the news more often 
Read at least two books a month 
Keep finding poets. 
Create monthly playlists - music transforms your mood, remember that grumpy! 

Creative work
Get a placement in a creative industry and work hard to create the career that I want. 

And there it is. It's not extensive, it's not crazy and there's no banning chocolate out of my life. If there's one thing that I've learnt is that a Magic Star is truly magical and chocolate is therapy. 


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