Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to write a daily gratitude diary...

My unedited view of our family's front garden // our cabana in Colorado. 

I have been writing a gratitude diary since August. I have only successfully been writing a gratitude diary daily for a month, however. But I find it so rewarding focusing on the things that I am grateful for. It takes five seconds to jot down a few things that have made you smile that day or in general. I have found the mental benefit to be massive. Here are my tips for when you write your daily gratitudes: 

 Finding gratitude on crappy days 

We all have days where we are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. Some days we have reason to feel like that and others are somewhat self-inflicted. But this is where the magic of writing gratitude comes in. There will be at least one thing that gives you comfort and that you are grateful for. Writing your 'core gratitudes' down on these days will help you massively. For example, on really bad days, my Mum or my boyfriend will have undoubtedly pampered me in some way. It might have been as simple as them listening to my worries, giving me a cuddle or making me a cup of tea. But the little things that they will have done that day will have cheered me up. 

Efforts that people make with you should always be noted.

Cuddles with your cat, dog, teddy or human will have comforted you in some way. 

Reading a magazine article that you can relate to.

Online shopping that's helped be your distraction (this is always therapy in my eyes.)

If you're lucky enough to be healthy, write that down - it's always something to be grateful for. 

Your favourite film 

Write down little things you are grateful for and you'll soon find yourself more aware that things are better than they seem. 

Write anything down that makes you feel good.

You can be grateful for anything that makes you feel awesome.

Write it down because the next time you feel bad you can repeat those things and surround yourself with them. It will make you smile to see what made you feel better that day in the future.

Good places to start are;

Writing about what you have achieved (this can be big or small. Had your five-a-day? Write down your accomplishment!).

Things that have filled your day with joy (Music? A poem? A book?)

People that supported you 

Compliments that you have received or given 

Gratitude that you have shown to other people
 (Trying to do this daily is also so beneficial. A simple check-in text goes a long way but any other gestures will always be noticed.) 

The list really is endless...think small before you think big! 

Writing gratitude in a time and place that suits you 

The most important thing about writing your gratitude diary is that you don't do it to prove anything. You shouldn't beat yourself up if you miss a day. I found writing my diary before bed is the easiest, it doesn't feel like a massive effort. I pick up my pen and my notebook, scribble a couple of things that have been good that day and go to sleep with a pretty good mindset. 

What does gratitude mean to you? 

Gratitude just translates into being thankful, so really, it's an individual thing. Achieving things daily will also fill me with a feeling of fulfilment, I am thankful for those feelings. It sounds weird but you really can stretch being thankful into anything. To me, my gratitude diary is full of things that have made me feel good. 


Sunday, 9 July 2017

A new beginning for my blog

I made my blog on New Years Eve, 2012.
That is nearly five years ago.
Five whole years...

A lot has changed since.

In the beginning, no matter what, I always put time aside to blog. It made me feel happy because I love writing and at the time, I had a huge interest in fashion. Five years ago, not a lot of people had a blog - sure, there were still thousands but it wasn't in the millions like it is today. During those five years, I have changed personally in so many ways. As humans, (I assume you're the human species reading this anyway), we change and evolve constantly and that is certainly true for me.

With all that being said, the content on my blog changed with the times. I went through highs and lows of blogging non-stop to not at all. I never fell out of love with blogging, I just found it difficult to press pause on life's events. In addition, 'I Blog The Fashion' turned into blogging about a whole myriad of things.

I'm here again because I want to create a space that I feel proud of. A place on the internet that I can call my own once more. I want to document things that happen in my life and share them - even if I'm the only one reading now.

I Blog The Fashion is special to me.
It has given me opportunities and happiness throughout the years.
I don't want to give up on it because it feels like I'm going through a breakup (and who the hell wants that?!).

Stay tuned for fashion pieces (I have been on a shopping spree one-too-many!), lifestyle rumblings and beauty pieces. All the usual stuff but just at a more regular pace!

It's time for a fresh start!!

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